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Chapter 462 The Power of Time

After three months, Cui Hengs cultivation realm had improved a little.

More stars condensed in his apertures.

When Pei Qingshu first saw him, he even felt that he was looking up at a boundless starry sky.

It was as if the person standing in front of him was not a human, but a vast universe.

Compared to such a vast universe, he was really extremely small and insignificant.

“Congratulations, Master.

Your cultivation has improved again.” Pei Qingshu bowed.

“Its just a small improvement.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“The Yellow Heaven Sect is developing at a high speed now.

Why did you suddenly come over”

“Master, its like this…” Pei Qingshu explained, “The number of disciples of the Yellow Heaven Sect is increasing, and the sources of information are becoming wider and wider.

I obtained some information from some of the disciples.

Its three ancient ruins.”

As he spoke, he took out three jade slips and handed them to Cui Heng.

“I know that Master is exploring some secrets of the Heaven Realm.

I wonder if this information can help you, Master”

These three jade slips were very old.

Their surfaces were even a little dilapidated and filled with traces of time.

They looked like extremely ancient things.

“Oh” Cui Heng took the jade slip and scanned it with his divine sense.

Then, his eyes narrowed and he smiled.

“Who gave you the information about these three ruins How many days ago did they send it over”.

“It was originally sent up by Wu Cheng of the Linshan Tribe.

He sent it to me two days ago.” Pei Qingshu did not doubt him and nodded.

“Hes now the commander of an area.

He worked very hard when preaching, and the local parishioners love him very much.

The reason why Wu Cheng worked so hard was because he wanted to obtain a higher-level cultivation technique, so he tried his best to show off.

Once he discovered anything, he would immediately submit it.

The information about these three ancient ruins was accidentally obtained from a tomb when he was preaching outside.

The next day, he handed them back to the headquarters, and I sent them to you.”

“Looks like the spread of the Yellow Heaven Sect is still a little too fast.” Cui Heng returned the three jade slips to Pei Qingshu and smiled.

“It has already aroused the fear of some people.”

“This…” Pei Qingshu was stunned when he heard this.

He was also very puzzled by Cui Hengs actions of returning the three jade slips, but he quickly reacted and could not help but say in surprise, “Master, are you saying that the information about these three ancient ruins is actually fake and a trap”

“The information about the ruins might not be fake, but it might be a trap.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and smiled.

“Its difficult to tell if the information in the jade slip is real or fake, but the jade slips must have been tampered with.

According to you, it was only three days ago when Wu Cheng discovered these three jade slips.

However, these three jade slips have only been created for ten days.”

“Fake jade slips!” Pei Qingshus eyes widened as he hurriedly took the jade slips back.

He placed it in his hand and sized it up carefully.

He used his soul perception to investigate, but in the end, he frowned and said, “Master, I cant tell if its fake.”

Actually, before sending the jade slip to Cui Heng, he had already calculated the age of the jade slip.

His preliminary estimation was that it should be something from 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.

Moreover, he had read many books and confirmed that the patterns were all in the style of 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.

In addition, he also used the power of his soul to directly investigate.

He calculated the age of the jade slip and also came to the conclusion that this was an ancient item from 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.

There was nothing unusual about it.

Unexpectedly, he still got tricked

“Its normal that you cant tell.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

He stretched out a finger and pointed lightly at the three jade slips.

Immediately, a layer of grayish-white light appeared on them.

This layer of light actually emitted an ancient and experienced aura.

Just looking at this light made one feel as if they had experienced a long time.

Then, Cui Heng raised his finger gently.

This layer of light instantly condensed into three grayish-white crystals.

They were only the size of an ordinary persons fingernail and floated in the air.

At the same time, the ancient aura on the three jade slips disappeared, and they became as clean as new, as if they had been cut and made a few days ago.

“This, this is!” Pei Qingshus eyes widened when he saw this.

He stared at the three crystals and said in surprise, “Master, is this the power of the Heaven Gates characteristic I felt a similar aura from Hui Shis power.” “Thats right.

This is the manifestation of the power of the Heaven Gates characteristic, and its a characteristic that contains a portion of the power of time.” Cui Heng held the three jade slips in his palm and said in a low voice, “Through the power of this Heaven Gates characteristic, one can perfectly transform originally new things into ancient objects.

Even the traces of time are real.”

These three jade slips were not complete Heaven Gate characteristics.

They were just the manifestation of power derived from some Heaven Gate characteristics, somewhat similar to the manifestation of some spell.

“No wonder I couldnt figure it out.

Its actually a Heaven Gate-level technique,” Pei Qingshu said in surprise.

“Did we alarm a Heaven Gate-level Venerable”

“Im afraid its not just a Venerable.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and put away the three jade slips.

He said in a low voice, “The characteristics of time powers are not something that cultivators at the first three levels of the Heaven Gate realm can have.

It should be experts who have crossed the First Heavenly Ladder realm who wanted to probe our strength.”

“They actually directly mobilized such an expert” Pei Qingshu said in shock.

“What we did in the Wood Nation is not a secret, and were also preaching in the Green Stone Wasteland.

Anyone with a discerning eye should be able to tell that theres at least oneVenerable among us.” Cui Heng chuckled and said, “Under such circumstances, its naturally unlikely for the Venerables to be the one to test us.”

“Master, could it be that the people from the Longevity Divine Mountain have already arrived” Pei Qingshu guessed.

“Yes, its very likely.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “After three months, Chang Yongxin and Jing Xiangzhen should have arrived at the Longevity Divine Mountain.

When Hui Shi returns, hell naturally know the situation of the Longevity Divine Mountain.

At that time, Ill get Hui Shi to guard the Yellow Heaven Sect to prevent any experts from ambushing us.”

“Thank you, Master!” Pei Qingshu bowed.

“Go back.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “Although the three jade slips you sent this time are fake, that characteristic power on them is useful to me.

After some time, Ill teach you some small tricks.”

“Master is going to teach me another divine technique” Pei Qingshu was extremely excited.

He still remembered the techniques Cui Heng had taught him on Tianmen Star.

They were too powerful.

“It can directly increase your strength.” Cui Heng smiled.

“Thats great! Thank you, Master!!” Pei Qingshu bade farewell happily and left.

Increasing strength meant increasing combat strength, and his cultivation was mainly focused on combat.

This could directly assist his cultivation!

After Pei Qingshu left.

Cui Heng took out the three jade slips again and thought to himself, “The power of time is not a power that can be controlled at the Nascent Soul realm.

I only began to involve myself in this aspect after reaching the Soul Formation realm.

Although the nomological Dao runes in the boundless starry sky in my ancestral aperture have already flowed with time, I havent cultivated any spells in this aspect, and I cant even directly mobilize this portion of power.

But these people can actually directly obtain the characteristics of this level of spell in the Heaven Gate.

If the characteristics of the Heaven Gate grasped by a Heaven Gate expert reach the Soul Formation realm, it can affect me a little.


Ive never encountered such techniques in the past, and my subconscious has formed a blind spot, so Ive never cared.

I cant do this in the future.

I need to cultivate some time-type spells.

To make up for this shortcoming.

Moreover, these three jade slips are actually equivalent to the materialization of three spells.

They can be used to exchange for the Immortal Technique Voucher.”

Thinking of this, he returned to the Grotto-Heaven Dao Palace and ordered the System.

“Exchange for an Immortal Technique Voucher and use the Intermediate Immortal Technique, From Initiate to Ascension to deduce targeted spells.

The direction of deduction is Time!”

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