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Chapter 454 Dharma Body Battles the Sacred Body, A Broken Pot (2)

“Perhaps this is also a way to communicate emotions” Wu Cheng wondered.

“…” The priest fell silent for a moment before sighing.

“I hope so.”


The sudden battle between Pei Qingshu and Li Mingcheng not only made the priests of the Linshan Division worried, but also made the people who came to seek protection happy and afraid.

They were happy that the strength Pei Qingshu displayed was indeed incomparably powerful.

Every move he made contained nomological divine power.

It was extremely powerful, and even experts at the Peak of the Dao Inscription realm did not dare to have any thoughts of resisting.

Such powerful strength could definitely protect them from the Scarlet Calamity.

But they were afraid of Li Mingcheng, who was fighting Pei Qingshu.

The power of the Origin Ancient Sacred Body was really unparalleled.

He was fighting Pei Qingshu to a draw.

The Sacred Body seemed to have been specially born for the cultivation path.

It displayed every cultivation advantage of the path to the peak.

He was clearly only at the peak of the Dao Imprint realm, but he could actually fight Pei Qingshu, who had reached the Minor Completion stage of the Heavenly Dao Dharmic powers, to a draw.

It was very shocking.


On a mountain peak not far from Mount Lin, the priest of the Dahuo Tribe was standing at the top of the mountain with Liang You, looking at the scene of light colliding and Dao runes colliding in the sky.

At this moment, they had been watching here for a while.

Liang You was already frightened out of her wits by the battle scene and power phenomenon in the distance.

His face turned purple, and his legs were trembling.

He said in extreme fear, “Lord Priest, this, this person is too strong.”

“The power of a god is indeed the power of a god!” The Dahuo Priest was usually not afraid.

Instead, he stared at the sky excitedly and said with a smile, “The person fighting with the god of the Linshan Tribe must be an expert sent by the Wood Nation.

At that time, both sides will suffer losses.

That will be my opportunity!”

“Your, your opportunity” Liang You looked at the priest beside him in confusion.

Then, he reacted and said in shock, “You, youre already at the peak of the Dao Imprint realm”

“Thats right.

A hundred years ago, I was already at the Peak of the Dao Imprint realm and was only one step away from cultivating a Divine Body!” The Dahuo Priest grinned and said, “If I can bathe in divine blood and devour the flesh and blood of a god, I might be able to be reborn and become a god!”

“So all of this was your plan!” Liang Yous eyes widened when he heard this.

He said in shock, “Its fake to attract the attention of many tribes and weaken the Linshan Tribe.

Its also fake to use the power of the Wood Nation to suppress this god.

In fact, this is all for you to become a god!

“Brilliant, too brilliant.

As long as you can become a god, our Dahuo Tribe will be one of the overlords of the Green Stone Wasteland in the future.

We wont have to seek the protection of others anymore.

Thats great, thats great!”

“Yes.” The Dahuo Priest looked confident.

He looked at the sky in front of him and thought to himself, “Theyre fighting so fiercely.

Itll be over soon.

At that time, I can use that secret treasure…”


At this moment, a loud bang suddenly came from the sky in the distance.

Pei Qingshu and the light transformed by Li Mingcheng collided fiercely.

“Hahahaha! How satisfying! How satisfying!” Pei Qingshu laughed loudly.

His laughter exploded like thunder, spreading for thousands of kilometers, shaking the clouds and making the mountains and rivers tremble.

At the same time, his entire body began to sublimate to the extreme.

His already incomparably powerful Heavenly Dao Dharma Body changed further.

He opened up a small world in his mind and condensed the power of the Heavenly Dao into this small world, turning it into the Heavenly Dao that ruled his entire body.

This small change directly turned all the power in his body into the power of the Heavenly Dao.

Even the flesh, blood, and bones in his entire body began to be nourished by the power of the Heavenly Dao.

It could be said that the Heavenly Dao power that was originally only fused into his Dharma body had finally completely become a part of him.

Like an arm, it was even stronger!

Heavenly Dao Dharma Body, Grand Completion!

In terms of strength, he had already completely reached the level of the so-called gods of the Heaven Realm.

He was even stronger than ordinary gods and had more techniques.

Li Mingcheng was also undergoing a tremendous change.

At this moment, the blood in his entire body began to turn golden, and his body and soul began to sublimate.

A pure power began to appear in the light of his Sacred Body.

It was intertwined with laws and contained Dao runes.

This was a body that only gods possessed, a divine power that only Divine Bodies could use!

He had also broken through and directly became a true god.

At this moment, the battle between the two of them ended.

They looked at each other and laughed loudly.

They were incomparably carefree.

The knot in their hearts in the past had completely been untied.

At the same time, they also noticed the Dahuo Priest and Liang You who were hiding on the distant mountain peak and spying on them.

Hence, Pei Qingshu and Li Mingcheng each raised their hands and grabbed lightly.

The two of them exploded into powder with terrified expressions.

This was a destruction of both the body and soul, a complete annihilation.

In the end, the Dahuo Priests plan was not implemented in time and he was reduced to ashes.

However, the secret treasure he originally planned to use to harvest and refine his body was left behind.

It was actually a broken pottery bowl.

Cracks had already appeared on the surface of the pottery bowl.

It looked like it could not be used at all.

However, in the eyes of Pei Qingshu and Li Mingcheng, this broken pottery bowl was incomparably terrifying.

On such a dilapidated pottery bowl, there was actually an incomparably terrifying and powerful aura intertwined.

It seemed to have the ability to devour and refine everything.

It was very magical.

This aura was so powerful that even they, who already had the strength of gods, could not compare to it at all.

“Subdue it and bring it back for Master to evaluate.” Pei Qingshu quickly made a decision.

He circulated the Dao power in his body and used the spell Cui Heng had taught him, the “Weapon Suppression Technique”.

For example, if Dharma treasures and weapons had owners, using this technique could weaken their power.

If one fought at the same realm and cultivated this technique to the highest level, they would have the ability to directly destroy weapons and Dharma treasures.

If the Dharma treasures and weapons had no owners, as long as he used this technique, he could completely suppress their power and prevent himself from being injured.

Moreover, even if the power of the Dharma treasures and weapons was much higher than the caster, it could still be effective.

Therefore, Pei Qingshu did not hesitate.

He subdued the broken bowl that emitted a terrifying aura and stuffed it into his sleeve.

“Such a supreme treasure was actually suppressed by you so easily!” Li Mingcheng said in extreme shock.

He could also sense the horrific power on the broken bowl.

He felt that without a specific artifact controlling technique, it was impossible for him to subdue it.

He did not expect Pei Qingshu to succeed so easily.

And it looked like it was still effortless.

What kind of technique is this

“Its all thanks to Masters teachings.” Pei Qingshu nodded and smiled.

At the same time, he cupped his hands and bowed in the direction of the Wood Nations Imperial City.

“This broken bowl is not simple.

Lets return to the Wood Nation first.”

“Alright.” Li Mingcheng nodded and said, “Coincidentally, there are some details of our cooperation that I need to consult Senior about.”

While Pei Qingshu was fighting Li Mingcheng, Zheng Nanxun, who had gone to look for Jiang Qiqis traces, also discovered something.

This was a wasteland.

There were rocks everywhere.

In the distance stood a few clearly half-destroyed mountains that looked like they had been cut off.


Even though 50 years had passed since that battle, there was still a sharp aura in the void.

“This sharp aura was indeed left behind by Master.

Its her Immortal Dawn Sword Light.

I cant be wrong!” Zheng Nanxuns body trembled slightly in excitement.

“Master was here before.

Master was here before!”

Although being here did not mean that she would leave a message here, this was the first time in more than 600 years that she had truly felt Jiang Qiqis aura.

This made her feel extremely nostalgic.

She even felt like she had returned to the time when her master was still at Cangcheng Mountain 600 years ago.

However, Zheng Nanxun quickly woke up and continued to search here.

“Even if Master didnt leave any messages, I might be able to find some clues about her subsequent whereabouts.”

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