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This rocky wasteland was huge.

With Zheng Nanxuns current cultivation, it would be a lot of work to explore the entire place.

However, in order to find the traces left behind by Jiang Qiqi, no matter how difficult it was, she was willing to overcome it.

Moreover, she was extremely careful throughout the entire exploration.

Even if it was a small stone, she would carefully examine it to see if there were any information imprints.

Many times, the so-called traces were not necessarily visible on the surface.

Especially after ones realm was higher.

For example, the powerful will contained in a sword light might exist forever.

Most of the time, this will not cover a wide range.

It would automatically condense in a smaller area or even on something specific.

Moreover, it was extremely hidden.

Usually, unless one personally came into contact with that thing, it was very difficult to sense this remnant will information.

This was what Zheng Nanxun was looking for.

This was because the will information condensed when one attacked usually reflected the thought at the moment the attack was made and the state of the persons mental state at that time.

This made it possible to determine the situation Jiang Qiqi was facing at that time.

In theory, any place in this rocky wasteland might contain traces of Jiang Qiqis powerful will.

However, searching bit by bit was no different from finding a needle in a haystack.

But she could only search like this.

After all, this will imprint was only a trace of her attack and was not deliberately left behind.

This caused the will imprint to be inconspicuous and very easily affected by natural factors.

Once a long time passes, the mark might naturally dissipate and disappear.

She had to be extremely careful when exploring.

This process was also extremely boring, but Zheng Nanxun did not slack off or relax at all.

Finally, after rummaging through most of the rocky wasteland, Zheng Nanxun finally discovered a special stone.

This was a stone the size of an adults fist.

Its surface was very smooth and flat.

It was clearly cut open by some external force.

Moreover, the moment Zheng Nanxun saw this stone, she vaguely felt that it was different from the other gravel.

She hurriedly held the stone in her hand and stretched out her soul power to wrap around the stone, carefully feeling the traces and imprints on it.

The next moment—

Zheng Nanxun felt her vision blur, as if endless colorful light was surging towards her, instantly drowning all her senses.

At the same time, she thought she heard a muffled voice.

“Hengxia killed the Holy Son of the Longevity Divine Mountain here!”

Zheng Nanxun immediately felt her scalp tingle and her entire body tremble.

This was a voice she was extremely familiar with, and it was also a voice she would never forget.

At this moment, she actually cried tears of joy.

She hugged the stone tightly in her arms and said with a trembling voice, “Its Master, its really Master.

Its Masters will imprint!”

She hugged the stone and stood there for a long time.

It was only when the sky gradually darkened that she barely calmed down.

“There should be more than this piece of gravel with Masters will imprint here.” Zheng Nanxun put away the stone and continued to search and explore this area.

Unfortunately, after she explored the entire rocky wasteland, she only found an additional piece of gravel with traces of a mark.

Moreover, the imprint on this piece of gravel had already become very blurry.

With the level of her soul power, she could only determine that this was left behind by Jiang Qiqi.

She could not clearly sense the contents at all.

“Ill hand it over to Ancestral Grandmaster when I get back.

With Ancestral Grandmasters realm, hell definitely be able to decipher it.” Zheng Nanxun put away the gravel and headed towards the Wood Nation expectantly.

… .

In a palace in the capital of the Wood Nation.

This was where Cui Heng lived.

As Li Mingcheng, Pei Qingshu, Zheng Nanxun, and the others had yet to return, and the Yellow-scarved Strongman and Hui Shi were silent, it had been rather quiet these few days.

However, although it was quiet, he was not idle.

In the past few days, through talking to the Wood Emperor and the god from Evergreen Heights, he had a more detailed understanding of the current Heaven Realm.

Now, very few people in the Heaven Realm knew what the “Heaven Realm” was.

Only some forces with ancient inheritances and deep foundations knew what the Heaven Realm was.

For example, the Evergreen Heights where Jing Xiangzhen came from.

The Ancestral Master of the Evergreen Heights was a disciple of the ancient great sect, the “Longevity Divine Mountain”.

He knew many ancient secrets, and a large portion of them had become the current secrets of Evergreen Heights.

Most living beings called this world the 9,000 Heavenly Regions.

Standing at the top of the 9,000 Heavenly Regions were 120 Immortal orthodoxies, 349 ancient sects, and 76 countries.

Every force had incomparably powerful strength, a long history, and a deep foundation.

According to the Wood Emperor and Jing Xiangzhen, gods could be considered top experts in a place like the Green Stone Wasteland.

However, in these large factions, they might only be considered ordinary legacy disciples.

Among these large factions, only existences who had surpassed the Heavenly God realm could be considered true experts.

They possessed all kinds of unbelievable power and were far from what any Heavenly God could compare to.

An existence at this level was called a Venerable.

It was also the realm that the Wood Emperor and Jing Xiangzhen thought Cui Heng was at.

Above the Venerable were the supreme existence at the level of the Masters.

They were also called Supremes or Omnipotent Experts.

Legend had it that many of these experts had existed long before the appearance of the ancient Scarlet Calamity.

Then, they had lived until now.

Their strength had already reached the peak and was unfathomable.

However, such supreme experts at the level of the Masters was rare even in the 9,000 Heavenly Region.

It was said that there were less than 30 people at that level.

As for how powerful these Venerables and Masters were.

Neither the Wood Emperor nor Jing Xiangzhen could give a clear description.

After all, to them, such existences were too far from their reach.

Coupled with this information, Cui Heng fell into deep thought.

“According to what I learned from Wu Yong in the past, 500,000 years ago, almost no experts who had crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder realm had appeared in the Heaven Realm.

The Sixth Heaven Gate realm was the strongest and people at that realm were even addressed as Heavenly Venerables.

The weaker cultivators at the Fifth and Fourth Heaven Gate realm are also extremely rare in the entire Heaven Realm.

The most common ones are those who have yet to cross the First Heavenly Ladder.

If the so-called Masters and Heavenly Venerables are similar to experts whod crossed the First Heavenly Ladder, then the current Heaven Realm might not be much weaker than the previous Heaven Realm.

It might even be stronger…

But if thats the case, whats the purpose of the Outer World corroding the Heaven Realm here Moreover, if the cultivators whod crossed the First Heavenly Ladder are already the strongest, what right do they have to resist the Outer World”

He still could not determine how powerful the other side was.

The only thing he could be sure of was that the “Nine Heavens” of the other side were at least experts who had crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder realm.

If the Heaven Realm did not have existences at the corresponding level, it was probably impossible to resist the other partys corrosion.

After all, from Hui Shis situation, at the Sixth Heaven Gate realm, one would already have begun to form some Soul Formation characteristics.

If one crossed the Second Heavenly Ladder and reached the Seventh Heaven Gate realm, there was a high chance that they would have more Soul Formation characteristics.

When one reached the Ninth Heaven Gate realm and approached the Third Heavenly Ladder realm, it was very likely that he would already be comparable to a true Early-stage Soul Formation cultivator.

It was clearly impossible to resist an enemy of this level or even stronger.

“This Heaven Realm definitely has hidden strength.

Whether its the former Wu Yong, the current Wood Emperor, or Jing Xiangzhen, the situation they understand should be very one-sided.”

Cui Heng made a judgment in his heart and thought to himself, “However, Ive gained a lot this time.

I only asked the two of them to introduce the situation of the Heaven Realm to me.

My communication with the Heaven Realm has deepened again, and my cultivation speed has increased by 10%.

As long as I can continue to deepen my understanding of the Heaven Realm, this communication relationship will definitely become deeper and deeper.

I can step into the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm faster and be more confident in doing things.

Ordinary gods and Heavenly Gods are no longer of much help to me.

If I want to understand the information about the Heaven Realm more clearly, Im afraid I still have to find those Immortal orthodoxies and ancient sects.

Where should I start”

Just as Cui Heng was thinking, Pei Qingshu and Li Mingcheng rushed back and explained their experiences to Cui Heng.

“You two can be considered to have resolved your grudges.” Cui Heng looked at the two of them and smiled.

He was quite satisfied with this outcome.

Actually, he had long seen through the knot in Pei Qingshus heart.

This time, he asked Li Mingcheng to cooperate with him because he wanted to use this opportunity to help him untie the knot in his heart so that it would not affect his cultivation.

From the looks of it, the effect was still not bad.

“Thank you for your guidance, Master.” Pei Qingshu bowed.

He now understood Cui Hengs intentions, and his heart was filled with gratitude.

Then, he said, “By the way, Master, after we killed the priest of the Dahuo Tribe, we obtained a strange pottery bowl.

Please take a look.”

As he spoke, he flipped his hand and took out the pottery bowl, holding it with both hands for Cui Heng.

“Eh” When Cui Heng saw the pottery bowl, he immediately frowned.

He felt a trace of the Immortal Dawn Sword Art on it.

Then, he held the pottery bowl in his hand and examined it for a moment before saying, “When this thing was intact, it should be a treasure whose essence is comparable to the Ninth Realm of the Immortal World.

However, the body of the treasure is already incomplete now, and the Dao patterns and laws have completely dissipated.

Only a weak aura is left.

From the traces on the crack, the person who destroyed this pottery bowl should be Qiqi.”

“Senior Sister!” Pei Qingshus eyes widened in shock.

“Yes.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

Then, with a thought, he released Jing Xiangzhen from his personal Grotto-Heaven and said in a low voice, “Do you recognize this bowl”

Jing Xiangzhen had just walked out of the Grotto-Heaven and was still a little dizzy.

However, when he saw the pottery bowl, he immediately jolted and widened his eyes in surprise.

“Devouring Divine Spirit Bowl! This is the personal treasure of the Holy Son of the Longevity Divine Mountain!”

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