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The atmosphere during the meal was very subtle.

Fang Min was puzzled as to why Cui Heng looked so confident, but Zhou Caiwei was trying her best to hide the fear in her heart.

As for Cui Heng, he was thinking about how to lure that top expert from the Yuhua Sword Pavilion to Juhe County.

After all, from Yan Shengs previous situation, the higher the persons cultivation level, the stronger the emotional feedback he could obtain.

The feedback of a top expert was probably comparable to hundreds or thousands of people.

Unfortunately, none of the three people at the dinner table achieved their goal in the end.

Fang Min left with doubts.

Zhou Caiwei failed to hide her fear.

Cui Heng did not find anything that could fool the top experts of the Yuhua Sword Pavilion over.

“This girls spiritual perception is extraordinary.”

Cui Heng looked in the direction of Fang Min and Zhou Caiwei and left with interest.

Grand Completion stage of the Golden Core Realm, perfect and flawless.

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In theory, as long as Cui Heng did not reveal his Dharmic powers, he was no different from an ordinary person in the eyes of others.

However, in order to carefully sense the emotional feedback in Juhe County, he would usually maintain the state of releasing a trace of his Golden Core power.

And the power of the Golden Core would cause a certain degree of interference and influence on the surrounding nomological environment.

As long as ones spiritual perception was sharp enough, even if they were not very strong and could not sense the power of the Golden Core, it was possible to sense some changes in their surroundings.

Of course, he would only know what exactly happened after he verified it.

Therefore, after sensing Zhou Caiweis fear, Cui Heng temporarily adjusted the amount of Golden Core power released to change the impact on the surrounding rules.

One moment it was big, the next it was small.

This made the little girls mentality almost explode.

One moment, she was terrified, the next moment, she was confused, and the next moment, she was even more terrified…

By the end of the meal, she was trembling.

She had clearly sensed the changes around her.

“With such a strong spiritual perception, the essence of my soul is already close to the Foundation Establishment realm.” Cui Heng tapped the table gently and thought to himself, “According to the 21 realms of the Immortal and Mortal worlds, this is already the soul of a person at the peak of the Deity Realm.

“Her cultivation level is only equivalent to the Fourth level of Qi Refinement, but her soul essence is comparable to the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

Is this a special characteristic that she was born with, or was it created by nature

“However, regardless of the situation, it means that this martial arts world on the surface is not ordinary.

My understanding of this place is still too little.

“If theres a chance, I should find a top-notch expert or Xiantian expert to inquire about the news.

At the very least, it needs to be a Profound Gate Realm grandmaster.”

Although he already knew that the Inner World Realm was only equivalent to the Sixth level of Qi Refinement, he was still unable to determine the level of a Deity Realm expert when compared to a Divine Treasure Realm martial artist.


To be safe, he still corresponded the Human Immortal realm to the Foundation Establishment realm and believed that the Divine Treasure realm was a major realm, corresponding to the Seventh to Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

It couldnt be that a Divine Treasure expert was at the Seventh level of Qi Refinement and a Human Immortal was only at the Eighth level of Qi Refinement, right

After Fang Min brought Zhou Caiwei back to her residence, she brought her straight to her room.

“Junior Sister, are you alright” Fang Min looked at Zhou Caiwei, who seemed to be in a state of shock.

She patted her back gently and said gently, “Are you… afraid”

“…Yes.” Zhou Caiwei nodded timidly, her eyes sparkling with tears.

She whispered, “Senior Sister, can we go back Its so scary here.”

“Junior Sister, whats going on Is it that county magistrate” Fang Min frowned.

“But he didnt do anything.”

“He really didnt do anything, but he kept changing in size, making me feel so uncomfortable and scared!” Zhou Caiwei stomped her feet and said incoherently.


“Junior Sister, what are you talking about” Fang Min was confused.

“I, the feeling that the county magistrate gave me was like facing the vast sky.

It made me feel extremely small…” Zhou Caiwei barely managed to organize her words and her emotions calmed down slightly.” Its a feeling thats countless times stronger than Elder Sword Pavilion Master.”

“How is this possible” Fang Min understood this time, but she didnt believe it at all.

“The Inner World Realm is already the pinnacle of the martial world.

Its impossible for there to be a stronger expert.

Although its said that theres a Deity Realm above the Inner World Realm, no one has seen it before, so its not counted.”

“Wasnt Perfected Hengxia at the Deity Realm 200 years ago” Zhou Caiwei retorted.

“Who can say for sure what happened so long ago Moreover, the Immortal Dawn Sect has already sealed the mountain for a hundred years.

No one knows if this is true.” Fang Min shook her head gently.

“Senior Sister, you dont love me anymore!” Zhou Caiwei used her trump card and pouted.

“Im afraid that youll still refute me!”

“…” Fang Min was instantly speechless.

She could only hug Zhou Caiwei gently in her arms and carefully stroke her back.

She said gently, “Alright, alright, Senior Sister wont refute you anymore.

Youre right.”

“Yes, Senior Sister is so good.” Zhou Caiwei nodded obediently, and her tone softened a lot.

“Or maybe I was wrong.

Although Ive been able to sense the strength of others since I was young, there are times when I make mistakes.

“Moreover, what Senior Sister said makes sense.

The Inner World is already the pinnacle of the martial world.

The Deity Realm is more like a legendary existence.

Its illusory and ephemeral.

Its unlikely that theres someone in this world whos countless times stronger than Elder Sword Pavilion Master.”

“I was wrong too.

I didnt understand your feelings.” Fang Min comforted Zhou Caiwei gently and smiled.

“Junior Sister, I have another piece of good news for you.”

“What good news” Zhou Caiweis eyes lit up as she got up from Fang Mins soft embrace and asked expectantly.

“Master is worried about us.

In a few days, she will personally come over to hold down the fort and negotiate with King Yans army,” Fang Min said seriously.

“Although there might already be top experts in King Yans army, in order to protect this place where the people can live and work in peace, we have to give it a try.”

“Thats great! Im relieved to have Master around.” Zhou Caiwei was pleasantly surprised.

Then, she looked in the direction of the county office.

“Actually, I still think that as long as that county magistrate is around, he will definitely be able to make King Yans army retreat!”

“Yes, I hope so.” Fang Min nodded.

Three days later.

In Dachang County, a total of 50,000 troops were already prepared in front of the city gate.

After hearing that Juhe County had opened its warehouses for four consecutive days to relieve the refugees, Wang Shun finally could not suppress his excitement and decided to send troops east.

They had to take down Juhe County in half a day.

“Brothers! The Tyrant Jin is lawless, and the people of the world are in dire straits.

His Highness, the King of Yan, raised the flag of righteousness to save the people from danger!”

Wang Shun stood in front of the entire army and said loudly, “After this matter is done, you and I will all be meritorious people, and we will be great contributors to rebuilding the world! We will be conferred titles of Duke and Marquises! Follow me East and attack Juhe County!”

“March East into Juhe! Dukes and Marquises!!”

“March East into Juhe! Dukes and Marquises!!”

The 50,000 soldiers shouted in unison, their voices like huge waves.

Their morale was extremely high.

Other than Yan Sheng, everyone felt that they would definitely win this battle.

A small Juhe County wanted to resist an army of 50,000

It was just like a mantis trying to stop a chariot!


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