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“They, the Nine Heavens of the Outer World… claim to be followers of the God of Creation.”

Cui Heng could not help but be a little surprised when he heard this.

The Nine Heavens of the Outer World and the Heaven Realm here were already in a situation where they would fight to the death.

He did not expect that they would actually use the name of the God of Creation.

This was a fight for pride now.

However, their claim might not be fake.

According to Lian Hengs description, in the Primordial Era, the Heaven Realm with the God of Creation was actually the absolute core of the Six Heavenly Regions.

Whether it was this Star Field where the Heaven Realm was located or the other five Star Fields, they all respected the God of Creation.

They also cultivated the 21 realms of the Immortal and Mortal Realms passed down by this God of Creation.

Moreover, in the Outer World, there were also legends that the Nine Heavens Supreme Venerates were actually followers of a supreme being.

Even their actions of invading other Star Fields were following the will of that supreme being.

This coincided with the saying that the Nine Heavens of the Outer World had sent down tribulation and punishment on behalf of the God of Creation.

Perhaps there was really a connection.

“How authentic do you think their words are” Cui Heng asked.

“They said that they invaded the Heaven Realm to send down tribulation and punishment on behalf of the God of Creation.

This should be fake.” Lian Heng seemed to have an answer in his heart long ago.

He said with a solemn expression, “However, the saying that they once followed the God of Creation might be true…”

Then, he told them some of his guesses.

According to the records of the Eternal Academy, although countless people listened to the Dao preaching of the God of Creation in the Boundless Dao Realm, only 36 people were allowed to follow him.

These 36 people each had extraordinary backgrounds.

Some were formed by the first wisp of vital energy born at the beginning of the Heaven Realm, some were spirits of the first stone, or the first cloud, and so on.

They were basically all innate divine beings of the Heaven Realm.

The Lord of the Heavenly Court was the first among the 36 people.

It was said that he was born with the will of the Heavens and was an existence that stood at the peak of the 12 Heaven Gate realms.

Although some of the other innate divine beings had also reached the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm, their strength was still incomparable to the Lord of the Heavenly Court.

He was undoubtedly the strongest among them.

The other 35 were also willing to follow behind him and follow the God of Creation.

However, after the God of Creation left, this connection gradually thinned.

Coupled with the fact that the Six Star Fields were gradually estranged, the 36 divine beings finally scattered and headed to different Star Fields.

Among them, seven went to the Star Field adjacent to the Heaven Realm, which was the current Outer World.

The exact information about these seven divine beings was already impossible to verify because it had been too long.

However, the Eternal Academy was still a living fossil-like inheritance after all, and it still recorded the information of three of the divine beings.

One was said to be the first stone to form a Dao when the Heaven Realm was established, one was said to be the first wisp of turbid Qi to form a Dao when the Heaven Realm was established, and one was said to be the outline of the border when the Heaven Realm was established.

Coincidentally, three of the Nine Heavens of the Outer World had extremely similar backgrounds to these three.

They were Heavenly Venerate Shi, Heavenly Venerate Chen, and Heavenly Venerate Guo.

However, in the legends of the Outer World, they did not originate from the creation of the Heaven Realm.

Instead, they were born when the world was established.

Even the legends were similar.

It was just a different word.

From this inference, it was very likely that the other six of the Nine Heavens had similar backgrounds.

The so-called Nine Heavens were indeed nine of the 36 people who followed the God of Creation back then.

“If their identities are true, then they probably didnt invade the Heaven Realm just to fight for the Heaven Gate,” Cui Heng said thoughtfully.

To the Nine Heavens, who had long crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder, it was clearly not worth it to deliberately spend more than a million years or even longer to attack the Heaven Realm.

They probably had other plans.

“There should be another plot.” Lian Heng nodded in agreement with this guess, but he could not give an answer.

“But with their cultivation realms, what can the current Heaven Realm have for them to plot against”

From the description just now, Cui Heng had already learned the cultivation realm of the Nine Heavens.

Six of them were on the Eleventh Heaven Gate realm, and three were on the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm.

This was even stronger than the description he had obtained from Divine Lord Yu Tian.

With Divine Lord Yu Tians realm, it was naturally impossible for him to hide anything from Cui Heng.

It was most likely because Divine Lord Yu Tian was only at the Sixth Heaven Gate realm and might not really understand the true realm of the Nine Heavens.

“Perhaps its for the Boundless Dao Realm.” Qin Tang suddenly said, “There are records in my Immortal Valley.

Although the Boundless Dao Realm has long closed and disappeared when the God of Creation left, its actually still in the Heaven Realm.

Its just that its extremely difficult to detect.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present turned to look at him.

All the Sect Masters of the Immortal orthodoxies looked at him with incomparably shocked expressions.

Boundless Dao Realm!

This was the place where the founder of the Heaven Realm preached the Dao, and also the place where he taught the techniques of the 21 Realms of the Immortal and Mortal Realms and the 12 Heaven Gate Realms.

It was the source of all cultivation techniques in this sea of stars.

Countless experts had once listened to the Dao there, and countless experts had walked out from there.

That was the beginning of all legends.

There must be countless traces of the Great Dao imprinted inside.

It might also contain the imprint of the God of Creations Dao preaching.

It might even contain mysteries that surpassed the 12 Heaven Gate realms.

Originally, everyone thought that the Boundless Dao Realm had long completely closed and disappeared with the departure of the God of Creation.

Now, someone actually said that the Boundless Dao Realm was still in the Heaven Realm.

And he could even detect it!

“Are you serious”

“Is that true”

“The Immortal Valley has investigated the Boundless Dao Realm”

… .

… .

This place immediately became noisy.

Everyone was incomparably excited, and their gazes were all focused on Qin Tang.

The news that he said was too shocking.

“Thats right.

The Ancestral Master of my Immortal Valley had once investigated the Boundless Dao Realm.” Qin Tang nodded solemnly and said, “Moreover, he had entered it before.

The entire inheritance of my Immortal Valley was actually obtained by the Ancestral Master by observing a mysterious light shadow in the Boundless Dao Realm.

The Ancestral Master described that there is no division of heaven and earth in the Boundless Dao Realm, no difference between the upper and lower realms.

There is only an endless and vast space with countless lights and shadows floating and sinking.

In the middle of these countless lights and shadows sat an incomparably majestic figure.

This incomparably majestic light and shadow seems to contain all the Great Dao and laws.

Its the source of all cultivation.

The Ancestral Master only took a glance and comprehended the inheritance of the Immortal Valley.

Then, he came out of the Boundless Dao Realm.”

Everyone present was silent, but their eyes flickered with dense shock.

“In that case, the purpose of the Outer World invasion can be confirmed.

Its for the Boundless Dao Realm!” Lian Heng nodded and bowed to Cui Heng.

“Senior, what do you think”

“Mn.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “If the Nine Heavens really followed the God of Creation, I believe their understanding of the Boundless Dao Realm will be quite comprehensive.

They should also know that the Boundless Dao Realm is still in the Heaven Realm.”

“If its really for the sake of the Boundless Dao Realm, then this is a realm above the 12 Heaven Gate Realms!” The Sect Master of Origin Island, Wang Qi, said worriedly, “This means that someone among the Nine Heavens of the Outer World must have already reached the peak of the Twelfth Heaven Gate.

Perhaps hes already comparable to the Lord of the Heavenly Court back then.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyones faces revealed worry.

The Lord of the Heavenly Court was an expert who stood at the Peak of the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm.

This was not only to say that he had reached the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm, but also to say that he had reached the end of this path and was an existence that had reached the peak of this path.

Legend had it that only by truly walking to the end of the 12 Heaven Gate realms and standing at the peak would one have a chance to peek at the realm above the 12 Heaven Gate realms.

If it was just an ordinary Twelfth Heaven Gate realm expert, they would not even have the qualifications to see a higher realm.

If such an expert appeared in the Outer World, the Heaven Realm would be in danger.

Of course, if the senior agreed to help the Heaven Realm resist the Outer World invasion… When everyone thought of this, they could not help but look at Cui Heng.

He was their final hope.

Cui Heng naturally understood what they were thinking.

He smiled and said, “Bring me to see the seal of that Lord of the Heavenly Court first.”


Lian Heng, Qin Tang, Wang Qi, and the others were overjoyed when they heard this and hurriedly bowed.

“Thank you, Senior!”

“Thank you, Senior!”

… .

… .

The seal of the Lord of the Heavenly Court was extremely complicated.

Even if it was just to open a path to that place, it required extremely detailed preparation.

Therefore, after obtaining Cui Hengs promise, Lian Heng and the others left first.

After making the preparations, they would invite Cui Heng over.

After the Sect Masters of the Immortal Dao Sects left, the Yellow-scarved Strongman stood beside Cui Heng, looking like he wanted to say something but hesitated.

Cui Heng noticed his expression and looked at him.

“Why Do you have any doubts”

“There are indeed some doubts.” The Yellow-scarved Strongman nodded and hesitated slightly before saying, “Master Immortal, arent you being too cautious With your great divine power and Dharmic powers, you actually only used a questioning method to ask them.”

“So its this.” Cui Heng laughed when he heard this.

Then, he said solemnly, “As long as you can achieve the same goal, dont give up the safest method for the sake of convenience.”

The Yellow-scarved Strongman pondered when he heard this.

A moment later, he bowed respectfully and said, “Master Immortal is wise.

Ive learned something.”

Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “Its never wrong to be cautious.”

Actually, with his current divine strength and Dharmic powers, if he wanted to obtain information from Lian Heng and the others, he could completely read their memories directly.

With their cultivation realms, they could not even sense that their memories had been flipped through.

However, Cui Heng did not do so.

The reason was very simple.

For safety.

He could not be sure if Lian Heng, Qin Tang, and the others had seen any unbelievably powerful beings in their long lives.

If they had seen it before, even if these people did not feel anything, their memories would still leave traces of that powerful being.

In that case, when Cui Heng flipped through these peoples memories, he would come into contact with the traces of the images left behind by that powerful being.

If that existence was powerful enough to directly affect or even control such images…

Then, while he was flipping through these peoples memories, he might be sensed by that powerful existence, attracting some unnecessary trouble or even danger.

However, if his communication with them was stopped at the conversation level, this problem would not exist.

After all, the information that language could carry was limited.

Compared to directly flipping through a persons memories, it was much safer.

Moreover, through questioning, he could still obtain the information he wanted and achieve the same outcome.

It would just take a little more time than directly flipping through the other partys memories.

With Cui Hengs cautious style, as long as the outcome was the same, he would definitely choose the safer method.

… .

A few days later.

Lian Heng and Qin Tang rushed back.

They had brought a message.

The sealed place of the Lord of the Heavenly Court had disappeared!!

It was not that the seal had disappeared.

Instead, the area where the Lord of the Heavenly Court was sealed had disappeared at some point!!

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