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The Ancestral Master of the Longevity Divine Mountain was originally only an ordinary inner sect disciple of the Longevity Immortal Sect and did not receive much preferential treatment.

After the Outer World invasion and the Scarlet Calamity descended, the Heaven Gate experts of the Longevity Immortal Sect and the existences at the top of the Immortal World were almost completely wiped out.

At that time, he, who was only a Dao Lord, survived by chance and even became the strongest disciple left behind by the Longevity Immortal Sect.

Hence, he naturally inherited the foundations of the Longevity Immortal Sect and established the current Longevity Divine Mountain.

To a certain extent, the Ancestral Master of the Longevity Divine Mountain was actually a person with a vested interest in the Scarlet Calamity.

If not for the Outer World invasion and the death of most of the original experts of the Heaven Realm, not to mention reaching his current status, he might not have been able to step into the Heaven Gate realm.

With such an experience, he naturally did not have much ill feelings towards the Outer World.

However, because those Immortal orthodoxies were powerful and had many experts, they could not stand up and openly side with the enemy.

However, they did not show much motivation to resist the Outer World invasion.

This situation was not unique.

It was quite common in ancient sects.

The Longevity Divine Mountain was just one of them.

Some Immortal orthodoxies actually knew about this, but the Outer World was powerful after all.

It was impossible to resist it with the power of the Immortal orthodoxies alone, so as long as these ancient sects did not openly support the Outer World, they would turn a blind eye.

This was the attitude of the various large factions of the Heaven Realm towards the Outer World.

However, the Longevity Divine Mountain and some ancient sects had done something even worse in secret.

They established a connection with the Outer World Heavenly Venerate Jiang and directly joined him, obtaining the power of the Outer World.

This had actually exceeded the bottom line of what the Immortal orthodoxies could accept.

However, because it was done secretly and they were still wearing the skin of studying the power of the Outer World, at least on the surface, it was still acceptable.

Therefore, the Immortal orthodoxies did not really attack the Longevity Divine Mountain.

After all, of the ancient sects that had secretly established a connection with the Outer World, the Longevity Divine Mountain were actually not the only ones.

When Cui Heng heard this, the expression on his face became strange.

He chuckled and said, “In that case, most of the ancient sects in the Heaven Realm are actually resisting passively”

“Im not sure about the other Heavenly Regions, but the Qingtian Region and the hundreds of surrounding Heavenly Regions are like this.” Qin Feng nodded and said, “Its mainly because Heavenly Venerate Jiang promised very good conditions.

As long as the Outer World can complete the corrosion of the Heaven Realm, they can guarantee that we will be the first to go to the Outer World to cross the First Heavenly Ladder to transcend the Heavenly Ladder.

Then, we can return to the Heaven Realm to transcend the Second Heavenly Ladder realm.”

At this point, his eyes lit up, as if he was really looking forward to the beautiful scene after he passed the Second Heavenly Ladder realm.

“Oh” Cui Heng pretended to be surprised.

“He actually made such a promise”

“Yes, as long as one reaches the Third Heaven Gate realm on the Longevity Divine Mountain, they will be informed of this.” Qin Feng continued to nod and say, “In exchange, our Longevity Divine Mountain will attack the Immortal Orthodoxy, the Eternal Academy, when the Scarlet Calamity erupts.

At the same time, we will join forces with other ancient sects to attack the Eternal Academy and create time for Heavenly Venerate Jiang to completely destroy the Eternal Academy.

Now that the calamity is approaching, the Mountain Lord once said that Heavenly Venerate Jiang will send an incarnation to descend soon.

Thats why I had some misunderstandings.

Please dont blame me.”

The Eternal Academy was one of the 120 Immortal orthodoxies of the Heaven Realm.

Its sphere of influence covered more than 30 Heavenly Regions, including the Qingtian Region.

It was a powerful force that had existed since the era of the ancient Heavenly Court.

It was said that before the Scarlet Calamity descended, the Eternal Academy already had Heavenly Venerable experts.

They were one of the strongest forces in the Heaven Realm at that time.

Their source could even be traced back to the ancient era when the Heaven Realm was born.

Even though they had suffered an unprecedented heavy blow in the Scarlet Calamity, they still retained an extremely deep foundation.

It was rumored that not only were there experts who had crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder, but there were also ancient supreme treasures.

They were extremely powerful and were also the main force to resist the Outer World invasion.

“Looks like this upcoming Scarlet Calamity is going to be a decisive battle.” Cui Heng said as if he was thinking about something, “However, has the Longevity Divine Mountain never thought that the Outer World would fail”

“Fail” Qin Feng was clearly stunned when he heard this.

He said in shock, “How is this possible Even the former Lord of the Heavenly Court was suppressed.

With two Nine Heavens experts like you and Heavenly Venerate Jiang, its impossible for the Outer World to fail, right”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly understood and said, “Exalted One, please forgive me for asking.

Did you come to the Heaven Realm to share a portion of the interests from Heavenly Venerate Jiangs sphere of influence”

Clearly, ever since Cui Heng denied that he was the Outer Worlds Heavenly Venerate Jiang, he had treated Cui Heng as another “Heavenly Venerate” from the Outer World.

Next, Cui Heng kept asking about the situation in the Heaven Realm, making him even more convinced of this.

At this moment, the battle was about to begin.

What other goal could an Outer World Heavenly Venerate have for suddenly coming to a place that was already occupied by Heavenly Venerate Jiang

He definitely wanted to get a share of the benefits.

After all, it was said that the range of Heavenly Venerate Jiangs influence had already exceeded a thousand Heavenly Regions.

When the Heaven Realm was really completely corrupted, these areas would be under Heavenly Venerate Jiangs sphere of influence.

As long as the Nine Heavens of the foreign world were not united, they would definitely have some differences.

It was precisely because of this situation that Qin Feng made his previous guess.

The reason why he directly explained his guess was because this was his only choice.

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