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An expert like Divine Lord Yu Tian could already be considered a mid to high-level expert in the Outer World.

To be able to meet a Ninth Heaven existence like Heavenly Venerate Jiang, he naturally knew many secrets.

This was also one of the reasons why Cui Heng kept him behind.

Now that he wanted to reveal all the information about the Nine Heavens, it was exactly what Cui Heng wanted to see.

Naturally, he would not refuse.

However, other than that, he also wanted Divine Lord Yu Tian to explain the exact situation of the Outer World.

With those experts, what kind of number and scale were they

There were also some key historical events in the Outer World.

Understanding the Outer World was not only to resolve the invasion that this Star Field faced, but also to prepare for his future trip to the Outer World.

As long as he had enough understanding of the Outer World, after he went to the Outer World, he could directly establish communication with the Great Dao laws of the Outer World and quickly increase his cultivation.

In order to live, Divine Lord Yu Tian could be said to have said everything he knew.

He tried his best to perform well in exchange for Cui Hengs forgiveness so that he could grasp at a chance to reincarnate.

Although Cui Heng had already learned a lot of information about the Outer World from the Second Heaven Gate realm experts, the information he could obtain from an expert at the level of Divine Lord Yu Tian was definitely more comprehensive and detailed.

Especially regarding the Nine Heavens Supreme Venerables.

The so-called “Nine Heavens” were the nine Lords of the Outer World.

They were: Heavenly Venerate Zhong, Heavenly Venerate Shi, Heavenly Venerate Guo, Heavenly Venerate Chen, Heavenly Venerate Jin, Heavenly Venerate Sui, Heavenly Venerate Jiang, Heavenly Venerate Zhi, and Heavenly Venerate Wu.

They were all experts who had crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder.

They were at least at the Tenth Heaven Gate realm.

A few of them had even begun to try to break through to the Eleventh Heaven Gate realm.

Their strength was extremely powerful and unfathomable.

Moreover, their background was extremely mysterious.

According to Divine Lord Yu Tians description, the true origins of these nine Outer World experts could no longer be verified.

He was not even sure if they were human.

Legend had it that they had existed millions of years ago and were incomparably ancient.

There were also rumors that they were actually the incarnations of the Great Dao laws of the “Nine Heavens” and were born as gods.

However, this was only a legend.

No one could really be sure.

Divine Lord Yu Tian had once obtained an ancient book that recorded a story.

It was said that a long time ago, a supreme figure died.

After his corpse split open, it transformed into a Dao and there was the current Nine Heavens.

This was also one of the rumors about the origins of the Nine Heavens Supreme Venerates.

There were also rumors that the Nine Heavens Supreme Venerates was only the follower of a certain supreme being.

They had invaded other Star Fields because they were following the orders of that supreme being.

This theory was too terrifying.

The Nine Heavens were already experts close to the Eleventh Heaven Gate realm.

What kind of existence could make them follow him

Therefore, not many people believed this rumor.

After all, this was too shocking.

In short, Divine Lord Yu Tian could not explain the true origin of the Nine Heavens.

There were only some rumors and guesses that spread in the Outer World.

This was also within Cui Hengs expectations.

Although Divine Lord Yu Tian was Heavenly Venerate Jiangs subordinate, he had not even crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder realm after all.

He should not be qualified to come into contact with the core secret information.

However, he had worked for Divine Lord Yu Tian for so many years, so he knew many surface secrets.

Especially the information about Heavenly Venerate Jiang.

For example, Heavenly Venerate Jiangs interests, cultivation direction, style of doing things, portable divine weapons, techniques he was good at, and so on.

Divine Lord Yu Tian explained them to Cui Heng in extreme detail.

This could allow Cui Heng to quickly understand Heavenly Venerate Jiangs overall information and analyze his relatively obvious weaknesses through this information before launching a targeted attack.

Of course, to the current Cui Heng, the most useful thing was still the things that Heavenly Venerate Jiang had instructed Divine Lord Yu Tian to do in recent years.

This included many things he had done in the myriad worlds of this Star Field.

For example, it was Heavenly Venerate Jiang who instructed him to arrange for Taihong Star to enter the Door of Heaven.

At that time, he was sent into the Door of Heaven by Heavenly Venerate Jiang with a very strange method and established a connection with some people.

This was how Taihong Star became the entry point for the Outer World invasion.

The destruction of Tianmen Star was actually because Heavenly Venerate Jiang had secretly guided them, causing the people of the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion to have the intention of destroying Tianmen Star to achieve their own Dao Body.

Its goal was to further hide the Door of Heaven and reduce the possibility of the Door of Heaven reopening, preventing the people of this Star Field from breaking through the Heaven Gate and locking down the cultivation prospects here.

Other than what Cui Heng knew, Divine Lord Yu Tian had also done many things in secret, all of which had a relatively deep impact on this Star Field.

According to him, the biggest move was to secretly exert influence and use the power of various aspects to finally destroy the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm.

Although the Nine Heavens Cloud Realm was no longer powerful at that time and could even be said to be weak among the myriad worlds, it was extremely special.

In that era where the Outer World invasion had yet to completely erupt, in order to stabilize the defense of the entire Star Field, the Lord of the Heavenly Court had set up a shocking array that covered the entire Star Field.

This array formation used the Three Higher Heavens as the core and the nine special realms as the extension points.

Then, it expanded to the entire myriad worlds, thereby creating an effect that isolated the entire Star Field from the Outer World.

The array formation used by Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku to resist the invasion of the Outer World was actually an incomplete version of this array formation.

The reason why it was incomplete was because the nine realms that served as extension points had already been destroyed.

The Nine Heavens Cloud Realm was one of them.

This was also one of the reasons why the level of Outer World invasion had become higher and higher in recent years.

In addition to these, Heavenly Venerate Jiang was also persistently instigating the ancient sects and Immortal orthodoxies of the Heaven Realm to rebel.

Divine Lord Yu Tian was not the only one doing this.

There were many people, and there were even experts who had crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder realm participating.

Under all kinds of threats and temptations, the effect was not bad.

After hearing Divine Lord Yu Tians description, Cui Heng fell silent.

In this situation, it would be abnormal if this Star Field did not lose.

In the past 500,000 years, this Star Field had actually been corroded to the point of being riddled with holes.

Now, they had only launched a total attack.

“Do you have a list of the forces that have been instigated to defect” Cui Heng asked.

“Yes, yes!” Divine Lord Yu Tian immediately nodded and hurriedly said, “Of the ancient great sects, there are the Longevity Divine Mountain, Nine Yang Divine Sect, Divine Sorcerer Valley, Black Domain Mountain, Heavenly Deep Abyss… There are also a few Immortal orthodoxies…”

As he mentioned the names of the various forces, the Wood Emperor and the others standing not far away were so frightened that their faces turned pale, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

These forces were all famous sects and orthodoxies in the 9,000 Heavenly Regions.

They were holy lands that countless gods and Heavenly Gods yearned for.

They were the first seeds of hope that led the entire civilization to prosperity from the ancient destruction.

They had all been instigated to defect

They had all sided with the Outer World!

How could this be!

At this moment, they even felt that their worldview had been overturned.

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and noted down the names of these forces.

He asked again, “Previously, you said that you were also involved in setting up the Door of Heaven for Taihong Star.”

Divine Lord Yu Tian nodded and said, “Yes, Heavenly Venerate Jiang specially helped me hide my aura and sent me over to let the power of our Heaven Gates characteristics push Tianmen Star into the Door of Heaven.”

“Who opened the Door of Heaven for you” Cui Heng frowned and asked in a low voice.

He had already learned about the authority of the Door of Heaven from Divine Lord Yu Tian.

Under the circumstances that the Door of Heaven was forcefully closed by Zhou Juntian, only three people could open the Door of Heaven normally without letting the scarlet light inside erupt and spread.

Zhou Juntian was on Taihong Star, but he was the reincarnation of the artifact spirit of the Door of Heaven.

What reason did he have to cooperate with the Outer World

“Heavenly Venerate Jiang said that he invited Heavenly Venerate Shi and let an incarnation of Heavenly Venerate Shi descend to Taihong Star,” Divine Lord Yu Tian said.

“He opened the Door of Heaven.”

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