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Otherwise, they would simply be courting death.

“This person is extraordinary.

Ill go and meet him now.” The countless eyes on Divine Lord Yutians face narrowed slightly.

Then, his body sank towards the capital of the Wood Nation.

On the surface, he looked very relaxed and casual, but in fact, the moment he descended from the clouds, he was already prepared.

The restrictions of the Imperial Sky Divine Palace were already in a state where they could be activated at any time.

The Heaven Gate characteristics in his body had also begun to circulate.

With just a thought, he could erupt with all his power.

Most importantly, he had even grabbed the strand of hair that Heavenly Venerate Jiang had given him.

Once he realized that he was facing an invincible enemy, he would immediately activate the power of this strand of hair.

Just this strand of hair was enough to instantly kill any expert who had yet to cross the Third Heavenly Ladder.

Divine Lord Yutian did not think that the people in the capital of the Wood Country could cross the level of the Third Heavenly Ladder.

That was already an existence at the level of a Nine Heavens Supreme Venerable.

How could he meet such a powerful being so easily in such a small place

It was impossible.

… .

At the same time that Divine Lord Yu Tian descended from the sky, the Wood Emperor and a few core members of the Imperial Family had already rushed to the palace where Cui Heng was.


Cui, do you have any methods to fight the enemy” the Wood Emperor asked in a panic.

He was really frightened by the divine might displayed by Divine Lord Yu Tian.

This was the first time he had seen such powerful might in his life.

He had never seen anyone stronger than this.

It was too fast!

The few Imperial Family members behind the Wood Emperor also looked at Cui Heng hopefully.

He was indeed their only hope.

“Fight the enemy” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled.

“Lets talk about it when this enemy can enter the capital.”

Just as he looked up at the sky, he had already used a large number of spells to envelop the entire capital of the Wood Nation.

As long as Divine Lord Heaven Riding dared to descend, he would instantly fall into an ambush.

The Five Elements Primordial Chaos Yin Yang Reversal Technique, the Great Heavenly Demon Yin Fire Art, the Heavenly Thunder Origin Magnetic Divine Light, the Bean Soldiers, the Five Thunder Heavenly Heart Technique, Law and Order, and other spells were already hidden in the sky above the capital of the Wood Nation.

Even if Divine Lord Yu Tian really had some powerful methods or secret treasures that could break through the barrier of these spells, he would still have to face the attack of the Time Saber the moment he passed through these spells.

If he could successfully enter the capital of the Wood Nation, it meant that Divine Lord Yu Tian really had the power of the Soul Formation realm.

Cui Heng had to be on guard.

In fact, this was unlikely to happen.

However, in Cui Hengs opinion, there was no harm in being more cautious.

And steady.

… .

Divine Lord Yu Tian led the group of people from the Longevity Divine Mountain to the capital of the Wood Nation.

When he was about to truly descend into the capital, he planned to display his divine might again and make everyone here submit to his power.

In the end, he would kill that mysterious expert in front of everyone with a thunderous momentum and reveal that he was the Divine Lord Yu Tian under Heavenly Venerate Jiang.

This way, not only would it be an advertisement for Heavenly Venerate Jiang in the Heaven Realm, but it would also increase his reputation.

In Divine Lord Yu Tians opinion, only by doing this could he complete the mission given by Heavenly Venerate Jiang perfectly.

However, just as he was about to enter the capital of the Wood Nation, he suddenly felt the scenery around him begin to change extremely drastically.

The omnipresent Dao runes, Dharmas, and Logos actually instantly changed their appearance.

They were no longer as gentle as before.

Instead, they had become extremely distorted.

It was as if they had been forcefully twisted into sludge by some strange power.

It was extremely chaotic.

This sudden abnormality immediately alarmed Divine Lord Yu Tian.

He shouted sternly, “Not good, rise quickly!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he transformed into a scarlet light and tried to fly up to escape, not caring about the people from the Longevity Divine Mountain beside him at all.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

As soon as Divine Lord Yu Tian transformed into a scarlet light, the void around him completely changed.

There was no longer a clear space and direction, but endless chaos.

In this boundless chaos, there was no world, no space, no worries.

Even the Dharma and Logos were distorted and shattered.

Divine Lord Yu Tian, who had transformed into a scarlet light, could not escape at all.

He could only rush around in the endless chaos like a headless fly, but he was quickly forced to stop by the omnipresent chaotic turbulence and void cracks.

Divine Lord Yu Tian transformed into a human with eyes all over his face and looked at his surroundings in surprise.

“What kind of method was used to set up this trap It actually gave me no chance to escape!”

It was silent but extremely powerful, as if it had sent him directly to another world.

Such methods were simply unbelievable to him.

The people from the Longevity Divine Mountain were even more frightened until their faces turned ashen.

They felt the chaotic turbulence and void cracks that filled the surroundings and felt terrified, not even daring to move.

Every chaotic turbulence here could easily destroy their bodies and souls!


It was too terrifying!

At this moment, they could only look at Divine Lord Yu Tian, hoping that this big shot from the Outer World could lead them to escape.

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