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Scarlet Calamity!

A trace of fear subconsciously flashed across the Wood Emperors eyes when he heard this.

Then, he said in surprise, “Senior you are here for the Scarlet Calamity”

His uncontrollable ecstasy even made him nervous when he spoke.

Mu Lingyun, who was standing at the side, was stunned.

She had never seen her father with such an expression.

And the Scarlet Calamity…

Was this the reason why her Father had been frowning and worried recently

“I guess so.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“Im investigating the exact source of this Scarlet Calamity to see if its possible to completely contain it.”

“Completely contain it!” The Wood Emperors eyes widened as he looked at Cui Heng in disbelief.

He said with a trembling voice, “Senior, you actually want to do such a shocking deed.

May I ask if Senior is from an ancient sect or Immortal Dao Sect”

He originally thought that Cui Heng had come here for some reason to investigate the situation of the Scarlet Calamity.

The Wood Nation might be able to take this opportunity to ask this person who had surpassed the Heavenly God Realm to protect all the lives of the people in the country.

But now, he heard Cui Heng say that he wanted to contain the entire Scarlet Calamity.

It was really beyond his imagination.

The Scarlet Calamity was different from the Scarlet Tribulation.

The latter was only a sign before the former erupted.

The former was stronger and more ferocious, and it was even more difficult to survive through it.

Moreover, it was said that this situation had already lasted for hundreds of thousands of years.

No one had ever been able to contain the Scarlet Calamity.

In fact, the Scarlet Calamity had existed for so many years.

Most of the people in the know had already treated it as an inevitable natural disaster.

Almost no one thought that such a great calamity could be restrained.

Now, this mysterious Venerable actually wanted to do such an earth-shattering thing.

It was indeed unbelievable.

In the understanding of the Wood Emperor, only experts from ancient sects or Immortal orthodoxies could have such thoughts.

The so-called ancient sects were sects established by some survivors on the ruins of civilization after the ancient Scarlet Calamity buried the old civilization.

Immortal orthodoxies were even more ancient.

Their inheritance directly came from the ancient civilizations.

They were orthodoxies that had existed since ancient times.

They were undying and had extremely deep foundations, and experts emerged endlessly.

Whether it was the ancient sects or the Immortal orthodoxies, they were all top existences among the 9,000 Heavenly Regions.

They were also extremely rare, and there were less than 40 of them in total.

In a remote area like the Green Stone Wasteland, there might not be a single person from an ancient sect or Immortal orthodoxy appearing even after tens of thousands of years.

Especially since this was a Venerable who had surpassed the Heavenly God Realm.

Even in the entire Qingtian Region, there might not be one such person.

Therefore, after the Wood Emperor heard Cui Hengs words, he subconsciously asked.

However, as soon as he said this, he felt that something was wrong.

He hurriedly bowed and apologized, “Senior, please forgive me.

I was just too greedy and spoke without thinking.

I didnt mean to ask about Seniors background.”

Generally speaking, the origins of these people were classified as secret information.

If he rashly asked around, it was very likely to make the other party unhappy, especially if he asked someone stronger than him.

He might even suffer a calamity.

“Its fine.” Cui Heng only shook his head gently and smiled.

“Just answer my question.”

His goal here was to obtain information about the Scarlet Calamity and try to use it to deepen his communication with the Heaven Realm.

The other details were not important.

“Thank you for your kindness, Senior! Thank you!” The Wood Emperor immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, he said, “The destructive power of this Scarlet Calamity is extremely strong, and the commotion is also extremely great.

To most living beings, its like the end of the world.

Although the Wood Nation has yet to personally experience the Scarlet Calamity, we still have an ancient book that records the situation of the Scarlet Calamity.

Its said to have been left behind by a Heavenly God more than 100,000 years ago.

At that time, the Qingtian Region was one of the 100 Heavenly Regions where the Scarlet Calamity erupted.

This Heavenly God was a survivor who had experienced the calamity and recorded the situation at that time…”

The basic situation of the Scarlet Calamity was similar to what the priest of the Linshan Tribe had said.

It was that it would erupt once every 10,000 years, it would randomly choose 100 Heavenly Regions to be enveloped in scarlet light.

Countless experts would revive from the ground and return from the abyss to wash the ground with blood.

However, in the Wood Emperors description, there were more details.

For example, regarding these experts who had awakened from the ground, the Wood Emperor explained that not only did these experts have powerful strength, but they were also completely unkillable.

As long as the scarlet light existed, they would continue to revive.

What was even more terrifying was that as they revived more and more times, they would gradually become clear-headed.

However, even if they became conscious, they would not stop killing.

Instead, they would become even more ruthless.

There were also the Immortal experts who wreaked havoc in the Scarlet Calamity.

The strongest were actually far from the level of gods.

It was just that the top levels were mainly gods.

Generally speaking, a region would have at least one Heavenly God, and a Heavenly Region would have at least one Venerable Immortal expert.

The disaster brought about by an expert of this level would definitely be incomparably huge.

And this was just an ordinary situation.

The ancient book also described some abnormal Scarlet Calamities.

Legend has it that in some ancient eras, there were even people who surpassed Venerables in the Scarlet Calamity and had the power of Paragons and Divine Lords described in myths.

When the scarlet light retreated in the end, the hundred Heavenly Regions would be reduced to ruins.

Almost all the forces would be destroyed.

Only a few Immortal orthodoxies or ancient sects could barely survive, but they would also suffer heavy losses and be no longer as powerful as before.

In addition, other than the experts buried underground reviving, there were also all kinds of divine weapon fragments and even complete divine weapons appearing.

These were the weapons of ancient experts.

Under the corrosion of the scarlet light, they became incomparably violent and would cause destruction everywhere.

The disaster caused was also incomparably huge.

As the prelude to the Scarlet Calamity, the tribulation that erupted earlier would be slightly gentler.

Usually, only experts at the level of gods would appear.

The priest of the Linshan Tribe had also mentioned this.

However, what the priest did not know was that

Although the Scarlet Tribulation was weaker in terms of physical destruction, the damage it caused on the spiritual level was also extremely serious.

“Compared to the Scarlet Calamity that focuses on the physical level to destroy, the Scarlet Tribulation that is a precursor is more about corroding ones mind and contaminating ones soul.”


The Wood Emperor said with an extremely solemn expression, “The destruction of this corrosion and pollution is extremely strong.

Its very likely that it will directly cause a normal god to inexplicably fall into madness and start a massacre.

Compared to Immortal experts that can be identified at a glance, this kind of madness without warning is even more difficult to deal with.

Whats even more terrifying is that the higher ones cultivation realm is, the more easily they will be corroded by this.” “Theres actually such a thing” Cui Heng frowned slightly.

He had heard the matter of people falling into madness many times since he came to the Heaven Realm.

“Yes, this aspect of the Scarlet Tribulation is the most terrifying.” The Wood Emperor nodded solemnly and said, “Also, before the Scarlet Tribulation arrives, there will also be some signs.

Its that from time to time, some low murmurs will ring in ones ears, making one dizzy…” “Ahhh!” At this moment, Mu Lingyun suddenly screamed.

Her exquisite face suddenly turned pale with fear.

She seemed to have been extremely frightened and was trembling.

Her beautiful eyes widened as she said with a trembling voice, “Royal Father, I, I heard someone talking beside my ear, muttering intermittently.

My head suddenly hurts.

“This voice is talking, constantly talking.

Heaven, Heaven Gate, Juntian, Juntian!!”

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