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Divine Lord Yu Tians posture was extremely oppressive.

Everyone from the Longevity Divine Mountain immediately knelt on the ground and bowed to him respectfully.

“Greetings, Divine Lord!”

“Greetings, Divine Lord!”

These experts who were usually high and mighty and regarded themselves as ancient ancestors were all extremely respectful right now.

They were like servants who had met their master and prostrated on the ground, not even daring to raise their heads.

Even an expert like the Longevity Mountain Lord, who had already reached the Fifth Heaven Gate realm, did not dare to be disrespectful to Divine Lord Yu Tian at all.

This was naturally related to the aura of the Sixth Heaven Gate realm displayed by Divine Lord Yu Tian, but it was also mostly because of the Heavenly Venerate Jiang represented by Divine Lord Yu Tian.

He represented one of the Nine Heavens of the Outer World.

Legend had it that he had joined forces with the other eight Heavens to suppress the Lord of the ancient Heavenly Court.

Although their original intention was to ask Heavenly Venerate Jiangs incarnation to descend and eliminate the mysterious expert who could erase the Scarlet Tribulation light, it was actually fine as long as they could invite an expert who could solve the problem.

Whether it was the incarnation of the Heavenly Venerate or Divine Lord Yu Tian, it was fine as long as they could help the Longevity Divine Mountain resolve the crisis.

“Alright.” Divine Lord Yutian nodded slightly.

His gaze swept across everyone and finally landed on the Longevity Mountain Lord.

He said indifferently, “Before I came, I heard some things from the Lord.

A mysterious expert has appeared on your side.

Hes suspected to have crossed the Sixth Heaven Gate realm or even transcended the Second Heavenly Ladder.

Do you have any specific information about this person”

He had always been swift and decisive, and he did not like to delay.

Since he had come to the Heaven Realm to kill, he only needed to confirm the target and kill his way over to deal with the other party.

It would not take long to complete.

Moreover, the faster he completed the mission, the more efficient he would be.

He could even leave a good impression on the Lord Supreme.

It could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

“Yes, yes!” The Longevity Mountain Lord immediately nodded and said, “Our sect has a side branch called Evergreen Heights.

The villa master and elders have been captured by that person before.

They have seen that persons power with their own eyes.

Do you need me to call them up”

“Call them over quickly.

Dont talk nonsense.” Divine Lord Yu Tian frowned.

He felt that the Longevity Mountain Lord was wasting his time.

They could just hand over the clues directly.

Why was there a need to ask It was unnecessary.

“Yes, yes!” The Longevity Mountain Lord hurriedly waved outside and said, “Call Chang Yongxin and Jing Xiangzhen over to meet the Divine Lord!”

Soon, a few disciples brought Chang Yongxin and Jing Xiangzhen over.

At this moment, they were still shackled.

This was the rule of the Longevity Divine Mountain—

If the independent branch family was defeated and escaped back to the Divine Mountain, they had to be punished.

This was because this was equivalent to ruining the reputation of the Longevity Divine Mountain.

After Chang Yongxin and Jing Xiangzhen arrived, they immediately knelt on the ground.

Their entire bodies were trembling as they lowered their heads, not daring to look at the high and mighty Divine Lord Yu Tian.

Divine Lord Yu Tian did not care about their state and only asked indifferently, “Tell me about your understanding of that person.”

“Reporting to Divine Lord, that person is too powerful.

He actually has the ability to open up a void and create a world in this Heaven Realm!” Jing Xiangzhen said with lingering fear, “Such methods have already exceeded my imagination.”

“I, Ive never seen that person attack, but Ive seen that persons servant,” Chang Yongxin said with fear in his eyes.

“That persons servant is also an expert at the Heaven Gate realm.

I feel that he might be at the third level of the Heaven Gate realm.

That person must be even stronger.”

“…” Divine Lord Yu Tian fell silent when he heard this.

The dense eyes on his face revealed displeasure.

In the next moment, countless scarlet lights burst out from these eyes, instantly crushing Chang Yongxin and Jing Xiangzhen into a ball of minced meat.

Their souls were also completely destroyed at the same time and no longer existed.

“A bunch of nonsense!” Divine Lord Yu Tian snorted coldly.

Countless gazes looked at the Longevity Mountain Lord.

“Even if theyve really seen that person, what can they tell”

“This, this…” The Longevity Mountain Lord immediately broke out in cold sweat.

He kowtowed and said, “Divine Lord, please forgive us.

But other than them, no one else has seen that person.

However, I also have some understanding of him here.

This person now lives in the capital of the Wood Nation and has his disciples and servants establish a sect that calls itself the Yellow Heaven Sect.

This sect worships Divinity Yellow Heaven as a God.

He claims to be able to protect his believers and help them survive the Scarlet Calamity.

He even announced that he would completely destroy the entire Scarlet Calamity in the future and return this world to its usual peaceful state.”

“Completely destroy the entire scarlet calamity” Divine Lord Yu Tian sneered when he heard this and said disdainfully, “This is wishful thinking.

Who does he think he is Hes really an ant trying to shake a tree.

He overestimates himself.”

At this point, he suddenly paused and thought to himself, “However, that person actually established a sect and is spreading the faith of a certain god.

Theres indeed something wrong with this.

I cant let him continue.

Otherwise, this sect might really become some kind of variable.

The final battle is about to arrive.

The most important thing now is to ensure that the Heavenly Venerates complete the corrosion of this Heaven Realm.

Only then will I have a chance to cross the Second Heavenly Ladder and break through to the Seventh, Eighth, or even Ninth Heaven Gate, becoming a true expert.”

Thinking of this, Divine Lord Yu Tian walked down from the sacrificial shrine.

His feet floated and moved, passing by the Longevity Mountain Lord and the elders kneeling below.

When his back had already disappeared from their sight, he suddenly said, “Lets go.

Follow me to the capital of the Wood Nation and kill that person.”

“Ah” The Longevity Mountain Lord was shocked when he heard that.

He hurriedly reminded him carefully, “Divine Lord, that persons strength is extraordinary.

Hes at least equivalent to the Sixth Heaven Gate realm and might even have crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder.

Do we really not need to make any preparations”

This Divine Lord Yutian was at the Sixth Heaven Gate realm in the Outer World.

No matter how powerful he was, it was impossible for him to defeat an expert who had crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder.

If the other party was really so powerful, it would be over.

“Its fine.” Divine Lord Yu Tian was not angry.

He only explained indifferently, “I have a supreme treasure bestowed by the Lord Supreme.

Even if hed really crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder, he wont be able to withstand a single blow.”

Only then did the Longevity Mountain Lord and the other elders heave a sigh of relief.

They hurriedly bowed and said, “Were willing to follow Divine Lord to the capital of the Wood Nation to kill the bandits!”

… .

In the capital of the Wood Nation, Cui Heng was designing the Dharma treasures he wanted to refine in the future.

This was a time-type Dharma treasure he planned to use as a carrier for the Time Saber.

His inspiration came from the treasure, the Time Bell, of the Longevity Divine Mountain.

Although the Time Bell was instantly slashed into a pile of scrap metal by the Time Saber, it was a time-type treasure after all.

It was even at the Heaven Gate level.

There were many things that Cui Heng could use as reference.

In the end, Cui Heng referenced the restriction structure inside the Time Bell, the choice of interweaving laws and principles, the routes carved with Dao patterns, and so on to carry out the preliminary design of the Dharma treasure.

After completing the initial design, he still had to use the characteristics of the Time Saber to adjust some details of the Dharma treasure so that the two were completely compatible.

He could only look for the relevant materials after the design was completed.

Refining a Dharma treasure, especially a Dharma treasure that could assist in cultivation and was completely compatible with his personal Dharma treasure, was not a simple matter.

Mu Lingyun stood at the side and looked at Cui Heng, who was thinking hard about modifying the Dharma treasure design plan.

She felt that he was definitely doing something that could save the world.

Otherwise, why would such an expert keep frowning

“Eh, why did the sky suddenly darken” At this moment, Mu Lingyun suddenly felt that something was wrong with the sky.

She looked up and saw that the originally blue sky had been dyed with a layer of scarlet at some point.

It was incomparably strange.

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