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Heavenly Venerate Shi, one of the Nine Heavens of the Outer World!

Cui Heng narrowed his eyes slightly when he heard this.

What he had learned on Taihong Star flashed through his mind, and he asked in a low voice, “Is this Heavenly Venerate Shi in the state of a stone statue”

“You, you know about Heavenly Venerate Shi” Divine Lord Yu Tian was clearly a little surprised, but he quickly understood.

“Thats right.

Its normal for a powerful existence like you to understand Heavenly Venerate Shis situation.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Cui Heng interrupted Divine Lord Yu Tian and asked directly, “Tell me about Heavenly Venerate Shis situation.”

The nine Sect Masters of the Mystic Palace, Yue Canghai, had said that before Taihong Star was sucked in by the Door of Heaven, he had entered an ancient ruin that was so old that it was difficult to recognize and found a strange stone man inside.

This stone man had powerful might that far exceeded Yue Canghais understanding.

Moreover, its entire body was clearly made of stone, but it contained extremely powerful vitality.

It was very strange.

It was also the stone man who told him that the Door of Heaven would open.

And that stone man called himself “Zhou Juntian”.

With this, it was almost certain that the person who opened the Door of Heaven at that time should be Zhou Juntian.

As the reincarnation of the artifact spirit of the Door of Heaven, he indeed had this ability.

But now, Divine Lord Yu Tian said that it was an incarnation of Heavenly Venerate Shi who opened the Door of Heaven.

This didnt add up.

Something was wrong.

Cui Heng was puzzled and some uncertain guesses appeared in his heart.

After Divine Lord Yu Tian heard Cui Hengs words, he shrank his neck and hurriedly bowed respectfully.

“Yes, yes, I understand! This Heavenly Venerate Shi is known to be the first stone born when the world was created…”

In the legends of the Outer World, this Heavenly Venerate Shi was one of the oldest people in the Nine Heavens.

It was said that he had already appeared in the wild era at the beginning of the world and had even followed a supreme being.

Moreover, Heavenly Venerate Shis personality was rather special.

Even though he already had a great cultivation and divine power, he did not condense a body for himself.

He still maintained his stone statue state.

His entire body was made of stone and was very strange.

However, Heavenly Venerate Shis stone statue body was indeed incomparably powerful.

Even if it was just a small stone that fell from this statue, it still had incomparably powerful might.

It could easily destroy a normal-sized star or even destroy a starry sky.

Other than that, there were also some rumors—

A long time ago, this Heavenly Venerate Shi had traveled to different Star Fields and come into contact with many experts, so he had grasped all kinds of magical techniques.

One of them was to open the Door of Heaven.

When he designed the Taihong Star incident, it was this Heavenly Venerate Shi who descended an incarnation and forcefully opened the Door of Heaven that had been sealed for a long time.

Cui Heng couldnt help but frown when he heard Divine Lord Yu Tians description.

He asked, “Do you know what this Heavenly Venerate Shis name is”

“Name” Divine Lord Yu Tian was clearly stunned when he heard that.

Then, he said in surprise, “An ancient existence like Heavenly Venerate Shis name should be the same as his title.

He shouldnt have a name like ordinary people.”

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly in thought.

Then, he asked, “Do you know Zhou Juntian”

“Yes, yes.” Divine Lord Yu Tian hurriedly nodded and said, “This is the name of the reincarnation of the artifact spirit of the Door of Heaven.

500,000 years ago, he was the one who closed the Door of Heaven and isolated the Heaven Realm and the starry sky of this Star Field.

That was why this Star Field was not completely corroded.”

“Thats all you know” Cui Heng said in a low voice.

“Before Taihong Star entered the Door of Heaven, a stone man who called himself Zhou Juntian appeared on Taihong Star and predicted that the Door of Heaven would open.”

“What!” Divine Lord Yu Tian said in disbelief, “How is this possible The person who opened the Door of Heaven back then was clearly the incarnation of Heavenly Venerate Shi.

How could…

You, you mean to say that Heavenly Venerate Shis incarnation called himself Zhou Juntian No, thats not right.

Zhou Juntian is Heavenly Venerate Shis incarnation How is this possible! Theyre mortal enemies!”

In his understanding, Heavenly Venerate Shi was one of the Nine Heavens Highest Venerables.

He had unbelievable great divine powers and was an extremely ancient supreme existence.

As the artifact spirit of the Door of Heaven, Zhou Juntian also had an extraordinary background.

The two of them had an irreconcilable conflict because of the conflict between the two Star Fields.

How could there be such a relationship

It was simply unbelievable!

“Zhou Juntian should be far more mysterious than his identity on the surface,” Cui Heng said in a low voice.

“Did the Nine Heavens Supreme Venerates of the Outer World mention Zhou Juntian”

“Almost never mentioned it.” Divine Lord Yu Tian shook his head.

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded and fell into deep thought.

He did not think that Zhou Juntian was the incarnation of the so-called Heavenly Venerate Shi.

However, in the incident on Taihong Star, there was no doubt that the stone man, Zhou Juntian, had helped the Outer World.

He had even said to Zen Master Shantong, “If theres a visitor from the Outer World, you can help him.”

Actually, after learning that Heavenly Venerate Shi had sent an incarnation over to open the Heaven Gate, his first reaction was—

When did Zhou Juntian become the Outer Worlds Heavenly Venerate Shi

It was not that Zhou Juntian was the incarnation of Heavenly Venerate Shi.

This Zhou Juntian was really too strange, and his identities were too varied.

Cui Heng even suspected that the Dao God who established the Daoyi Heavenly Court on Daozhou Star was also one of Zhou Juntians identities.

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