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Chapter 446 Sacred Body Treasure Medicine, Gods Possession (2)

Although there were guards here and only people with Shaman Markings and higher realms were allowed to enter, this restriction was equivalent to nothing to Cui Heng.

Soon, he brought Hui Shi and the Yellow-scarved Strongman to the square in front of the Heroes Pavilion.

At this moment, there were already more than a hundred people standing here.

There were more than 30 people at the Dao Imprint realm.

Seven or eight of them even had the aura of Divine Body realm on them.

They were all here to acquire information about Li Mingchengs whereabouts.

Some were for the heart of the Ancient Sacred Body, while others came for the treasure blood of the Sacred Body.

“If I can find Li Mingcheng, I can ask him why he could come to the Heaven Realm directly from the Heavenly Void World.

Perhaps it can increase my understanding of the Heaven Realm and deepen my communication with it.”

Cui Heng thought to himself, “If hes willing, I can send him back to the Lower World and let the siblings reunite.

Mingqiong can also have a helper when she governs the country.”

The effect of the bronze mirror was to open a passageway between the Three Higher Heavens and the Heaven Realm.

This was not a one-way path.

If one could come to the Heaven Realm from the Three Heavens, they could naturally return to the Three Higher Heavens from the Heaven Realm.

Just as Cui Heng was thinking about what to do next, the surrounding crowd suddenly became restless.

They looked up and saw a green stream of light rising from the palace and instantly crossing the sky to descend in front of the Heroes Pavilion.

Then, the green light dissipated and three figures walked out.

At the front was a beautiful and cold-looking girl.

She looked to be 18 or 19 years old.

She was tall and wore a light green dress.

She was refreshing to behold, elegant, and extraordinary.

It was the Princess of the Wood Nation, Mu Lingyun.

Behind her were maidservants in plain clothes.

They lowered their heads slightly with respectful expressions.

“Thank you all for waiting.” Mu Lingyun smiled.

Her voice was gentle and without any nervousness.

This was clearly someone who had seen big scenes before.

She was not timid at all in the face of such a crowd.

Moreover, she herself had the cultivation of the Dao Imprint realm, so she could look at the many experts present equally.

However, as soon as she finished speaking

“Weve indeed been waiting a long time.”

A cold male voice came from the crowd.

Then, a young man more than nine feet tall walked out.

He looked to be in his twenties.

He had a handsome face and wore purple scaled armor.

He held a spear with a blood-colored dragon pattern carved on it.

He looked very fierce.

Some people in the crowd recognized him and exclaimed.

“Its the Seventh Young Master of the Evergreen Heights, Jing Chihong.

Its said that he has already entered the Shaman Markings realm since he was ten years old.”

“Ten years old… Oh my god, is this still a cultivation speed that a human can achieve”

“Its said that there are many ancient books stored in Evergreen Heights.

Its not certain if they know the ancient cultivation methods.”

Everyone whispered, and Cui Hengs eyes lit up.

There were many ancient books stored in Evergreen Heights

This was also quite beneficial to his further understanding of the Heaven Realm.

At this moment, Mu Lingyun looked at him coldly and said indifferently, “Young Master Jing doesnt look like hes here to look for Li Mingcheng.

Do you want to attack”

“Hehe!” Jing Chihong sneered when he heard this.

He raised his chin slightly and said, “The Wood Emperor sent a Princess out to answer our questions.

Could it be that he thinks that we will be soft-hearted just because we see


Unfortunately, Im not someone who cares about the fairer sex.

I advise you to hand over Li Mingchengs whereabouts immediately.

Otherwise, bear the consequences yourself! We rushed over from the core area of the Qinghua Domain to find Li Mingcheng.”

“I can tell you about Li Mingchengs whereabouts.” Mu Lingyun still looked around at everyone calmly.

Finally, she looked at Jing Chihong and said indifferently, “But Li Mingcheng is not an inanimate object.

He can move himself.

The answer I give now might not really lead you to him.”

Actually, she did not know Li Mingchengs whereabouts at all.

This was because the Eldest Prince himself did not know either, but this explanation was weak.

At this point, no one would believe that they did not know.

They could only give an answer that might not be effective.

“Whether we can find him or not is our business.

You dont have to worry about it,” Jing Chihong said in a low voice.

“As long as youre telling the truth and its indeed where Li Mingcheng has been.” “Alright!” Mu Lingyun nodded decisively and pointed to the north.

“Hes in the Tranquil Sea Desert at the border of the Northern Wasteland.

He wants to find a safe and stable place to refine the heart of the Ancient Sacred Body.

Moreover, there are too many places in the Tranquil Sea Desert that are uninhabited within a hundred miles where he can hide in.”

“Very good!” Jing Chihong praised and nodded with a smile.

“As for whether your answer is true or false, I have my ways to verify it.

If its fake… Hehe!”

With that, he turned around and walked out.

A few people in the crowd hurriedly followed him and left the square in front of the Heroes Pavilion.

The others also began to take action.

They wanted to leave this place and rush to the Tranquil Sea Desert at the border of the northern wasteland to capture Li Mingcheng.

But at this moment, a loud bang suddenly came from outside the Heroes Pavilion.



It was as if a huge force had exploded, causing the ground to tremble extremely violently.

Immediately after, a powerful wave of air surged over from outside.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Like a tsunami, it roared and rushed over, actually leaving many experts at the Shaman Marking and Dao Marking realms with no room to resist.

They were blown out or sat on the ground.

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