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Previously, Tang Quan and Xu Shi had already introduced themselves to Cui Heng and said that they were disciples of the Eternal Academy.

However, before they could explain their intentions, they encountered the phenomenon of Hui Shi suppressing the white-robed woman with Cui Hengs decree.

The extreme shock made their hearts tremble, and they forgot to explain the situation.

At this moment, Cui Heng suddenly asked, and the two of them came back to their senses.

Tang Quan hurriedly bowed and said respectfully, “Senior, we heard that the Longevity Divine Mountain had been destroyed by an expert and we wanted to invite this expert to the Eternal Academy to discuss our plan to resist the Outer World.

We didnt expect to see you directly.”

“Oh” Cui Heng smiled when he heard that.

“How do you plan to resist the Outer World”

“This…” Tang Quan immediately hesitated.

He looked at Xu Shi beside him and saw that the other party also looked uncertain.

He at least cupped his hands and said,” Senior, please forgive us.

This matter is very important, so we cant directly reveal it.

The matter of the Eternal Academy and the other Immortal orthodoxies joining forces to unseal the Lord of the Heavenly Court was top secret, and it was also a trump card to resist the Outer World.

Even in the Immortal orthodoxies, only those who had crossed the First Heavenly Ladder knew.

As disciples of the Eternal Academy, they had always adhered to their duties and rules.

They would do their best to protect the sects secrets.

Although the strength Cui Heng displayed was unfathomable and it was very likely that he was a supreme being who had crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder, before confirming that the other party was willing to cooperate and had obtained the permission of their master, they would not explain their plan to resist the Outer World.

“Its fine.

Its a good thing to be able to keep your sects secrets.” Cui Heng nodded slightly, not caring about this.

Then, he asked, “How much do you know about Lu Qingzhu from the Plague Sect”

He had a good impression of these two.

When facing experts who far exceeded them in strength, they could still maintain their loyalty to their sect and abide by the rules and secrets.

Such people were not detestable.

Moreover, other than asking about resisting the Outer World, he had many other things to ask.

The identity of Lu Qingzhu of the Plague Sect was one of them.

“Senior, I have some understanding of Lu Qingzhu,” Tang Quan said very respectfully.

“In the ancient Heavenly Court, there was a Six Tribes Heavenly God Palace that controlled six different Great Dao laws.

These six tribes are the Thunder Sect, Fire Sect, Water Sect, Battle Sect, Plague Sect, and Wind Sect.

They are all controlled by experts who have crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder realm.

Lu Qingzhu was the Paragon of the Plague Sect at that time.

Its rumored that Lu Qingzhus strength has already reached the Ninth Heaven Gate realm.

Its unfathomable.

If not for the fact that the path ahead had been sealed, she would probably be able to transcend the Third Heavenly Ladder.

But all of this ended about 700,000 years ago.

For some reason, the Heavenly Court condemned and punished Lu Qingzhu for her crimes.

In the end, they sentenced her to the punishment of Heavenly Tribulation and her soul was directly destroyed, leaving only her remains.

However, later on, the Lord of the Heavenly Court reinstated Lu Qingzhu and restored her identity and reputation when she was alive.

He buried her with a grand funeral ceremony and even punished the remaining five Gods of the Six Tribes and demoted the entire Six Tribes Heavenly God Palace to the mortal world.

Later on, the Lord of the Heavenly Court was sealed by the Nine Heavens of the Outer World, and the Heavenly Court collapsed.

The situation of the Paragon of the Plague Sect, Lu Qingzhu, gradually disappeared in the river of history.

Its just that I didnt expect that after hundreds of thousands of years, she would actually see the light of day in this form.

At this time, even the Heavenly Court no longer exists.”

Towards the end, he sighed.

He could not help but sigh that the world had changed.

“Its not that we dont know the reason why Lu Qingzhu was executed back then,” Xu Qing added.

“I once read an ancient book.

Its said that the Lord of the Heavenly Court received a report from the Six Tribes Heavenly God Palace.

In that report, it was said that Lu Qingzhu had offered extremely important information from the Heavenly Court to the Outer World, hoping to use it to exchange for the opportunity to cross the Third Heavenly Ladder.

Moreover, she also listed extremely detailed information.

Although Lu Qingzhu refuted this, because the evidence was too sufficient, she was still sentenced to a Heavenly Tribulation in the end.

Its said that later on, they found out that this was a false accusation by the Six Tribes Heavenly God Palace.

Hence, the Lord of the Heavenly Court reversed Lu Qingzhus crime and demoted the entire Six Tribes Heavenly God Palace, kicking them out of the Heaven Realm, causing them to fall into the mortal world.”

“False accusation Reconciliation” Cui Heng was surprised.

This was the Heaven Realm.

At that time, the organization Lu Qingzhu was in was the Heavenly Court.

Countless Heaven Gate experts had gathered there.

The leader of the Heavenly Court had already crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder realm and almost reached the end of the 12 realms of the Heaven Gate.

In such an organization, there was actually such a ridiculous thing as being falsely accused and the crime being reversed after death.

It was a little nonsensical.

Although such a thing could not be said to be completely impossible, the likelihood of such a ridiculous thing happening in an organization where experts gathered like clouds was really slim.

Unless this situation was only the surface of the matter, and there was a deeper reason.

Lu Qingzhus missing soul and the appearance of Lin Qingzhu from the Daozhou Stars Daoyi Sect seemed to confirm this possibility.

But what was the goal of doing this

If the Heavenly Tribulation against Lu Qingzhu was for Lin Qingzhus appearance later, what was the meaning of Lin Qingzhus appearance and what was the goal

Lin Qingzhu was also Zhou Juntians wife when he was in the Daoyi Sect… Was Zhou Juntian related to this Lord of the Heavenly Court

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