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This sudden scarlet phenomenon immediately caused everyone in the capital of the Wood Nation to fall into panic.

Due to the recent publicity of the Yellow Heaven Sect, even ordinary people already knew about the existence of the Scarlet Calamity.

They also knew some of the characteristics and terrifying aspects of the Scarlet Calamity.

Now that they saw the scarlet light that filled the sky, many people immediately thought of the Scarlet Calamity described by the Yellow Heaven Sect.

Their faces revealed extremely terrified expressions, and their faces were ashen.

“Scarlet Calamity! This is a Scarlet Calamity.

The calamity has descended!”

“The calamity has descended and the people are plunged into misery and suffering.

What should we do!”

“Run! Run quickly and seek the protection of God.

Only by being protected by God can you live!”

The entire capital of the Wood Nation seemed to have exploded.

Countless people looked at the sky in horror, their hearts in extreme panic.

An expert immediately activated all his life-saving methods to hide in an attempt to escape danger.

Most people gathered in the direction of the palace.

That was where the Wood Emperor was, which was where the strongest expert of the Wood Nation was.

It should be the safest.

Of course, there were also many insiders who rushed towards the palace where Cui Heng lived.

They all knew that Cui Heng was the strongest person in the city and hoped to seek refuge.

In this chaos, the Wood Emperors voice sounded in the ears of every living being in the capital, filled with dignity and reassuring power.

“Everyone, calm down.

Now that theres a supreme being guarding our capital, no calamity will hurt you.”

The message was concise and clear.

When the Wood Emperor personally explained, everyone in the city heaved a sigh of relief.

From experts at the Dao Imprint realm to ordinary people at the Heaven Immortal realm, the panic in their hearts dissipated a lot after hearing the Wood Emperors words.

At this moment, many people also recalled the bright silver saber light that slashed at the sky some time ago.

That mysterious light that seemed to contain the power of time.

To be able to slash out such a saber beam, he must be a big shot above the Heavenly God realm.

It should be the supreme being mentioned by the Wood Emperor.

With such an expert around, the capital of the Wood Nation should still be very safe.

But just as everyone began to feel at ease.

The sky that had already been dyed scarlet changed again!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

A trembling sound sounded in the void, and cracks suddenly appeared in the scarlet sky.

It was dense and chaotic.

Looking up from the ground, it was as if the sky had cracked countless times and was about to completely shatter.

This situation confused many people.

However, just as the people below were puzzled by this, these cracks actually all opened.

In every open crack was an eyeball that was no different from a living person.

Hence, these countless cracks were no longer cracks, but countless eyes that had opened.

They were like stars in the night sky, hanging in the sky.

However, such a scene was really terrifying.

Countless eyes hung in the sky, and countless cold and heartless gazes looked down at all the living beings below.

It was as if the will of the heavens had materialized into a living being.

It opened its eyes and was examining the living beings on the ground.

An extremely huge pressure instantly gathered, surging over like a storm and impacting the hearts of every living being in the capital of the Wood Nation.

Under normal circumstances, any expert who had not stepped into the Heaven Gate would fall into extreme madness the moment they saw these eyes and completely lose their mind.

However, this did not happen in the capital of the Wood Nation.

Although everyone was very afraid and filled with fear after seeing these countless eyes, no one fell into madness because of this.

This was because the moment the scarlet eyes appeared in the sky, a very strange and powerful invisible force enveloped the entire capital, preventing the people in the city from being attacked by the scarlet light.

The person who used this power was naturally Cui Heng.

In the palace where Cui Heng lived, he, who was originally designing the Dharma treasure structure, raised his head in displeasure, his eyes filled with killing intent.

When a person was focused on something, once they were disturbed, their mood would instantly worsen.

Especially when he was working on a complicated design plan.

Cui Heng was in this state.

However, when he looked up, he realized that the source of the scarlet light was a little familiar.

He could not help but be surprised.

“Divine Lord Yu Tian He actually came to the Heaven Realm.”

… .

In the sky above the capital of the Wood Nation.

Divine Lord Yu Tian led the Mountain Lord and the elders of the Longevity Divine Mountain to stand on the scarlet cloud.

He looked down coldly and suddenly revealed some surprise.

“Theres indeed an expert in the capital of the Wood Nation.” Divine Lord Yu Tian nodded and said in a low voice, “My divine might phenomenon actually failed to affect the people in the capital and was blocked by a strange force.”

“This person is actually so powerful!” The Longevity Mountain Lord was very shocked when he heard this.

He also looked down and said in shock, “Divine Lord, the divine might you used is already at the Sixth Heaven Gate realm.

They can actually resist it silently.”

The other Elders were also shocked and felt a lingering fear.

Fortunately, they did not come over directly to cause trouble.

Instead, they invited an Outer World expert.

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