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One doubt after another appeared in Cui Hengs mind.

As expected, the more information he discovered, the more doubts he had.

The answer to all of this would probably only be answered after finding Zhou Juntian himself or letting Lin Qingzhu recover her memories.

Of course, if possible, it was best to let the Lord of the Heavenly Court answer directly.

Xu Shi naturally sensed Cui Hengs doubts, so he explained, “Senior, actually, there are many different opinions about the truth of this matter.

Its difficult to come to any conclusions.

I can only describe what I know and dont dare to infer it myself.”

“Alright, thats good.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“Ill directly understand the deeper situation from your teachers.”

At this point, he flipped his hand and condensed a piece of jade.

“You can hand this to your teachers.

After they see this, they will naturally come here to see me.”

Then, Cui Heng threw the jade stone gently and let it float in front of Tang Quan.

“Thank you, Senior.” Tang Quan heaved a sigh of relief and took the jade.

He felt that it was warm in his hand, but he did not feel anything special.

However, he knew very well that this jade stone most likely contained information that only people of a higher realm could sense.

It was used to communicate with his master.

“I will definitely send this jade to my teacher.” Tang Quan bowed respectfully.

“Alright, go.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“You can personally discuss the subsequent matters with me after your teachers arrive.”

It was difficult to obtain any valuable information from Tang Quan and Xu Shi.

It was better to wait for their teachers to come and communicate directly.

That jade stone contained a trace of his Soul Formation power.

Although it was only equivalent to the initial Early-stage Soul Formation realm and was far weaker than the current Cui Heng, as long as the experts of the Eternal Academy were not crazy, they should be able to understand what this strength meant.

They would definitely come over personally.

“Senior, well take our leave.” Tang Quan and Xu Shi bade farewell.

However, before they left, the two of them said, “Well forever remember Seniors life-saving kindness.

If Senior needs anything, were willing to serve you at any time!”

“Go.” Cui Heng smiled and waved his hand.

After Tang Quan and Xu Shi left, only Cui Heng and the white-robed woman were left.

Cui Heng came in front of the woman in white and looked at her quietly.

He suddenly asked, “Do you remember Zhou Juntian”

As soon as the name Zhou Juntian was spoken, the woman in whites thin body could not help but tremble.

She shook her head at first, then nodded and muttered, “Yes, its Senior Brother.

Senior Brother, hes my Senior Brother and also my husband…”

This allowed Cui Heng to completely confirm that she should be the “Lin Qingzhu” written on the shrine spirit tablet in the Juntian Palace.

“Do you still remember how you became Lin Qingzhu” Cui Heng continued to ask.

“I, I, Lin Qingzhu…” The woman in white lowered her head, her voice trembling.

Suddenly, she shook her head and said,” Im not guilty.

I, Lu Qingzhu of the Plague Sect… ”

Her consciousness was clearly still in a very chaotic state.

It was completely incoherent and even contradictory.

It was difficult to obtain any valuable and accurate information from her.

“…” Cui Heng fell silent for a moment and thought to himself, “Looks like I have to bring her back to the mortal world, to the Juntian Palace on the Dark Sea Star, or to Daozhou Star to search for the ruins of the Daoyi Sect.

I can also go to the Daoyi Palace to take a look.

Perhaps it can be of some help.”

Thinking of this, he casually opened up a small world and said to the woman in white, “Come in.”

This woman in whites consciousness was blurry and chaotic, but she had the strength of the Seventh or Eighth Heaven Gate realm.

If she was left to roam about on her own, she could explode at any time.

To others, this was very dangerous.

He might as well put her in an independent small world.

After the woman in white walked into the independent small world, Cui Heng looked into the distance.

His divine sense continued to spread and he began to further investigate the situation in the entire Qingtian Region.

He wanted to check if there were similar incidents as with the woman in white.

After all, the woman in white had been buried in that cemetery for hundreds of thousands of years and there had been no movement.

Now, it had revived in the scarlet light curtain and had become a zombie.

In Cui Hengs opinion, as long as the Scarlet Calamity continued to spread, it was inevitable that similar situations would happen.

He could investigate the entire situation and take precautions in advance.

“The scarlet light over there seems to have become stronger.” Cui Hengs gaze landed on the western part of the Green Stone Wasteland, and his expression became solemn.

… .

The Eternal Academy was an extremely ancient sect.

Before the ancient Heavenly Court was established, the Eternal Academy already existed.

There were even rumors that the Ancestral Master of the Eternal Academy had even listened to the Dao teachings of the founder of the Heaven Realm.

Therefore, the Eternal Academy was already a top sect in the Heaven Realm since ancient times.

In the eruption of the Scarlet Calamity, the Eternal Court relied on its deep foundation to almost perfectly preserve its inheritance.

It even had the strength to help many weaker sects.

Now, the Eternal Academy was still one of the strongest Immortal orthodoxies in the 9,000 Heavenly Regions.

Now, another Scarlet Calamity was about to arrive.

Moreover, what was certain was that this Scarlet Calamity was different from the past.

The Outer World might take this opportunity to launch a full attack.

This way, the danger level of this Scarlet Tribulation might directly approach the level of the first Scarlet Tribulation, filled with indeterminate danger.


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