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At Divine Lord Yu Tians realm, the soul was already extremely powerful.

Under normal circumstances, it was very difficult for them to lose consciousness.

Because of the strength of the soul, it was extremely difficult to make him fall unconscious without destroying the soul.

It was even more difficult than directly destroying the soul.

The reason why the current Divine Lord Yu Tian became like this was because of the Heavenly Demon Yin Fire Art.

This spell was specially used to burn the enemys soul.

Moreover, it was burning with a very gentle flame.

Many times, even the person whose soul was being burned might not be able to feel the invasion of this spell.

It was a very subtle sensation.

After Divine Lord Yu Tian saw the strand of hair given to him by Heavenly Venerate Jiang being destroyed, his mind suffered an extremely huge impact.

The power of the Yin Fire immediately strengthened and burned his soul to an extremely low level.

With that, he fell unconscious.

However, even the unconscious Divine Lord Yu Tian was still an expert at the Sixth Heaven Gate realm.

To the Wood Emperor and the others who had not even stepped into the Heaven Gate, the difference in strength was too great.

When they came into contact with such an existence at such a close distance, they immediately felt a huge pressure and subconsciously took a few steps back.

“Theres no need to be afraid.” Cui Hengs gentle voice comforted the Wood Emperor, Mu Lingyun, and the others.

At the same time, he looked at Divine Lord Yu Tian, who was lying on the ground.

After seeing the face filled with eyes, he frowned slightly.

Hence, with a thought, the characteristics of the Heaven Gate in Divine Lord Yu Tians body changed.

The power that was filled with chaos and corrosion directly became gentle and harmless.

This also caused Divine Lord Yu Tians external body to undergo a tremendous change.

The countless eyes that covered his entire body were quickly refined by the new power, and his facial features returned to normal, no longer looking strange with countless eyes.

“Wake up,” Cui Heng said indifferently.

“Ah!” Divine Lord Yutian immediately screamed.

He bounced up as if he had woken up from a nightmare.

His entire body trembled as he looked at his hands and muttered, “I, Im not dead.

Im still alive!”

His memories were still at the moment before he lost consciousness, the terrifying scene in the boundless chaotic space, and the moment the projection of Heavenly Venerate Jiang was destroyed.

What kind of expert was he going to face!

Even the projection of the Lord Supreme was instantly destroyed.

Although it was just a strand of hair, it contained the supreme power of Heavenly Venerate Jiang.

It could instantly kill any existence that had yet to cross the Third Heavenly Ladder.

How could it be destroyed so easily

Could this be an expert at the Tenth or even the Eleventh level of the Heaven Gate!

Did the Lord of the Heavenly Court succeed in breaking out!

For a moment, many thoughts flashed through Divine Lord Yu Tians mind.

He did not even discover the change in the characteristics of the power in his body.

“Its rare to see an Outer World Heaven Gate expert.

I cant just kill you directly.” Cui Heng chuckled.

Hed only left behind Divine Lord Yu Tian.

The few people from the Longevity Divine Mountain had already been reduced to ashes.

“You, who exactly are you!” Divine Lord Yu Tian barely regained his senses and looked at Cui Heng in surprise.

“Theres actually an expert like you in the Heaven Realm.

Its really beyond all of our expectations.”

At this moment, he surprisingly calmed down.

He did not beg for mercy, nor did he panic.

Instead, he quickly thought about how he could survive.

It was definitely not feasible to directly kneel on the ground and submit.

The Heaven Gate experts between different Star Fields were all fighting for the Great Dao.

Especially an expert who had crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder, there was no possibility of a reconciliation.

With his strength, the other party would definitely not take a fancy to him.

Unless he could show some value.

But to an expert who had crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder, what value could he have

“You dont seem to be afraid.” Cui Heng looked at Divine Lord Yu Tian with interest and chuckled.

“Youre different from the Heaven Gate cultivators I cleaned up on Taihong Star previously.”

“T-Taihong Star!” Divine Lord Yu Tians pupils constricted when he heard this, and his face revealed an expression of disbelief.

He exclaimed, “Youre the mighty figure who changed the rules of the Door of Heaven and reopened the Heaven Gate of this Star Field!

Are you the Lord of the Heavenly Court, or the reincarnation of the artifact spirit of the Door of Heaven! You, you actually returned to the Heaven Realm! This… how can this be, how can this be…”

At this moment, he felt his limbs turn cold, and his heart was already filled with fear.

He originally thought that he had only met an unexpected expert.

As long as he displayed his value, he might be able to live.

However, he did not expect to meet an expert who had an undying hatred for the Outer World.

The Outer World already knew about the matter of the rules of the Door of Heaven being changed.

Divine Lord Yu Tian had also heard from Heavenly Venerate Jiang how difficult it was to do such a thing.

According to Heavenly Venerate Jiang, the essence of the Door of Heaven was extremely high.

It was a divine creation of the founder of the Heaven Realm.

It was almost impossible to modify the rules of the Door of Heaven.

This was because in a sense, the Door of Heaven was actually a replica of the Heaven Gate.

The Heaven Gate characteristics contained in the Door of Heaven far exceeded the ability of any Heaven Gate expert.

Any Heaven Gate expert who wanted to change the rules of the Door of Heaven was like a drop of water in the sea wanting to change the characteristics of the entire sea.

It was impossible.

In fact, if one wanted to modify the rules of the Door of Heaven, he could only do it through some special authority.

And there were only three existences with this special authority.

The creator of the Heaven Realm.

The Lord of the Heavenly Court.

The reincarnation of the artifact spirit of the Door of Heaven

Among them, the creator of the Heaven Realm was already impossible to verify.

That was an existence from millions or even tens of millions of years ago.

It was unknown if he was still alive.

The Lord of the Heavenly Court was an inherited position.

The last Lord of the Heavenly Court had already been subdued now.

The artifact spirit of the Door of Heaven had long reincarnated and disappeared 300,000 years ago.

Compared to the first identity, the latter two identities were still possible.

However, no matter which identity it was, they definitely hated all the Outer World living beings to the bone.

It was impossible for him to join them.

No matter what kind of offer he presented, he would probably not be able to escape death.

Cui Heng looked at Divine Lord Yu Tian with a scrutinizing gaze.

This persons subconscious exclamation made him have some guesses, so he smiled and said, “Who do you think I am”

“I, I dont know, I dont know…” Divine Lord Yu Tian was really flustered this time.

Thoughts raced through his mind, searching for information that might allow him to survive.

Even though he knew that there was a high chance that he would not be able to escape death, he did not want to give up just like that.

He had to struggle.

“I, I know many secrets of the Nine Heavens Supreme Venerates.

I can tell you everything! I only hope that you can leave my soul and let me reincarnate in this Star Field and let me be born into this Star Field!”

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