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“Master has sent someone!”

Pei Qingshu immediately recognized Hui Shis voice.

The despair in his heart was swept away and he became filled with hope.

In his opinion, as long as his Master took action, even if he only sent someone over or cast a spell from afar, he could instantly resolve all problems.

Li Mingcheng heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this.

He knew that he was saved.

As for the white-robed woman who floated up from the tomb, she seemed to have felt some fatal threat and let out an extremely miserable scream again.

“Ah! No! No!! Im not guilty!!”


Under the echoes of this scream, the surrounding ground and mountains seemed to have turned into flowing water.

They actually surged violently and turned the world upside down in the blink of an eye.


Hui Shis eyes widened, and the talisman in his hand immediately erupted with endless bright golden divine light.

In an instant, this golden light enveloped the surging earth and mountain and suppressed all the changes, returning it to its original appearance.

At the same time, thousands of golden chains condensed out of thin air and instantly sealed all the directions of the void around the white-robed woman, surrounding her completely, leaving her no room to move.


Accompanied by an extremely miserable scream, extremely dense grayish-black smoke emerged from the woman in whites body and quickly gathered into surging waves, trying to break through the chains.

This grayish-black smoke was an extremely dense plague.

It was far stronger than the disease that Pei Qingshu and Li Mingcheng had encountered just now.

It could even instantly kill an expert at the Sixth Heaven Gate realm!

It was extremely terrifying!

However, when facing these golden chains condensed by the power of the decree, the grayish-black smoke was like snowflakes landing on an extremely hot iron plate.

It was instantly melted and could not create any impact at all.


This was a complete suppression.

Under the seal of these thousands of golden chains, the woman in white clearly had no ability to resist.

In the blink of an eye, the white-robed woman was already tied up.

Her entire body was tightly bound, and only her head was still exposed.

Layers of grayish-black smoke rose from the top of her head.

However, when the grayish-black smoke floated three feet above her head, a golden bolt of lightning immediately burst out and completely scattered it, unable to overflow at all.

At this moment, the woman in white was still wearing the image of her hair covering her face.

No one knew what she looked like.

Of course, no one cared about this.

After Hui Shi used the decree to suppress the white-robed woman, he imprisoned her in the air and landed beside Pei Qingshu and Li Mingcheng.

“Are you alright” Hui Shi raised his hand and released his Dao power to disperse the illness in their bodies.

“Im fine.” Pei Qingshu shook his head and smiled.

“Fortunately, you came in time.

Otherwise, something would really have happened.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Li Mingcheng hurriedly thanked him.

“Its all Sirs arrangement.” Hui Shi nodded and said with a smile, “The change this time is really unexpected.

I want to bring this woman in white and the entire tomb back.

What are your plans”

“Yes…” Pei Qingshu thought for a moment and said,” Well continue to investigate this area.

Although this strange white-robed woman has been captured, the Scarlet Tribulation is still continuing.

We have to deal with the subsequent calamity.

“Yes, thats my plan too.” Li Mingcheng nodded.

His thoughts were the same as Pei Qingshus.

“Alright.” Hui Shi nodded and said solemnly, “Then you can do whatever you want.

Sir is actually already paying attention to you.

There wont be any danger.”

Then, he used his Dao power to take out the entire tomb that was buried deep underground and put it into the Cosmic Bag Cui Heng had given him.

The white-clothed woman was also put into Hui Shis Cosmic Bag and brought back to the capital of the Wood Nation.

… .

In the palace where Cui Heng lived in the capital of the Wood Nation.

Tang Quan and Xu Shi looked into the distance in a daze.

They were already dumbfounded, and their eyes were filled with shock.

Even their bodies were trembling slightly, and the shock in their hearts could not be concealed at all.

“She was actually suppressed just like that.

This is the Paragon of the Plague Sect of the ancient Heavenly Court! Whats that decree Isnt it too powerful!”

“Lu Qingzhu is a supreme expert who has crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder.

She has seven to eight Heaven Gate characteristics in her body, and her strength is world-shaking.

But she was actually suppressed so easily!”

The two of them muttered, almost unable to believe their eyes.

With their strength and realm, it was enough for them to see the situation far away.

They could also see the scene of the northern Green Stone Wasteland from this palace.

Naturally, they could clearly see Hui Shi suppressing the woman in white.

Hence, they were shocked to this extent.

“Senior, do you know that expert” Tang Quan could not help but look at Cui Heng and ask very respectfully.

Xu Qing beside him also looked over, hoping to obtain an answer.

They did not know about Hui Shis relationship with Cui Heng and thought that Hui Shi was another shocking expert.

This shocked them greatly.

This was a Paragon.

Even in the Immortal Orthodoxy, there were very few such experts.

In the entire Heaven Realm and the 9,000 Heavenly Regions, such experts were as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

There were actually two Paragon experts in the small Green Stone Wasteland.

It was simply unbelievable!

This was too shocking!

“Yes.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled, not exposing anything.

After all, Hui Shi will be back soon.

At that time, they would naturally know everything.

Tang Quan and Xu Tang immediately became excited.

These two Paragon experts knew each other, and from the attitude of the Paragon in front of them, the two of them might be good friends.

Through the short exchange just now, they already felt that Cui Heng was a very kind person.

As Cui Hengs good friend, that Paragon must be a very kind person as well.

In that case, didnt that mean that it was possible for them to try to rope them in as allies of the Eternal Academy and join forces to resist the invasion of the Outer World

If they could add two Paragon experts in one go, it would definitely be an incomparably powerful increase to their strength.

It would definitely greatly increase their chances of success in resisting the invasion of the Outer World.

At this moment, a golden auspicious cloud floated over from the horizon.

Hui Shi had already returned on a cloud.

Tang Quan and Xu Tang wanted to go forward and bow.

However, before the two of them could take action, Hui Shi had already descended from the cloud and arrived in front of Cui Heng.

He bowed respectfully and handed over the Cosmic Bag with both hands.

“Sir, the evil creature that caused trouble has been suppressed and captured.”

When Tang Quan and Xu Shi saw this scene, they were instantly stunned on the spot.

Their entire bodies froze as they looked at Hui Shi in extreme shock before looking at Cui Heng in a daze.

What was going on

The two of them were not good friends!

This expert who had suppressed the Paragon of the Plague Sect, Lu Qingzhu, actually had the attitude of a servant.

He was incomparably humble and respectful!

What realm and strength could make a Paragon perform like this

Tang Quan and Xu Tang looked at Cui Heng with shock.

What kind of existence was this “Mr.

Cui” who had transported them here How powerful was he!

Could he be a supreme being that had crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder

Did the current Heaven Realm still have such experts

Cui Heng ignored Tang Quan and Xu Tangs reaction.

He took the Cosmic Bag and nodded slightly with a smile.

“Not bad.”

Then, he opened the Cosmic Bag and shook it gently.

An extremely strong plague aura instantly erupted, and grayish-black smoke surged out of the Cosmic Bag like a river.

“Senior, you cant!”

“Senior, be careful!”

Tang Quan and Xu Tang immediately exclaimed, their faces ashen.

They all knew very well how powerful the plague energy of the Paragon of the Plague Sect was.

If they let it erupt directly, the people would definitely suffer and countless people would die.

However, they quickly realized that although the dense plague aura surged out, it did not spread everywhere.

The space around the Cosmic Bag seemed to have been extended infinitely.

No matter how the grayish-black smoke surged, it could not spread more than three inches.

The spatial strength of the Heaven Realm was so firm that even a Paragon who had crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder realm could not knead the space here at will.

However, in front of Cui Heng, the spatial energy here was no different from the mortal world and could still be easily controlled.

This also caused Tang Quan and Xu Shis hearts to be in turmoil again.

When Cui Heng displayed his abilities, each one was stronger than the other, and it was increasingly going beyond their imagination.

The two of them looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

If not for the fact that they knew that the Lord of the Heavenly Court was still sealed, they would have suspected that the person standing in front of them was the Lord of the ancient Heavenly Court.

As grayish-black smoke surged out of the Cosmic Bag, a miniature tomb palace flew out.

This was actually a huge palace group.

It was in the form of the former Heavenly Official Palace of the Plague Sect.

This further confirmed the identity of the tomb owner.

She should be the former Paragon of the Heavenly Courts Plague Sect.

Under the influence of the Cosmic Bag, the proportion of this huge tomb palace was reduced to a small area, but the exquisiteness could still be seen clearly.

It could be seen that after the Lord of the Heavenly Court reinstated the Paragon of the Plague Sect, he was extremely attentive to her funeral.

He did not neglect her at all, and it was not just for show.

“Come out,” Cui Heng suddenly said.

Then, a scarlet light lit up in the grayish-black smoke.

A thin figure flew out.

Long hair covered her face, and her features could not be seen clearly.

It was the white-robed woman who had flown out of the bronze coffin earlier.

Tang Quan and Xu Tang immediately revealed vigilant expressions when they saw this, and their entire bodies tensed up.

However, they quickly discovered that the situation of this woman in white seemed to be different from before.

She no longer had that violent and chaotic aura, only endless sorrow.

The woman in white did not say anything and just stood there quietly.

Cui Heng stared at her, his cold gaze seeming to be able to see through everything about the woman in white.

After a long while, he asked in a low voice, “Who are you”

“…I, I, Im…” the woman in white muttered, as if she was hesitating.

She grabbed her hair, as if she was recalling something.

“Ah, I, who am I”

She slowly squatted down, her thin body trembling slightly, and her voice gradually became soft.

“I, Im Lu Qingzhu from the Plague Sect.

No, no.

Im Lin Qingzhu from the Daoyi Sect!”

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