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Lin Qingzhu

Cui Heng frowned when he heard this name.

He thought of the scene he had seen in the Juntian Palace on the Dark Sea Star.

It was a shrine filled with memorial tablets.

One of the memorial tablets said “Tomb of my beloved wife, Lin Qingzhu”.

Was this Zhou Juntians wife from the Daoyi Sect

Why was she in the Heaven Realm

Tang Quan and Xu Shi were also stunned.

Wasnt this the Paragon of the Plague Sect of the ancient Heavenly Court

How did she become the so-called Daoyi Sects Lin Qingzhu

What kind of force was the Daoyi Sect

At this moment, the woman in white who called herself Lin Qingzhu fell into a nearly crazy state again.

She grabbed her hair and rubbed it randomly.

Suddenly, she stood up, and dense grayish-black smoke rose from her entire body again.

She was about to soar into the sky, as if she wanted to escape and leave this place.

However, as soon as she left the ground, the golden chains that had been untied appeared out of thin air again and bound her tightly, imprisoning all her movements.

“Calm down.” Cui Hengs gentle voice sounded, and the golden chains dissipated.

However, the woman in white did not continue to escape.

She only stood there in a daze and did not move.

“Sir, her condition is a little strange,” Hui Shi said.

“When I used your decree to suppress her earlier, I actually didnt sense any soul power at all, but she can still move and speak.”

“She indeed doesnt have a soul.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and slowly walked to the woman in white.

He said in a low voice, “Dont be afraid.

We have no intention of harming you.”

His voice seemed to be filled with charm and contained an extremely powerful infectious energy.

Even a rock without consciousness could be touched by this voice and awaken its intelligence.

The white-robed woman was clearly affected by this voice.

She gradually calmed down, and the power fluctuations on her “human” body stabilized.

“I, Im not guilty…” The woman in white suddenly spoke again.

Her voice was no longer filled with madness and unwillingness, but more with dense grievance and confusion.

This time, Cui Heng did not respond to her.

Instead, he raised his hand and slowly opened the hair that covered her face, allowing her eyes to see the sun again.

The white-robed woman with long hair finally revealed her face.

This was a pale face that was bloodless and a little stiff, but her facial features were extremely exquisite.

Her features were picturesque and her lines were gentle, as if she was a peerless beauty who had grown up in the water village of Jiangnan.

However, there was no vitality on such a beautiful face.

Moreover, although her eyes were open, they were lifeless, dim, and extremely empty, like the pupils of a person who had died with remaining grievances.

Anyone who could take a look would know that this was definitely a dead person, a corpse.

If it was an ordinary person, just this appearance would be enough to scare them out of their wits.

Cui Heng looked at her calmly.

After sizing her up slightly, he nodded slightly and said, “Not only did she lose her soul, but even her most basic True Spirit is gone.

Shes only a physical shell now.

However, this puppet has undergone some changes in the past long years and has become a corpse that can move independently.

Perhaps it can also be called a zombie.”

“Zombie” Hui Shi said in surprise.

An expert of this level could actually turn into a zombie after death!

“Under normal circumstances, it shouldnt be possible.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and said, “But in the tomb where she was buried, the other party has placed many crystals that contain the power of the Outer World.

“This Outer World power has the effect of mutating living beings and making the dead become weapons that move.

Its very likely that its to turn her corpse into a zombie by piling so many Outer World crystals beside her.”

“Senior, thats unlikely.” Tang Quan, who was standing at the side, could not help but say, “Back then, the Paragon of the Plague Sect was personally buried by the Lord of the Heavenly Court.

Why would he want to nurture her corpse into a zombie”

“Why not” Cui Heng asked.

“Thats the Lord of the Heavenly Court!” Tang Quan replied subconsciously.

However, he quickly realized that he seemed to have fallen into a mistake.

He thought that the Lord of the Heavenly Court would definitely not harm the Heaven Realm, nor would he weaken it for no reason.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly apologized to Cui Heng and bowed.

“Senior, I might have been wrong just now.

Even if its the Lord of the Heavenly Court, he might not be able to consider everything.”

If he could really consider everything, the Heaven Realm would probably not have fallen to such a state.

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “Its no longer achievable to think of the purpose of setting up the tomb back then.

However, her corpse becoming a zombie should be related to those crystals that contain the power of the Outer World.”

At this point, he looked at the woman in white and asked in a low voice, “Do you still remember what you experienced How did you become like this”

Cui Heng was not sure if she could answer these questions.

After all, this white-clothed woman was already in a zombie state.

The soul and True Spirit in her body had long disappeared.

Her current blurry consciousness was only the unique perception of a zombie body.

Through the traces of her body and her faint perception of the situation of her soul, she could indeed obtain some information about her life, but this amount was extremely limited.

It was even possible that it was really only enough to name two names.

After hearing Cui Hengs question, the white-robed woman stood rooted to the ground for a long time, as if she was trying her best to think.

After a long while, she slowly opened her mouth and muttered in a low voice, “The experts of the heavens descended and slaughtered the Daoyi Sect… I was framed.

Im innocent.

I didnt do anything wrong!”

It was still an indistinct clue.

“From the looks of it, if I really want to find a breakthrough in her information, I have to let her recover more memories.”

Cui Heng thought to himself, “Its best if we can find her soul or bring her to the Juntian Palace on the Dark Sea Star to see if that place can let her remember more information.”

Thinking of this, he said to Hui Shi, “Go and find Nanxun.

Let her accompany this person first and watch over her situation at all times.”

“Yes!” Hui Shi immediately bade farewell and left to look for Zheng Nanxun.

“Sit down first.” Cui Heng looked at the woman in white and said gently.

His infectious voice seemed to be able to make the woman in white act accordingly.

She found a place to sit at the side and quietly sat down, looking very obedient.

“Why are the two of you here” Cui Heng looked at Tang Quan and Xu Shi.

As long as they took a look, they would know that this was definitely a dead person, a corpse.

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