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One of them was called Tang Quan, and the other was called Xu Shi.

They were both deacons of the Eternal Academy and had the strength of the Fourth Heaven Gate realm.

They had already crossed the First Heavenly Ladder and were very powerful.

Originally, they wanted to see the expert who had destroyed the Longevity Divine Mountain.

They did not expect to encounter a terrifying phenomenon as soon as they entered the Qinghua Domain.

An extremely dense plague enveloped them, directly ignoring the power of the Heaven Gate characteristic in their bodies and attaching the strange illness to their bodies.

The illnesses inflicted on Fourth Heaven Gate realm cultivators were far stronger than the levels of Heavenly Gods and Gods.

Therefore, after being infected with the illness, they directly fell from the sky into this forest.

Even walking became extremely difficult, and they even felt that they could die of illness at any time.

This feeling was too terrifying and bizarre.

Experts who had crossed the First Heavenly Ladder and reached the Fourth Heaven Gate realm, the deacons of the Immortal Orthodoxys Eternal Academy, actually died of an inexplicable illness.

It was simply unbelievable.

However, no matter how much they could not accept this situation, it was already a reality that they were seriously ill and could die at any time.

They could only do their best to maintain their vitality and struggle at deaths door.

Fortunately, not long after they were infected with the illness, golden rain fell from the sky, curing all the illnesses in their bodies and allowing the two of them to regain their lives.

Moreover, they felt that this golden rain contained extremely profound nomological power.

It could actually increase the power of their Heaven Gate characteristics!

Bathing in the golden rain could increase their cultivation.

It was too fast!

However, the golden rain was not endless.

After the surrounding mountains and trees returned to their original state, the golden rain no longer fell.

Tang Quan and Xu Shi finally calmed down.

After taking a look at the golden light that enveloped the sky, they felt slightly relieved and began to examine their bodies.

“Ive completely recovered.

The illness has been completely cured.

The golden rain just now was too magical.

Its simply the manifestation of the Healing Law.”

“That golden rain must have been used by an expert.

Its probably the expert who destroyed the Longevity Divine Mountain.

He saved our lives.”

The two of them looked in the direction of the capital of the Wood Nation, their hearts filled with gratitude.

The illness from before was too terrifying.

If not for the appearance of this golden rain, they felt that they would have died of illness here.

“Lets go over as soon as possible,” Tang Quan said with a solemn expression.

“From the illness that erupted just now, Im afraid this Scarlet Calamity is going to be extraordinary.”

“Yes, we should go over as soon as possible.” Xu Shi nodded and said, “However, I think this plague might not have much to do with the Scarlet Calamity.

Just now, I thought about it carefully.

The characteristics of this plague are related to an ancient expert, and there are rumors that the experts tomb is in the Qinghua Domain.”

“An ancient expert And the tomb is in the Qinghua Domain” Tang Quan was stunned when he heard this.

Then, he seemed to have thought of something and his eyes widened as he exclaimed, “Youre talking about the Paragon of the Plague Sect, Lu Qingzhu, who was executed during the era of the ancient Heavenly Court!”

“Thats right.” Xu Qingzhu nodded and said in a low voice, “Rumor has it that in the era of the ancient Heavenly Court, Lu Qingzhu, one of the six Divine Lords of the Six Tribes Heavenly God Palace, committed a huge crime and was punished by the Lord of the Heavenly Court.

Later on, for some reason, the Lord of the Heavenly Court reinstated this Paragon of the Plague Sect and restored her status when she was alive.

He even buried her in the Qinghua Domain of the Qingtian Region.

On the other hand, the Six Tribes Heavenly God Palace that were not punished previously were punished by the Lord of the Heavenly Court after Lu Qingzhu was reinstated.

In the end, they were demoted to the mortal world.”

“Now that you mention it, I also remember that the power of this plague is indeed the same as that of the Plague Sect!” Tang Quans face revealed a bewildered expression.

“What exactly happened in the Qinghua Domain Such an ancient power actually appeared.”

“Should we return to the Academy first and report the matter here to the institute head” Xu Shi muttered.

“We cant leave just like that.” Tang Quan shook his head and said, “That expert here saved our lives.

How can we leave We have to stay and help him.

Although our realms are not high and our strength is not enough, we are from the Eternal Academy after all.

We know a lot of ancient secrets.

Perhaps we can be of use.”

“Yes, thats indeed the case.” Xu Shi nodded and said, “We still have to repay him for saving our lives.

We should do our best to help this expert.”

“Lets go,” Tang Quan said in a low voice.

Buzz! Buzz!

Just as the two of them were about to continue to the capital of the Wood Nation, the sound of the bronze coffin shaking appeared again, immediately making their scalps tingle.

“Im not guilty!

“I, am not guilty!

“Im not guilty!”

At first, only the entire Qinghua Domain heard this voice, but it quickly spread to the surrounding area.

Then, it began to cover the entire Qingtian Region.

Countless living beings heard this voice and felt the extremely strong resentment and unwillingness within.

Many ancient experts were woken up, and at the same time, their memories that had been sealed for a long time were awakened.

“This is… Lu Qingzhu! Didnt she die in the Heavenly Tribulation long ago”

“Lu Qingzhu has revived again This is the work of the Outer World.

They actually revived the Paragon of the Plague Sect in the Scarlet Calamity!”

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