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“County Lord, I received a report from the commoners that two suspicious women are asking about you in the city.” Zhao Guang lowered his head and reported to Cui Heng respectfully.


“Whats their background” Cui Heng put down the martial arts book in his hand and asked, “Are they spies from King Yans army”

“Most likely.

These two women are very concerned about the recent changes in Juhe County,” Zhao Guang said.

“But we wont know for sure until Hui Shi investigates.”

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“Actually, theres no need to be too nervous.

Its just some rebels.

Perhaps those two have just heard some rumors about Juhe County and are curious about why theres such a huge change.”

Some rebels… That was King Yan who had hundreds of thousands of troops.

Just the vanguard troops that Yan Sheng had mentioned previously numbered in the tens of thousands!

Zhao Guang did not know how to answer.

Although Cui Heng was already an Immortal in his heart, he had never heard of an Immortal who could defeat an army of hundreds of thousands.

However, Cui Heng clearly looked confident, so he did not dare to say anything else.

At that moment, Hui Shi walked in.

“County Lord, weve already found out the identities of those two suspicious women,” Monk Huishi said respectfully.

“These two are the disciples of Elder Xu Bailu of the Yuhua Sword Pavilion.

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“The slightly older woman is called Fang Min, and the younger one is called Zhou Caiwei.

I saw them six years ago at the Martial Arts Alliance at Green Cliff Mountain.”

“Yuhua Sword Pavilion” Zhao Guang was surprised.

“That is the number one sect in Lu County, and also the strongest sword sect in Fengzhou.”

“Yes, the Yuhua Sword Pavilion is one of the Nine Swords of the World.

Their legacy has been passed down for a thousand years and they have a deep foundation.” Monk Hui Shi nodded and said, “Xu Bailu was already a Grandmaster in the Profound Gate realm six years ago.

She is extremely powerful and hates war.

“When I was in King Yans army, I heard Yan Sheng and the other generals repeatedly preach that the Yuhua Sword Pavilion is the number one obstacle to occupying Fengzhou.

This Fang Min and Zhou Caiwei might have come under the orders of their master to help Juhe County resist the war.”

“Resisting the disaster of war” Zhao Guang was quite surprised and asked curiously, “How can they resist it Thats an army of hundreds of thousands.

Even if their masters come, it wont help.”

“Its nothing more than negotiating with chips.” Monk Hui Shi knew a lot about the way martial arts sects conducted themselves.

He explained, “For the Yuhua Sword Pavilion to be ranked as one of the Nine Swords of the World, it means that there must be a top martial artist in the sect who has cultivated to Inner World.

“Although the top experts are still no match for the hundreds of thousands of troops, and they might not be able to kill King Yan under the protection of the Lotus Flower Monastery and Grand Prosperity Monastery, they can still attack King Yans backyard and force them to return to save their base.”

“With this as a bargaining chip, its indeed possible for King Yan to let Juhe County go.” Zhao Guang became excited when he heard this and said to Cui Heng, “Congratulations, County Lord.

Juhe County can avoid war.”

“This is indeed a good thing.” Cui Heng smiled and did not comment further.


Juhe Countys location was extremely important.

It was related to King Yans armys upcoming military plans.

It would not be so easy for them to let Juhe County off.

Moreover, Yan Sheng had seen him attack before.

If King Yans army still came to attack Juhe County, they would definitely be prepared for the safety of the rear.

“…” Monk Huishi couldnt help but roll his eyes and remind him, “Minister Zhao, with the County Lord around, Juhe County will definitely be safe.”

He had seen how powerful Cui Heng was.

That was a great divine being that completely surpassed all techniques in the human world!

Not to mention anything else, just that small ball of flames was enough to collapse King Yan army.

“County Lord, please forgive me!” Zhao Guang realized that there was something wrong with his words and quickly bowed and apologized.

“It doesnt matter.

Youre only thinking of Juhe County.” Cui Heng waved his hand, not caring about this.

He smiled and said, “If you can confirm that those two came with good intentions, organize someone to entertain them.”


“Yes, County Lord!” Monk Hui Shi bowed.

“Yes, County Lord!” Zhao Guang immediately agreed.

Actually, it was normal for him not to know how powerful Cui Heng was.

Although he had been robbing tombs for many years and had practiced some martial arts, he had only reached the level of Internal Nurturing.

He had not even cultivated to Qi Sensing, so he naturally had an instinctive fear of an army of hundreds of thousands.

Moreover, he had never seen Cui Heng ignite the flames.

Fang Min was very surprised right now.

She hadnt expected the county office to come knocking on her door after only half a day of asking around.

She had clearly asked someone and gave him five taels of silver and instructed him not to make a fuss.

Five taels of silver was not a small sum.

It was the income of most ordinary farmers for half a year.

However, she did not feel the slightest displeasure.

Receiving money but still reporting it to the government meant that the people here trusted the government very much.

Otherwise, they would not have done such a thing.

This proved that the information she had obtained earlier was indeed correct.

The new county magistrate of Juhe County was extremely popular, and he was also working for the good of Juhe County.

It should be much easier to cooperate with such a county magistrate to resist the military disaster.

But then something even more unexpected happened.

Her and her junior sisters identities had been exposed.

The head of the constable officers who had brought them over directly called out their names.

“His footsteps are steady and his aura is deep.

This persons martial cultivation is extraordinary.

Perhaps he has already reached the Qi Condensation Realm.”

Fang Min sized up Monk Hui Shi, who was disguised as the head of the constables.

She was very surprised.

“Such an expert is actually the head of the constables in the small Juhe County”

She keenly realized that Juhe County was definitely not simple.

The new county magistrate of Juhe County was definitely not ordinary either.

This made her feel inexplicably flustered.

The feeling came from the uncertainty of the unknown.

Fang Min looked at Zhou Caiwei beside her and realized that this girl was focused on eating candied haws.

She still looked carefree, so she could not help but sigh.

Fortunately, this girl was extremely talented and had superb martial arts skills.

Otherwise, she would have been deceived countless times by that distracted look.

“Officer, are we going to see the county magistrate” Fang Min asked tentatively.

“No.” Monk Huishis attitude was extremely cold as he said indifferently, “The county magistrate is busy and doesnt have time to receive the two of you today.

However, Minister Zhao has already found a place for you as a temporary residence.

The county magistrate should receive you tomorrow.”

Cui Heng really did not have the time.

After obtaining the martial arts manual that Hui Shi had copied, he had become obsessed with the study of the use of Dharmic powers.

In the past few days, he had already developed many novel and powerful techniques.

He would probably not be done until tomorrow.

“Thank you, Officer.

Since the county magistrate is busy, we can wait.” Fang Min nodded.

Although she wanted to see the county magistrate as soon as possible, she understood better.

The best way to work with someone was to follow their rules.

“Captain, Captain!”

At this moment, there was an urgent shout from behind.

A constable ran over, panting.

“What is it” Hui Shi asked with a frown.

“The brothers at the city gate just sent a message.

They said, said…” The constable took a deep breath and said, “They said that a large number of refugees have escaped here.

Im afraid there are three or four thousand of them!”

“Theres been a good harvest everywhere this year.

Where did the three or four thousand refugees come from” Hui Shis eyebrows rose in confusion.

“Its the people from Dachang County in the West!” The constables expression became a little fearful.

“Captain, do you think King Yans army has already occupied Dachang County Were next!”

“Shut up!” Hui Shi glared at him and said to the constables beside him, “The two of you, take these two girls to the residence arranged by Minister Zhao.

You two, go and report the situation to County Deputy Lu.”

Then, he said to the constable who came to report, “Lets go.

Bring me to the city gate to take a look.”


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