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An earth-shattering bang exploded in the north of the Green Stone Wasteland.

The ground and mountains within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers trembled violently.

The clouds in the sky surged and flickered, and phenomena appeared continuously.

However, be it when they heard the loud bang, felt the violent trembling, or saw the flickering clouds and light, no one was afraid at all.

Instead, they were incomparably pleasantly surprised.

Pei Qingshu had attacked!

Just as Wu Cheng and the others were about to despair in the face of these dense strange living beings, Pei Qingshu and Li Mingcheng arrived.

He threw a punch in the air, and it was his power that shook the world!

The laws in the Heaven Realm were rigid, the space was stable, and matter was even sturdier.

With Pei Qingshus current cultivation level, which was equivalent to the Eighth Realm of the Immortal World, he had already used about 30% of his strength to shake tens of thousands of kilometers with a single punch.

However, with just this level of power, it instantly wiped out this group of strange living beings.

At the same time that the deafening roar resounded throughout the world, all the living beings within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers who had been infected by the Outer World power were reduced to ashes by this punch and no longer existed.

Only huge cracks and a giant pit with a radius of more than 100 kilometers was left.

It was as if a star had fallen here.

This attack that was like the descent of a god directly saved Wu Cheng and the others, who had already fallen into a bitter battle, making them heave a sigh of relief.

“Thats great! Were saved! Sect Master is mighty!”

“The Sect Master is here.

Were saved! These strange living beings are all going to die!”

“Welcome, Sect Master!”

Everyone could not help but cheer.

They looked around excitedly, feeling like they had just survived a calamity.

However, Wu Chengs expression was still very solemn.

He did not relax at all.

He went to Pei Qingshus side and pointed at the empty space in front of him.

He said in a low voice, “Sect Master, be careful.

These strange living beings are very strange.

Even if they are destroyed, they will gather again and be reborn!”

“I know.” Pei Qingshu nodded.

His gaze was still locked ahead as he said in a low voice, “These strange living beings have a source of power.

If we dont destroy it, Im afraid they will keep coming back to life.”

With that, he said to Li Mingcheng beside him, “Mingcheng, lets split up and find the source of the power of these strange creatures.

Then, well join forces to destroy them!”

“Alright.” Li Mingcheng immediately nodded and said, “Lets do that.”

Then, the two of them flew up and began to search for the source of the power of these strange living beings in two opposite directions.

At the same time, on the wasteland that had just been emptied, countless strange living beings began to condense together again, their bodies emitting the aura of chaotic power.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands of strange living beings reformed and continued to charge forward in all directions.

This immediately shocked Wu Cheng and the others.

They did not expect this situation.

These strange living beings had all died at Pei Qingshus hands, but they could actually revive again.

Even the power of a god could not completely kill them

This was too terrifying.

Moreover, these strange living beings that had just condensed seemed to be even stronger.

In the process of condensing a strong body, they also needed to gather energy.

They seemed to have absorbed a lot of the free energy in the world and converted it into a scarlet light.

The powerful aura of the Outer World appeared on these strange creatures, making their bodies stronger.

However, under the huge difference in realms, this increase in strength was not worth mentioning to Pei Qingshu and Li Mingcheng.

It was still at a level that they could easily destroy.

Hence, the two of them split up in the sky and attacked in different directions.

In the blink of an eye, they cleared the area within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers and destroyed the strange living beings again.

Moreover, this attack allowed them to discover the source of the power of these strange living beings.

It was actually a tomb buried underground.

In this tomb, there was actually a large number of scarlet crystals.

They were golden and condensed with an extremely dense scarlet light.

They also emitted a heart palpitating aura.

Pei Qingshu also felt his heart skip a beat.

He looked down at the tomb below from the sky, his expression incomparably serious.

Actually, when he rushed over, a similar warning sign appeared in his heart.

It was just that it was difficult to find the reason.

“Is this the place with the thing that made my heart palpitate earlier” Pei Qingshu looked down at the tomb with a solemn gaze.

Then, he slowly descended and stood at the edge of the collapsed ground.

He began to look at the bronze coffin inside at a close distance.

“Its actually a tomb” Li Mingcheng also sensed the change here and hurriedly flew over to stand beside Pei Qingshu.

However, as soon as he saw the bronze coffin in the tomb below, he was stunned and frowned.

He seemed to have thought of something and thought for a moment before saying, “I think Ive seen the patterns on this bronze coffin.

Yes, its on the projection of that Dao God!”

“What” Pei Qingshu looked at Li Mingcheng in shock and said in surprise, “The patterns on this bronze coffin are the same as the ones on the incarnation of the Dao God”

The reason why Li Mingcheng could come to the Heaven Realm was because he met the figure who called himself the Dao God and was given a treasure by the other party.

Only then did he successfully cross the border with the Door of Heaven sealed.

“Theres no mistake.” Li Mingcheng nodded and said solemnly, “I remember the experience very clearly.

Just now, I also confirmed it a few times.

The patterns on this bronze coffin are the same as the patterns on the Dao Gods incarnation.

However, the patterns on this bronze coffin are simpler.

Theyre not as comprehensive as the patterns on the Dao Gods body, nor are they so clear.

But its definitely the same.”

“Master is very concerned about the Dao God.” Pei Qingshus expression became solemn.

He stared at the bronze coffin below and said in a low voice, “Lets cast a spell to seal it first and bring it back for Master to take a look.”.

“Yes.” Li Mingcheng nodded in agreement.

“Perhaps this can also become one of the turning points to resolve the Scarlet Calamity.

Lets do it now.”

“Alright!” Pei Qingshu nodded and began to circulate the Dao power in his body, wanting to cover the bronze coffin and take it out of the tomb.

However, the moment the two of them used their strength, the tomb suddenly trembled.

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However, the moment the two of them used their strength, the tomb suddenly trembled.


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