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Chapter 447 Sacred Body Treasure Medicine, Gods Possession (3)

“‘Who is it Who ambushed us!”

Jing Chihongs voice came from outside the Heroes Pavilion.

He was clearly furious to the extreme and his voice was filled with killing intent.

Cui Heng was not surprised by this situation.

Actually, when Jing Chihong stood up and could not wait to ask, he sensed that someone with a powerful aura had arrived outside the Heroes Pavilion.

Moreover, the heart in this persons body was golden and emitted vast divine power.

He was already infinitely close to a god and was even holding a weapon.

It was obvious that he had ill intentions.

There was a high chance that it was Li Mingcheng himself.

As expected, as soon as Jing Chihong left the Heroes Pavilion, he was attacked and caught off guard on the spot, and two of his followers died.


With another loud bang, the ground trembled again.

At the same time, a figure had already arrived in front of Jing Chihong and looked down at him.

This was a young man who looked to be in his twenties.

He had sharp eyebrows and a defined face.

He was nine feet tall and wore tiger-patterned beast skin.

Half of his upper body was exposed, and his skin was suffused with a faint golden light that contained explosive power.


The young man stepped on Jing Chihongs face and sneered.

“Do you think you can capture me You overestimate yourself!”

This scene was seen by those who also wanted to capture Li Mingcheng.

They all retreated in horror, and some people could not help but exclaim.


“Has Li Mingcheng already fused with the Heart of the Ancient Sacred Body!”

“Its over, his divine strength has been formed!”

But just as everyone was feeling extremely shocked, Jing Chihong, who was being stepped on by Li Mingcheng, suddenly laughed.

“Hahahaha! Hahaha!” Jing Chihong lay on the ground and laughed until his entire body was trembling.

“Youre indeed out.

Youre indeed close to the Divine Body Realm.

Such treasure blood is just nice!”

Li Mingchengs expression changed drastically.

He immediately retreated, wanting to widen the distance between him and Jing Chihong.

However, after Jing Chihong finished speaking, the aura on his body actually began to rise rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, he surpassed the Dao Imprint realm.

He had actually become a god.

Therefore, Jing Chihong could still only chase after Li Mingcheng without being pulled away at all.

Moreover, his aura directly suppressed Li Mingcheng, who had yet to truly become a god.

No matter how strong ones physique was, it was impossible to cross the gap between major realms.

When Hui Shi saw this, he could not help but ask in a low voice, “Sir, should we help”

Although he did not know the relationship between Cui Heng and Li Mingcheng, he could tell that Cui Heng should be looking for Li Mingcheng

“Theres no hurry.” Cui Heng shook his head gently.

He looked at Li Mingcheng, who seemed to be in a sorry state, and smiled.

“Lets see what other methods he has.”

At this moment, Li Mingcheng was already completely suppressed.

He smiled bitterly in his heart.

“I actually fell into a trap.

A god attached himself to this fellow.

Hes clearly plotting against me.

However, this god has only possessed him after all.

He cant completely unleash his divine power.

I still have a chance to escape with the treasure.

If that doesnt work, I can only use that…”

Unfortunately, his thoughts were seen through by Jing Chihong.

The Divine Body expert suddenly sneered and said, “Dont tell me you want to use the power of the treasure to escape Do you think that I cant stop you because Ive possessed him

How ignorant.

In front of a god, this little trick is meaningless! Gather for me!”

Before his words rang out, hed stretched out his right hand in the direction of the Heroes Pavilion.

He opened his five fingers and circulated the divine power in his body, enveloping the 30-odd people there.

This was to extract the Qi, blood, and energy in these peoples bodies so that he could attack with all his might in the state of possession.

Of course, Jing Chihong had already made a distinction from the beginning and deliberately avoided those people with backgrounds.

Now, the people enveloped by his Divine Power were a group of people with no background.

Among them were naturally Cui Heng, Hui Shi, and the Yellow-scarved Strongman.

“Jing Chihong, what are you doing!” Mu Lingyun naturally could not sit back and do nothing when she saw this situation.

She immediately stepped forward to stop him, but she was stopped by a powerful force and could not approach at all.

“Why should I explain my actions to a little girl like you!” The god who had possessed Jing Chihong snorted coldly and could not be bothered with her.

He was an existence that sat on the same level as the Wood Emperor and did not care about this at all.

At this moment, he was completely immersed in the joy of successfully capturing the Origin Ancient Sacred Body.

He stared at Li Mingcheng and laughed loudly.

“Hahahaha! Sage Body, youre mine!!”

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