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Chapter 400 Ascending to the Heavens with a Flick of a Finger, Immortal Venerable Lin Taihong (3)

There were 275 Sages, 68 Saint Kings, and five Creators here.

The surrounding 31 worlds and 105 starry sky respected and worshiped them.

Logically speaking, with such a powerful force, Taihong Star should be able to rest well in the starry skies of this era.

They did not have to worry about being invaded by external enemies at all.

After all, this was an era where a Sage King could dominate the myriad worlds.

Creators had the ability to suppress the heavens.

The so-called Dao Lords were rare existences in the entire Star Field.

But in reality, Taihong Star was not peaceful, especially in the past 100 to 200 years.

The starry skies market at the edge of it was invaded by an unknown force.

There were even stars that disappeared into thin air, as if they had been refined by an unknown existence.

Although this strange appearance had yet to threaten a normal living star, it was inevitable that this unknown crisis would make one feel terrified.

Hence, many experts from the starry skies and realms nearby had moved to Taihong Star.

In the eyes of most people, Taihong Star had many experts and several Creators guarding it.

It was definitely much safer than other places.

However, this also caused some problems.

Although Taihong Star was very huge and could easily carry a large number of immigrants, it was difficult to review the true origin of the new immigrants, allowing some people with ulterior motives to fish in troubled waters.

For example, Yu Lei and Shi Qingyu came to Taihong Star like this.

The former looked like a 17 or 18 year old youth.

He had handsome facial features and liked to wear green leather armor.

His hair was light blue and his eyes were a little blue.

The latter was a young woman in her twenties.

She had a beautiful appearance and exquisite facial features.

Her temperament was fresh and elegant.

She wore a moon-white dress and gave off the feeling that she was from a humble family.

At this moment, the two of them were walking on the streets of Fangtian City.

This was one of the largest cities on Taihong Star.

The streets were bustling with activity, and they actually chatted as if no one else was around.

“Senior Sister, are we going to continue hiding like this” Yu Lei looked around and frowned.

“When will it end The strongest people here are only a few Creators.

I can just casually destroy them.”

“Youre saying that again.” Shi Qingyu frowned slightly and glared at Yu Lei.

“We sealed our cultivation realms and suppressed the Heavenly Dao.

With the help of a few Venerables, we crossed the domain not to kill a few Creators.”

They had already set up an illusion restriction around them, so others could not hear their true conversation at all.


“I know, I know.

Isnt it because of the Heaven Gate here” Yu Lei said impatiently, “In my opinion, theres not even a single Heaven Gate Venerable here.

We might as well kill our way over.”

“Dont talk about the actions of the Venerables,” Shi Qingyu said in a low voice.

She was about to say something when she suddenly saw two men looking over.

One of the men was slightly older.

His facial features were gentle and carried a hint of compassion.

He looked like a monk who had returned to the mortal world.

The other person was relatively young, looking to be in his early twenties.

He was handsome and had an extraordinary temperament, but his gaze was very gentle.

When one looked at him, they would feel as if they were bathing in a spring breeze.

With Shi Qingyus realm, she instantly saw through their cultivation and thought to herself, “Just an ordinary Sage I feel that something is wrong.”


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