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Chapter 397 The Real Target of the Outer World

There was also a Heaven Gate in the Outer World, and the characteristics of its power were different

Cui Heng frowned slightly when he heard this, and his expression became solemn.

A guess suddenly appeared in his heart, and he said in a low voice, “According to what you said, the characteristics of the power contained in the Outer World Heaven Gate are different from the Heaven Gate here.”

“Then could the reason why the Outer World attacked this side crazily be to explore the Heaven Gate here to obtain the characteristics of the power in the Heaven Gate here”

“This, this, how is this possible!” Monk Yuan Ku shook his head when he heard this.

“Exalted Immortal, do you mean that one can go through the same level of Heaven Gate repeatedly”

“Why not” Cui Heng chuckled and said, “The essence of stepping into the Heaven Gate realm is to obtain the characteristics of power from the Heaven Gate.

Its fine to attack a higher level Heaven Gate, but its not necessarily impossible to attack a parallel level Heaven Gate.”

The 12 Heaven Gates were not a cultivation method.

Instead, one had to attack the Heaven Gate and step into it to obtain the characteristics of its power.

Every level of the Heaven Gate had different characteristics.

However, Cui Heng, who had investigated Wu Yong who was at the Second Heaven Gate realm, realized that the power characteristics of the Heaven Gate were very worrisome.

Even if hed reached the Second Heaven Gate realm, his strength would only be around the Peak Nascent Soul realm with some of the characteristics of the proper Peak Nascent Soul realm.

Although he also guessed that the Third Heaven Gate realm might properly correspond to the Peak Nascent Soul realm, he had never verified it.

If the later nine levels of the Heaven Gate only similarly gave a singular power characteristic, it would probably not be easy to gather the complete power characteristic and reach the level of a Peak Nascent Soul cultivator or even a complete Soul Formation cultivator.

Moreover, the higher the level of the Heaven Gate, the harder it was to clear.

If one fails, they might die on the spot.

Even if they were lucky enough to survive, it would be a huge blow to their vitality and was extremely risky.

This gave Cui Heng a guess.

Since there was also a Heaven Gate in the Outer World as well, and the power was different from the Heaven Gate here, it meant that the power of the Heaven Gate here was also different from the Outer World.

In that case, could the Outer World Heaven Gate experts come here and start from the first Heaven Gate to obtain new characteristics to increase their strength

For example, if an expert at the Third level of the Outer World Heaven Gate Realm came here, he could start from the First Heaven Gate Realm.

With his original strength at the Third Heaven Gate realm, he could easily step into the Three Heaven Gates here and obtain three types of power characteristics that he did not have before.

This way, even if he might not be able to break through to the next realm, he would be able to obtain stronger strength.

After all, the essence of the 12 Heaven Gates was to continuously accumulate power characteristics to become stronger and


However, this was only Cui Hengs guess.

The truth might not be the same.

However, Daoist Fang He fell into deep


After a while, he suddenly thought of something and exclaimed, “I see, I see! “Great Monk, do you still remember Previously, when the Third Higher Heavens defensive line was broken through, some

experts from the Second Heaven Gate realm rushed in.

While refining the stars, they also

did something.”

“At first, I didnt understand why.

Now that I think about it, they probably want to use this to sense the Heaven Gate of this domain and attack the Heaven Gate to obtain the characteristic power!”

“Yes, yes! I remember it too!” Monk Yuan Ku came to a realization and nodded.

“When those people refined the stars, they actually didnt forget to set up an array formation to

strengthen their senses.”

“This array formation is used to assist martial artists in cultivation.

It can increase their perception of nomological Dao runes.

Logically speaking, if they were only here to plunder resources, there was no need to set up such an array formation.”

“So theyre investigating this regions Heaven Gate Amitabha, Amitabha.

No wonder the Outer World invaded without any regard for their lives.

Theyre really ambitious!”

“If this is really the goal of the Outer World, the Heaven Realm shouldnt have been defeated.

At least, not yet.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “If the Heaven Realm had really been defeated, this realm wouldnt be like


“In order to obtain the characteristics of the Heaven Gate in this domain, the Outer World will definitely launch an incomparably crazy


The enemies you encounter will probably no longer be at the First or Second Heaven Gate realm.”

Previously, Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku had told Cui Heng about the enemies they had encountered.

They were basically limited to the First or Second Heaven Gate realm.

It was very rare to see even a Third Heaven Gate realm expert.

It was precisely because of this that they could rely on the defense built by the Three

Higher Heavens to resist the invasion of the

Outer World.

“Yes, yes, Exalted Immortal is right.

Exalted Immortal is too right.” Daoist Fang He was overjoyed when he heard this.

He nodded and said, “The Heaven Realm is definitely still undefeated.”

“The reason why those Outer World experts who have stepped beyond the First Heavenly Ladder realm havent appeared should be because the Heaven Realm is still fighting.

They might just be at a disadvantage.”

“If they still have to resist with all their might even when theyre at a disadvantage, they wont be able to divert your strength to

do anything else.

Perhaps its precisely because of this that the Heaven Realm

suddenly disappeared and caused the Heaven

Gate to be contaminated.” Daoist Fang He suddenly thought of many things and felt that many of their doubts had become clear.

“But if thats the case, it doesnt seem to be of much use for you to beg me to reopen the Heaven Gate.” Cui Heng looked at Daoist Fang

He and smiled.

“…” Daoist Fang He was stunned when he heard this.

Then, he fell into deep thought.

Thats right.

If the Heaven Realm was already doing its best to resist the Outer World, it meant that the Heaven Realm would definitely not have the spare energy to help

the starry skies here.

If that was the case, what was the point of the two of them asking for the Exalted Immortal

to reopen the Heaven Gate This domain would still continue to attack and corrode the Outer World.

“No, its useful.

Exalted Immortal, Zhou Juntian should be useful for strengthening the power of the Heaven Realm,” Monk Yuan Ku suddenly said.

“Exalted Immortal, if the Heaven Realm is at a disadvantage now, it might be related to the pollution of the Heaven Gate.”

“Its rumored that Zhou Juntian is the reincarnation of the artifact spirit of the Heaven Gate.

If we can find him, we might be able to use his power to eliminate the pollution of the Heaven Gate.”

“Oh” Cui Heng nodded slightly and chuckled.

“That does sound feasible.

Hmm, Ill pay attention to Zhou Juntians movements next.

However, you have to help me do something.” “Exalted Immortal, please speak.

We will do our best!” Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku said in unison and were respectful.

“Collect more ancient books and secrets for me.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “If theres any information about the Outer

World, organize them into books and hand

them to me.”

“Yes, yes.

Exalted Immortal, dont worry.

Well definitely do our best.” Daoist Fang He nodded.

“Exalted Immortal, dont worry.

I have many disciples.

Ill send them all out to search for the ancient books of the myriad worlds.” Monk Yuan Ku hurriedly began to perform.

“Very good.” Cui Heng smiled when he saw this.

He waved his hand and said with a smile, “Go.

Ill handle Zhou Juntians matter.”

“Thank you, Exalted Immortal!” “Thank you, Exalted Immortal!”

The monk and Daoist priest bade farewell respectfully and left the palace on foot under the lead of the Imperial City guards.

After leaving the Imperial City, the two of them still walked.

After walking out of the Imperial City and reaching the wilderness outside the city, they turned into streams of light and flew away.

In their opinion, flying away from the Imperial City was disrespectful to Cui Heng.

They could not do that.

After the two of them left, Cui Heng suddenly sat cross-legged.

His eyes were slightly closed as he released his divine sense to sense the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

His body suddenly glowed with purple-gold light.

A moment later, the light on his body dissipated and he slowly opened his eyes.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, revealing a smile.

“I didnt expect there to be such a pleasant surprise.”

“This conversation with the two of them allowed me to know a lot of secrets.

It actually allowed me to deepen my communication with the world.

Could it be that the more I understand about this world, the deeper the communication I can establish”

Previously, Cui Heng had also tried to communicate with the various Great Dao laws by directly sensing Heaven and Earth.

In the end, although he successfully established the communication line, the effect was too slow.

Even if millions or tens of millions of years passed, he might not be able

to break through a small realm.

Hence, he could only find another path.

Unexpectedly, after deepening his understanding of the world this time, the originally weak communication connection

actually became stronger.

It even showed signs of continuing to strengthen.

This made Cui Heng very happy.

“I see.

Although understanding the unknowns of this world cant directly increase my cultivation like when I was at the Nascent Soul realm, it can increase my communication with the Great Dao laws and increase my cultivation speed.”

“In other words, in the future, other than establishing communication with countless people through my incarnations in the Samsara World, I can also further understand this world and obtain this communication relationship.”

“In that case, investigating some secret matters has become even more important to me.

I have to investigate Zhou Juntian, the Heaven Realm, the Heaven Gate, the Outer


“As long as I have a deep enough understanding of this world, my

communication with it will be even deeper.

I will also be able to cultivate with half the effort and break through to the Mid-stage

Soul Formation realm earlier.”


Thinking of this, he slowly stood up and

looked up at the sky.

He thought to himself, time to make a trip to Taihong Star.



start investigating the situation of the Heaven Gate first and try to obtain some Heaven Gate realm martial techniques for reference.” “As for the Outer World… If they really want to obtain the Heaven Gate characteristics of this region, they will probably act even more crazily.

Its most likely not limited to attacking the Heaven Gate here.”

“From Wu Yongs situation, as long as he kills a Heaven Gate realm martial artist, he can also plunder their power characteristics.”


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