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Chapter 461 Estimated Future About the Soul Formation Realm

In the apertures of Cui Hengs entire body, the light and shadows of the boundless starry sky were gradually condensing and expanding Although it could not be condensed as a large number of galaxies and starry skies in the Niwan Palace, they had already condensed to the level of a starry sky and were increasing the range of condensation every moment.

With 129,600 apertures in his body, other than the Niwan Palace that was the Primordial Aperture between his brows, every aperture had at least three or four condensed stars.

Just the convergence of the stellar power in these acupoints was enough for Cui Heng to possess extremely powerful strength.

And this boundless starry sky not only had pure stellar energy, but also various unique Great Dao laws.

The Great Dao laws contained in each acupoint were extremely powerful Soul Formation Realm laws that could directly distort and change the reality of the outside world.

However, be it the stars condensing in the acupoints or the laws contained in the starry skies of the acupoints, they were actually only nourishing Cui Hengs body, Dharmic powers, and Essence Soul.

Under the nourishment of these “nutrients”, Cui Hengs cultivation realm increased every moment.

The power it possessed far exceeded the energy and laws of all the acupoints.

Moreover, as his communication with the Heaven Realm deepened day by day, his cultivation realm grew faster and faster.

His body, Dharmic powers, and Essence Soul were all sublimated.

This also made the boundless starry sky in the acupoints begin to condense faster.

The planets and other small celestial bodies around every star were also quickly condensing.

It would probably not be long before a complete galaxy was formed.

“The Essence Soul is the core of the Soul Formation realm.

The energy and laws contained in the boundless starry skies in the acupoints are the foundation of the Soul Formation realm.

As my cultivation realm increases, these boundless starry skies are also condensing.”

Cui Heng examined the situation in his body and thought to himself, “At first, these boundless starry skies were all illusory lights and shadows.

Now that my cultivation has improved, Ive condensed many stars.

“From the looks of it, Ive already crossed the initial stage of the Soul Formation realm.

This speed can be said to be extremely fast.

Its inseparable from establishing communication with the Heaven Gate back then.

According to my current estimation, as long as the number of galaxies condensed in each aperture reaches more than ten and the number of galaxies in the Niwan Palace in the ancestral aperture between my eyebrows exceeds the total number of other apertures, I should be able to break through to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm.

As for the exact number, I cant be sure yet.

I still have to wait for the galaxies in these apertures to further condense into reality.

Perhaps I can approach this step after dealing with the Longevity Divine Mountain.”

Then, he underwent a detailed comprehension of his Essence Soul, Dharmic powers, and body, further deepening his understanding of his cultivation progress.

At this moment, Cui Heng once again clearly felt how powerful he was, and he could not help but begin to estimate the power he would have in the future.

“According to my current estimation, when I reach the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm, there should be millions of condensed galaxies in the apertures in my body.

All the energy and laws contained in them will nourish me every moment and make me stronger.

According to the normal increase in breaking through a major realm, when I reach the Late-stage Soul Formation realm, the numbers of galaxies in my apertures will probably be in the hundreds of millions, or it might be even more exaggerated.


Doesnt this mean that when I reach the Peak of the Soul Formation realm, the energy and laws in my apertures might already be comparable to a huge river system

Isnt this a little too exaggerated The core of the Soul Formation realm is the Essence Soul.

The galaxies in my acupoints are only the foundation of nourishing my cultivation realm.

The power of my Essence Soul far exceeds the total number of galaxies in the acupointsâ€

After reaching the Peak of the Soul Formation realm, can I destroy such a huge river system with hundreds of billions of stars and a diameter of more than 100,000 light years with a flip of my hand Is this something to think about Is this something a human can


Thinking of this, Cui Heng shook his head gently and did not continue thinking.

He thought to himself, “Although the size of a river system is nothing in the entire universe, this power still exceeds the limits of my understanding.

Its better to cultivate with my feet on the ground.

Ill understand the situation of the Heaven Realm step by step, solve the problem of the Outer World invasion, and deepen my communication with the Heaven Realm.

Ill break through to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm first.”

In the end, he calmed himself down and walked out of the Grotto-Heaven Dao Palace.

He looked in the direction of the Linshan Tribe.

“What I have to do now is to try to spread the faith of the sect to verify Zhou Juntians goal.

In addition, spreading the faith of the sect can also be related to resolving the problem of the Scarlet Calamity.

It can also attract the attention of some large factions.

It can be said to be killing three birds with one stone.”


Pei Qingshu had experience establishing a country and had been an Emperor for hundreds of years.

He was an absolute expert in organization management.

Therefore, to him, creating a sect was too simple.

He quickly designed a complete sect system.

Be it the organization structure, the teachings, or the details, Pei Qingshu quickly formulated them.

The authority of the various departments and personnel in the sect, the corresponding welfare standards, and the restrictions on each other were all very detailed.

He had also divided very clear criteria for the core teachings, broad teachings, teachings used to promote, and so on.

He had also given their respective application scenarios and set the concept that the teachings had to be explained according to the actual situation.

In order to better spread the news, Pei Qingshu changed the name of the sect and the divine name of the Yellow-scarved Strongman after consulting with Cui Heng.

Just like that, an organization with a tight structure and the core doctrine of “The Great Calamity is approaching, the Yellow Heaven Sect will save the world” was born.

This sect did not belong to any country or faction.

It was the revival of Divinity Yellow Heaven from the ancient era to save the Heaven Realm that was about to suffer a calamity.

As Divinity Yellow Heaven had slept for too long, although he had already recovered, his originally boundless power had yet to completely recover.

This required believers to worship him.

As long as they burned incense and prayed sincerely, they could obtain the protection of Divinity Yellow Heaven.

They could also increase the speed at which Divinity Yellow Heavens power recovered.

When that happened, they could obtain salvation in the calamity and save the entire Heaven Realm.

Simply put, as long as one sincerely burned incense and prayed to Divinity Yellow Heaven, they could survive the upcoming calamity and save the entire Heaven Realm.

The sacrifice was very little, but the gains were huge.

Especially now that the rumors that the Scarlet Calamity was about to descend on the Qinghua Domain had already caused an uproar.

Countless people were in a constant state of panic, worried about what they would do after the calamity descended.

The appearance of the Yellow Heaven Sect gave them mental sustenance.

The Sect Master and Deputy Sect Master were both gods, which made them feel even more at ease.

Hence, in less than three months, the Yellow Heaven Sect had already become popular in most of the Green Stone Wasteland.

Their believers had already exceeded ten million.


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Moreover, as the number of people spreading the religion increased, this speed of transmission would become even faster!

In less than a month, the Yellow Heaven Sect would probably spread throughout the entire Green Stone Wasteland, and there would be billions of believers.

Moreover, the believers of such a large-scale development sect had also greatly expanded their sources of information.

They actually accidentally obtained information about a few suspected ancient ruins.

These ancient ruins were very likely to contain the secrets of the ancient era.

After Pei Qingshu received these messages, he immediately found Li Mingcheng.

“Mingcheng, youll be in charge of the sects affairs for the next few days.

Ill make a trip to the capital of the Wood Nation and report these messages to Master.”



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