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Chapter 404 How Was Fugui Before He Left (2)

The crisis Taihong Star was facing now was very likely beyond the limits of what the five Creators could withstand.

It was an existence that exceeded their imagination.

“In that case…” Hong Renxi opened his mouth but hesitated.

He hesitated for a moment and said,” Grandma, if its really that serious, can we go to the Five Views Realm to look for Immortal Venerable Cui Heng


“You mean Fuguis teacher” Zhao Hongci frowned slightly when she heard that.

She was silent for a moment before shaking her head and saying, “Lets not do that for now.

Hmm, Ill find a chance to discuss it with Father.

If theres really a need, Ill talk about it again.”

“Alright.” Hong Renxi nodded.

He was not surprised by this outcome.

He suddenly became worried.

Actually, after they returned from the Five Views Realm hundreds of years ago, they had already told their grandmother, Zhao Hongci, about meeting their grandfathers teacher in the Five Views Realm.

However, at that time, Zhao Hongcis reaction was actually not the surprise they expected.

Instead, she looked a little worried.

She even instructed them not to tell their

great-grandfather about this.

This made Hong Renxi clearly feel that something was wrong.

Perhaps the reason why his grandfather left Taihong Star back then was not as simple as what he knew.

He had also tried to ask his father, but the answer he received was that children should not ask too much.

Now that Taihong Star was facing such a serious crisis, after he suggested asking Immortal Venerable Cui Heng for help, his grandmother actually still hesitated.

It could be seen that the secret behind this was not small.

“Could it be that Grandpa really was unhappy about something when he left back then” Thinking of this, Hong Renxis entire body suddenly tensed up, and a dense fear surged in his heart.

He had once seen Cui Heng break through to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm with his own eyes.

The phenomenon of the heavens appearing together had long been deeply imprinted in his mind, and he would never forget it.

Therefore, in Hong Renxis understanding, Cui Heng was a supreme being, an expert who surpassed everything.

And such an expert was his grandfathers most respected teacher.

If Grandpa really had any conflict with his great-grandfather or Taihong Star, or was even forced to leave Taihong Star, the consequences would be unimaginable.

To Hong Renxi, he did not know if the so-called crisis Taihong Star was facing could really put Taihong Star into a hopeless situation, but he knew very well that Cui Heng could definitely do it.

There was no doubt about it.

Hong Renxis psychological fluctuations naturally could not be hidden from Zhao Hongci, who was already a Sage King.

“Xier, you dont have to be too worried.” Zhao Hongci comforted him.

“Grandma and your great-grandfather are just not ready to ask for help yet.

Dont think too much.”

It would have been better if she hadnt said that.

Now that she did, Hong Renxi felt even

more worried.

“Young Masters, theres someone here to visit.” At this moment, a servant in green

rushed over and interrupted Hong Renxis thoughts.

This was a servant assigned by the courtyard.

He was usually in charge of cleaning the courtyard and reporting information.

When the servant saw Zhao Hongci, he hurriedly bowed and said, “Greetings, Elder.”

“Dispense with the ceremonies.” Zhao Hongci waved her hand gently, indicating for the servant to stand up.

She smiled and said, “Whos here to visit”

“Elder, I dont know that person.” The servant shook his head at first and said, “That

person calls himself Hui Shi and is here to look for Young Masters Renxi and Renxu.”

“Oh” Zhao Hongci began to think when she heard this.

She indeed did not have any

impression of an expert called Hui Shi.

“What Hui Shi!” Hong Renxu jumped up in shock.

“Hui, Hui Shi!” Hong Renxi was also incomparably shocked.

He hurriedly asked,

“Is it a kind-looking man who looks like a monk, but theres always a hint of killing intent between his brows”

“Thats right, thats right.” The servant nodded and said, “So you know him, Young

Master Renxi.

Im relieved.

Do you want to let

him in”

“This…” Hong Renxi hesitated slightly.

He looked at Zhao Hongci beside him and


“Xier, why are you looking at me” Zhao Hongci was a little puzzled.

She smiled and

asked, “Who is this Hui Shi”

“Grandma, this Hui Shi is Immortal Venerable Cui Hengs follower.” Hong Renxi told her clearly.

“Since Hui Shi is already here, Immortal Venerable Cui is most likely already

on Taihong Star.”

“What!” The smile on Zhao Hongcis face froze, and her eyes were filled with worry.

She exhaled softly and said, “Let him in.” “Were meeting here” Hong Renxi asked subconsciously.

He was a little worried that Hui Shi would learn something important from Zhao Hongci.

That would be a huge problem.

“Yes, lets meet here.” Zhao Hongci nodded and said, “Since hes Immortal Venerable Cuis follower, he should be your uncle.

Go out

and welcome him.”

“Yes, Grandma!” Hong Renxi and Hong

Renxu left the courtyard to welcome Hui Shi.

Hence, at this moment, only Zhao Hongci and her maidservant were left in the courtyard.

“Madam, you seem a little worried,” the maidservant whispered.

Although her cultivation was not high, she had been by Zhao Hongcis side for hundreds of years.

She could tell that Zhao Hongci had undergone some psychological changes.

“I have to be worried.” Zhao Hongci shook her head gently and sighed.

She looked outside and took a deep breath.

“Of course, everything has yet to be settled, so its not good to jump to conclusions too early.” After a while, Hong Renxi and Hong Renxu welcomed Hui Shi into the house.

Zhao Hongci was about to size up Hui Shi, but with just a glance, she felt as if she had seen a bottomless netherworld, filled with a cold and deathly aura.

This shocked her and she hurriedly looked away.

Hui Shi naturally noticed Zhao Hongcis gaze.

He cupped his hands and bowed.

“This must be the grandmother of the two Young Masters, Elder Zhao Hongci of the Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace, Sage Zhao.”

According to Cui Hengs instructions, it was necessary to show a little bit of strength when coming to the Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace to look for someone.

This way, they could avoid many unnecessary troubles and conflicts.

As for how much strength he displayed, Cui Heng did not specify.

It was completely up to Hui Shi to decide.

Therefore, the aura he revealed now had not reached the Ninth Realm.

Instead, he was

only revealing the aura of a Peak Seventh Realm Dao Lord.

But even so, Zhao Hongcis heart was in


“Dao Lord! That aura just now was clearly the

Dao power

of a perfected Dao Body! Its too

powerful.” Zhao Hongci was bewildered in her heart.

“Even his follower is a Dao Lord.

Could it really be as Xier and the others said Is Fuguis teacher really a supreme existence

However, although she was shocked in her heart, she still bowed without batting an eyelid and said with a smile, “Senior Hui Shi, youre so dedicated to your work.

Im extremely impressed.”

“Elder, theres no need to be so polite.

Im just here on behalf of Sir to invite the two Young Masters,” Hui Shi said directly.

“If Elder has no objections, can I bring them away as soon as possible”

“Its indeed their honor to be invited by Immortal Venerable Cui.

I wonder if I can make a presumptuous request” Zhao Hongci said solemnly, “I also want to pay my

respects to Immortal Venerable Cui Heng and have something to say to him.”

“Of course.” Hui Shi nodded and smiled.

“Sir instructed me before he let me go out that if

anyone from the Heaven Chapter Mystic Palace wants to go with me, they can bring a


few more guests.

“Thank you.” Zhao Hongci bowed


In a courtyard.


Cui Heng, who was resting on the chair, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the four people behind Hui Shi.

Before Hui Shi brought these people back, he had already informed Cui Heng about the people who were coming.

“Greetings, Immortal Venerable!” “Greetings, Immortal Venerable!”

When everyone arrived, they bowed in unison.

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

After sweeping his gaze across the four of them, it landed on Zhao Hongci and he smiled.


was Fugui before he left Taihong Star”


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