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Most of the people in the square in front of the Heroes Pavilion were at the Shaman Marking or Dao Imprint realm.

The people Jing Chihong had specially chosen to sacrifice did not have any background, so they naturally did not carry any divine weapons or treasures to protect their bodies.

Facing the suppression of a god, they had no room to resist at all.

They wanted to escape, beg for mercy, and struggle, but they could not.

Under the power of a god, they could not even move a finger.

They could only watch helplessly as the ball of golden divine power surged towards them, wanting to sacrifice them.

Fear, despair, anger, and other emotions filled their hearts, but they were helpless.

Living beings below the level of gods definitely had no ability to resist the gods.

Even if they had a god-level treasure or divine weapon, it could only help them escape.

This was the difference between major realms.

Mu Lingyun, who was standing not far away, was extremely angry when she saw this scene.

She was so angry that her eyebrows furrowed, and her towering chest kept rising and falling as she stared at Jing Chihong with an incomparably cold gaze.

She gritted her teeth and suppressed her anger as she said in a low voice, “Senior God, do you really want to sacrifice our guests in the capital of our Wood Nation!”

Although these people were here to find Li Mingcheng, since the Wood Nation had invited them to the Heroes Pavilion, in theory, they were all guests of the Wood Nation.

If these people were directly sacrificed by Jing Chihong in the square in front of the Heroes Pavilion, the entire Wood Nation would lose all face.

If news of this spread, the entire Qinghua Domain would probably treat the Wood Nation as a joke.

“Hahaha, little girl, you should go back and look for your father early!” Jing Chihong laughed loudly, not caring about Mu Lingyuns threat at all.

As a god from the core area of the Qinghua Domain and from the top sect, Evergreen Heights, he did not care about the Emperor of the Wood Nation at all, let alone offending the Wood Nation.

The Wood Nation could be considered a top faction in the Green Stone Wasteland.

However, in the entire Qinghua Domain, there were only two or three god-level experts.

The Wood Nation, which did not even have a Heavenly God, could only be considered a medium-sized force.

“You!” Mu Lingyun was so angry that her entire body was trembling, but she was helpless.

In a remote area like the Green Stone Wasteland, a god with a deep background could do whatever he wanted.

“Our only hope now is to see if Father will stop him because of this.

But this is very likely to offend Evergreen Heights.

Thats one of the top strengths of the Qinghua Domain…”

Actually, she knew very well that the possibility of her father attacking because of this was not high.

An ancient orthodoxy like Evergreen Heights had an extremely deep foundation and was one of the rulers of the entire Qinghua Domain.

Not only did they have Heavenly Gods, but it was also said that there were terrifying experts who surpassed the Heavenly Gods.

The Wood Emperor was cautious by nature and good at enduring.

He would not easily become enemies with others.

He would most likely not attack because of this.

“But can I just watch helplessly as the Wood Nation loses face” Mu Lingyun clenched her fists, her heart filled with unwillingness and helplessness.

“Im still too weak.

If I were also a god or even a Heavenly God now, how would this happen!”

At this moment, she was indignant and helpless.

Li Mingcheng, who was facing the pressure of Jing Chihongs divine power, was shocked.

“This fellow actually wants to use a sacrificial technique to forcefully increase his Divine Power and unleash power comparable to his main body!” Li Mingcheng felt a sense of danger and thought to himself, “I cant escape with ordinary methods.

I can only… Uh, whats going on!”

Just as he was about to take out the treasure that was his trump card, he suddenly felt the pressure on his body lighten, as if the god in front of him had suddenly lost all his strength.

At the same time, the people who had been imprisoned by Jing Chihong earlier also felt their bodies suddenly lighten, and they all regained their freedom.

All the pressure had disappeared.

What was going on

What had happened

Could it be that the Wood Nations Emperor had made a move

Everyones faces were filled with shock as they looked at Jing Chihong, who had been incomparably arrogant just now.

At this moment, the expression of the god became solemn.

He stopped and turned to look at the crowd.

He shouted sternly, “Who dares to stop me!”

Just as he was about to complete the sacrifice, he felt a gentle power surge out from the group of people enveloped by his divine power and actually defeated his divine power.

Could it be that anyone in this group had divine weapons and treasures

The people who had just been saved looked at each other and began to size up the people around them.

They also wanted to know how they had been saved.

Who had attacked

He could actually instantly break the technique of a god.

It was too powerful.

“Peace is the most important thing in everything.

Why are you so angry” Cui Heng smiled and slowly walked out of the crowd.

Hui Shi and the Yellow-scarved Strongman followed closely behind.

“You were the one who stopped me” Jing Chihong stared at Cui Heng and sized him up.

He immediately frowned, as if he was a little afraid.

“You also want this Sacred Body”

He realized that he could not see through the other partys cultivation, but he could not sense the other partys divine power either.

This meant that it was very likely that the other party was also a god.

He might even be stronger than him.

As for Heavenly Gods, he did not think that a Heavenly God-level figure would come to a poor place like the Green Stone Wasteland.

Mu Lingyun also looked at Cui Heng in extreme surprise, her beautiful eyes filled with shock.

She did not expect such an expert to be hidden among these people.

Moreover, from Jing Chihongs attitude, this person was suspected to be a god.

“Hes the brother of one of my disciples.” Cui Heng glanced at Li Mingcheng, then looked at Jing Chihong and said indifferently, “You can leave on your own.

I can spare your life.”

“…” When Li Mingcheng, who was not far away, heard this, he immediately felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

His face revealed an expression of disbelief as he looked at Cui Heng in extreme shock.

However, Jing Chihong treated this as nonsense and sneered.

“Youre also a god.

Why are you so hypocritical Since you want to snatch the Sacred Body, lets just fight.

The winner can naturally snatch the Sacred Body!”

“Tsk.” Cui Heng chuckled and shook his head.

“Yellow-scarved Stongman, you do it.”

“Yes, Sir!” The Yellow-scarved Strongman immediately stepped forward.

After bowing to Cui Heng, he turned to look at Jing Chihong and said in a low voice, “Youre not my match.

I suggest you commit suicide.”

Cui Heng did not want to be too ostentatious on this trip, so he asked the Yellow-scarved Strongman to change the way he addressed him from Master Immortal to Sir.

After the Yellow-scarved Strongmans consciousness was enlightened, he was a straightforward person.

His words were basically based on his own inner judgment and were very realistic.

He was telling the truth.

However, this kind of truth sounded unbelievable to many people.

He actually wanted a god to commit suicide

Was this person crazy

“Good, good, good!” Jing Chihong was so angry that his hands were trembling.

He stared at Cui Heng with killing intent and said in a low voice, “Youre letting a follower fight me Youll pay the price!”


At this moment, there was a sudden explosion in the void.

Then, a red rainbow directly broke through the defensive restrictions of the capital of the Wood Nation and arrived in the sky above the Heroes Pavilion.

An incomparably vast aura of dignity instantly enveloped this area.

“Its the aura of a god.

A god, a true god!”

“This aura is identical to Jing Chihongs.

The true body of the god who possessed him has descended!”

“Looks like hes really angry.

A divine battle is about to erupt!”

Everyone discussed.

Mu Lingyun was already a little flustered.

She went to Cui Hengs side and persuaded, “Senior, hurry up and attack.

If you cut off the connection between the possessed body and the main body now, you might be able to stop his main body from descending.”

“Its fine.” Cui Heng shook his head gently.

He was still smiling, as if he did not care that the main body of a god had descended.

In fact, this was his true goal.

The power on Jing Chihongs body was only a possession.

Even if he was captured, he would only capture a portion of the strength of the god and might not gain much.

It was better to lure the main body over so that he could maximize his gains.


At this moment, there was another loud bang, and the scarlet light in the sky suddenly exploded.

Then, a figure more than 100 feet tall stood in the sky.

His entire body was enveloped in blood-colored flames.

A huge pressure swept in all directions, and a powerful aura spread out unscrupulously.

At the same time, Jing Chihong, who was standing on the ground, suddenly collapsed to the ground and fainted.

The will and power of the god that had possessed his body instantly returned to the main body in the sky.

This caused the aura of the figure in the sky to soar again.

The armor he was wearing was also dyed with a layer of scarlet light, making him look incomparably ferocious.

A terrifying aura and pressure actually covered the entire capital of the Wood Nation, not caring at all if it would make the Wood Emperor unable to take it anymore.

He looked down at Cui Heng and the others and said condescendingly, “Now, Ill let you know that even if were both gods, theres still a difference! Ill allow you to know my name and let you die knowing that Im…”


A sudden sound of collision interrupted Jing Xiangzhens words.

The god could not help but stop talking, and he even fell from the sky.

It was like a small mountain falling from the sky.

The Yellow-scarved Strongman had already flown above Jing Xiangzhen at some point.

He kicked the gods face and sent him flying from the sky.

“How noisy.” The Yellow-scarved Strongman shook his head helplessly.

Then, his figure swayed and he instantly appeared below Jing Xiangzhens landing spot.

He suddenly raised his hand and caught the rapidly falling god.


Under the impact of the Yellow-scarved Strongmans huge strength, the sound of bones shattering actually came from Jing Xiangzhens Divine Body, making the surrounding peoples scalps tingle in horror.

But to the Yellow-scarved Strongman, this seemed to be an insignificant matter.

He grabbed Jing Xiangzhens neck with one hand as if he was holding a dead dog.

He returned to Cui Heng and bowed respectfully.

“Sir, this person has surrendered.”


Coincidentally, a breeze blew past, blowing up sand on the ground, making the surrounding people subconsciously shiver.

They all looked at the scene in front of them with their mouths agape.

There was dead silence.

What, what was going on!

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