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Chapter 395 Exalted Immortal, Please Make a Move and Reopen the Heaven Realm (3)

“The communication line with Fang Yuluo, Song Aqi, Zheng Younian, and Xu Jing has been established, and its quite clear.

Its indeed easier to establish this kind of communication relationship with people who have experienced a life and death crisis together.”

“I can gradually use the remaining spaces.

With my current cultivation, its easy for me to transform into an incarnation.

This means that I can carry out Samsara missions at any time and anywhere and communicate with countless people.”

Thinking of this, he suddenly laughed and thought to himself, “In that case, my realm and cultivation will automatically increase every moment like my strength.”

“I just need my incarnation to establish a communication relationship.

My main body doesnt have to do anything.

I just need to lie down and wait for enough time to pass to break through.

“What Im doing doesnt look like the Samsara Lord.

Its more like Ive gotten myself something that automatically refreshes my experience.

Hmm, this cultivation method should be lacking something.”

“Tsk tsk, the path of cultivation is difficult!” Cui Heng shook his head gently and thought to himself, “Next, other than automatically gaining experience, I have to continue exploring the cultivation method of the Soul Formation realm.”

Every time this happened, he especially wanted a master who could guide him in his cultivation, or a Dao companion of similar realm to discuss cultivation problems.

Especially as his realm increased, it became more and more difficult to study cultivation methods.

“If only there was a cultivation technique of a similar realm that I could use as a reference.” Cui Heng had another thought.

“Although theres no cultivation method for the 12 Heaven Gates, there are corresponding levels of martial techniques.”

“If I want my martial cultivation to be powerful enough, I have to interact with the characteristics of my current realm.

Even if its just a technique, I should be able to glean some of the mysteries from it.”

“Yes, I should find some Heaven Gate realm martial techniques to use as a reference.

However, there are very few martial techniques at this level in the Myriad Worlds.

Im afraid I still have to explore the situation in the Heaven Realm.”

“In that case, I have to make a trip to Taihong Star.

The people there have entered the Heaven Gate before.

Perhaps they know some things about the Heaven Realm.

I can also check on the news of Fuer on the way.”

Hence, for the next period of time, Cui Heng devoted himself to the construction of the Samsara World.

He split out incarnations one after another and pulled in countless people.

At the same time, he designed countless missions and finally allowed this framework to operate on its own.

After doing all of this, Cui Heng planned to set off for Taihong Star.

This time, he only planned to bring Hui Shi over.

However, before he left, Li Mingqiong suddenly came over.

“Greetings, Master.” Li Mingqiong bowed respectfully and said, “Master, Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku sent another visitation card yesterday.

They hope to meet you to discuss the matter of resisting the foreign realms invasion.”

“Theyre actually so persistent” Cui Heng was stunned when he heard that.

Then, he nodded and said with a smile, “Let them come.

Actually, its not impossible for me to resist the invasion of the Outer World.”

“Master, you agree” Li Mingqiong was a little surprised.

Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku had come several times, but Cui Heng was not even interested in meeting them previously.

“Human thoughts will always change.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “Go, Ill take it that theyre sincere enough.”

After the establishment of the Samsara World, the countless living beings in the starry skies of the myriad worlds were all candidates for him to establish the communication lines.

They could be seen as his experience gift bags.

If the invasion of the foreign experts caused the destruction of some starry skies or even realms, it would definitely bring about a large-scale death, immediately affecting Cui Hengs cultivation growth.

This was something he could not tolerate.

To Cui Heng, everything else could be discussed.

But if it affected his cultivation progress, it would be a matter of life and death.

If the foreign invaders really reached the point of affecting the living beings of this universe…

He would definitely attack.


Great Zhou Imperial City, Honglu Monastery.

Every time Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku came to visit Cui Heng, they were placed here.

“What! Exalted Immortal agreed to see us!” Daoist Fang He suddenly exclaimed.

He stared at the letter in his hand and his face was filled with ecstasy.

“Thats great, thats great!”

Monk Yuan Ku, who was sitting at the side, immediately opened his eyes and looked at Daoist Fang He.

He asked in surprise, “Exalted Immortal agreed”

“Thats right, Exalted Immortal has agreed!” Fang He Daoist said happily.

“Its too difficult to meet him.

The endless starry skies of the universe are finally saved.”

“What are we waiting for Lets go and pay our respects to Exalted Immortal!” Monk Yuan Ku urged.

On the afternoon of the day Cui Heng agreed to meet them, Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku arrived at Cui Hengs residence.

“Greetings, Exalted Immortal!”

“Greetings, Exalted Immortal!” The Daoist and monk bowed respectfully to Cui Heng.

The two of them were extremely humble.

It was impossible to tell that they were Lords of the Heavens of the Ninth Realm of the Immortal World, let alone that they were actually one of the strongest people in the myriad worlds.

“Theres no need to be so polite.” Cui Heng waved his hand and said indifferently, “Have you been attacked by foreign experts again recently”

“Thats right.” Daoist Fang He nodded and said with a depressed expression, “A few days ago, an extremely powerful Heaven Gate expert was suddenly mobilized from the Outer World.”

“I dont know what method that Heaven Gate expert used, but he actually broke through the defense built by us and barged into the starry skies at the edge of the Star Field.”

“After he refined more than ten planets, he left.

We were unable to capture him at all.

Two of the planets that he refined were still living planets.

Everyone was killed.”

This means that the defense constructed by the Three Heavens can no longer resist the foreign realm.

Exalted Immortal, please take action and reopen the Heaven Realm to resist the corrosion of the foreign realm.”


“Let the Heaven Realm reopen” Cui Heng was slightly stunned.

So they did not come to ask him for help to defeat the foreign realm, but to ask him to help reopen the Heaven Realm

However, this coincided with Cui Hengs next cultivation direction.

Hence, he nodded slightly and asked, “How do we reopen the Heaven Realm”

When Daoist Fang He saw Cui Heng ask, he was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Zhou Juntian, if you find Zhou Juntian and use your great divine power, we have a chance to reopen the Heaven Realm!”


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