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Yellow Heaven Sects headquarters.

As the Sect Master, Pei Qingshu had just ended a preaching session to appease the flustered hearts of the disciples.

He also expanded the range of protection and promised to help every disciple survive the terrifying Scarlet Calamity.

Now that the phenomena were happening frequently in the world, strange living beings had already crawled out of the ground everywhere.

This caused the peoples panic to condense to the extreme, immediately causing the number of believers of the Yellow Heaven Sect to soar.

The burden on Pei Qingshus shoulders became much heavier.

“A storm is brewing!” Pei Qingshu stood on a high platform in the sect.

From here, he could see the distant wasteland.

He sighed and said, “The Green Stone Wasteland is an ancient battlefield.

Countless experts have been buried here.

If the Scarlet Calamity spreads here, it will be a bitter battle.”

“With Divinity Yellow Heaven around, there shouldnt be anything to worry about, right” Li Mingcheng stood at the side and smiled.

“Your Excellency has the strength of the Sixth Heaven Gate realm.

Youre also the top Master-level expert in the current Heaven Realm.”

“Its not enough.” Pei Qingshu shook his head and said, “His power has already covered every place in the Qinghua Domain where there are disciples.

Its mainly used to suppress strange living beings that have surpassed the Heavenly God realm.

This is a huge project and we also need to focus at all times, so we have to deal with those Heavenly Gods, gods, and even lower-level strange creatures ourselves.”

“In that case, it will indeed be a bitter battle.” Li Mingcheng nodded, and his expression became solemn as he said in a low voice, “What about Senior Cui”

“Before those top experts descend, Master will most likely not attack.” Pei Qingshu shook his head gently and looked in the direction of the capital of the Wood Nation.

“Moreover, this is only the prelude to a calamity.

Its not the time for the calamity to descend.

We can handle this ourselves.

When the top experts of the Outer World descend and the calamity completely erupts, Master would launch a thunderous strike and completely wipe out everything.”

“Only Senior Cui has the strength to capture all the Outer World experts in one fell swoop.” Li Mingcheng praised.

“Sect Master! Its an emergency!”

At this moment, an anxious voice came from outside.

Then, a figure hurriedly ran over and bowed.

“Sect Master, theres a change in the northern wasteland! A strange creature has crawled out of the ground!”

“I understand.” Pei Qingshu nodded and said to Li Mingcheng beside him, “Lets go.

Its our turn to contribute.”

“Alright, lets go!” Li Mingcheng nodded solemnly and said in a low voice, “Lets go and meet the strange creatures that crawled out of these ancient battlefields!”

… .

The entire Green Stone Wasteland was an ancient battlefield.

It was rumored that a long time ago, in an era that was even older than ancient times, a supreme sect had once been destroyed here.

Countless experts bled here.

Therefore, countless ancient bones were buried in this land.

From the ordinary Nine Realms of the Immortal World to the powerful 12 Gates of the Heaven Gate system, there were experts of almost every realm.

However, because it had been too long and the laws of the world had changed, many bones had actually been completely destroyed.

Under normal circumstances, even if they dug up the land here, they would not find many bones, so they could not use this method to prevent the eruption of the Scarlet Calamity.

However, when the Scarlet Calamity spread here, countless bones seemed to have returned from the past and condensed into form again.

They broke through the ground from bottom to top and returned to the world.

This was the situation now.

In this northern wasteland, the vast land cracked inch by inch, and the ground collapsed.

Pits appeared, and living beings filled with strange auras slowly crawled out.

These strange living beings all looked like corpses.

They maintained their appearance before death.

Some only had bones left in their bodies, while others had some flesh and internal organs hanging from their bones.

They looked incomparably terrifying.

However, be it the flesh or bones, they all emitted powerful Dharma and Logos.

However, this power had already been infected by the scarlet light and became incomparably ferocious.

This time, the person in charge of investigating this area was Wu Cheng.

With Pei Qingshus help, he had already successfully stepped into the Dao Imprint realm.

As the leader of the team, he investigated the situation in the northern wasteland.

He did not expect to encounter a calamity as soon as he arrived.

Fortunately, these strange creatures that crawled out of the ground were only relatively basic.

Their strength was only about the level of the Shaman Marking realm.

Wu Cheng and the people he had brought could still deal with them.

However, as long as time passed, stronger strange creatures would definitely appear.

That was not something they could deal with.

Moreover, these strange living beings had very obvious undying characteristics.

Even if he shattered them, they would quickly gather again.

He could not kill them all.


Wu Cheng smashed a strange living being that pounced over with a punch and shouted, “Did you go back and inform the Sect Master These monsters are increasing!”

The person beside him hurriedly nodded and said, “Ive already informed him! The Sect Master should be here soon!”

“Thats good, thats good.” Wu Cheng heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the densely packed strange creatures in front of him.

In the distance, more monsters kept crawling out of the ground, and he felt his scalp tingle.

“Theres no way to kill them all.”

At this moment, if one looked down from the sky, they could see countless scarlet dots swimming around in this vast wasteland, and the number was increasing.

It was as if a huge scarlet wave had surged out from the ground and kept washing over the wasteland, as if it wanted to destroy everything.

Wu Cheng and the others standing in front of this huge wave were like a small row of human wall in front of the mighty flood.

They looked incomparably small and insignificant.

However, there was actually a vacuum at the back of the scarlet wave.

All the strange living beings had bypassed this area on their own, forming a void with a radius of several kilometers.

The ground in this empty area had already collapsed.

Inside was actually a huge tomb.

The collapsed pit reached the center of the tomb.

A bronze coffin more than 100 feet long and 30 feet wide lay quietly there, as if it had been buried here for a long time.

At the same time, Pei Qingshu, who was rushing over, suddenly felt a sense of danger.

He looked ahead and said in surprise, “Whats there!”

… .

Something similar to the situation in the northern part of the Green Stone Wasteland was happening everywhere in the Qinghua Domain.

Fortunately, the experts of the Yellow Heaven Sect blocked it.

Otherwise, countless living beings would have died without a grave when this calamity first erupted.

Outside the Qinghua Domain, a similar situation appeared.

The Scarlet Calamity began to spread.

This made the people of the surrounding regions feel a huge crisis.

There was a huge mountain more than a million feet tall at the intersection of the Qinghua Domain and the Liancang Domain.

Standing on the peak of the mountain and looking into the distance, one could see the vast wasteland of the Qinghua Domain.

At this moment, two young men were standing at the top of this huge mountain.

They looked to be in their twenties and were looking into the distance in the direction of the Qinghua Domain.

“The Scarlet Calamity that erupted this time is different from usual.

The commotion and power are much stronger.

This means that the Scarlet Calamity in the future will also be stronger.”

“Im afraid the Outer World cant wait anymore.

They probably want to complete the corrosion of the Heaven Realm in this Scarlet Calamity.

Previously, I even received news that the Longevity Divine Mountain and many large sects have been bribed to attack our Eternal Academy in this calamity.”

“A group of Outer World lackeys who dont know whats good for them.

Theyre no longer weak, so we really have to be careful.

However, the Longevity Divine Mountain seems to have been destroyed.

Theres an expert in the Qinghua Domain.”

“Im about to pay a visit.

If the Outer World really wants to invade the Heaven Realm in this Scarlet Calamity, we have to join forces with all the forces we can.”

“The strength of the Nine Heavens is too powerful.

We can only do our best.

We can only hope that Masters plan will succeed.

As long as we can undo the seal of the ancient Lord of the Heavenly Court, our chances of winning will be much higher.”

“Thats right.

However, with our realms, its not enough to involve us in this plan.

Lets make a trip to the Qinghua Domain to meet that expert first.”

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