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Chapter 393 Exalted Immortal, Please Make a Move and Reopen the Heaven Realm

“These are the county magistrates private soldiers!” Song Qi suddenly shouted.

At this moment, he had already seen the cavalry outside and said in shock, “There are actually so many of them.

“Yi County is indeed the richest place in the surroundings.

They can actually afford to support hundreds of cavalry.

From their energy and spirit, they must have eaten their fill every day.”

There was disbelief and some resentment in his tone.

After all, the people of Yi County only had two meals a day.

They were weak and sickly, but these cavalry were all tall and strong.

If these cavalry soldiers were raised to protect the people, they should indeed be provided


However, this was only the county magistrates private army.

Usually, they would use the excuse of investigating cases to extort money.

If they did not give it to the soldiers, there was a risk of their families being destroyed.

In Yi County, these private soldiers could definitely be said to be abusing their power.

However, in the past, Song Seven thought that the county magistrate only had about a hundred private soldiers.

He did not expect there to be so many.

Just the ones in front of him were almost 400.

“Brother Cui, there are so many cavalry guarding the city together, and theyre still chasing after us strangers.

There must be something important in the city.” Song Qi judged according to his experience.

“Yes, it should be that Recruitment Envoy.” Cui Heng nodded and moved forward with his sword.

He chuckled and said, “After I deal with these cavalry, well enter the city!”

Mortal Realm cultivators were actually not very powerful, especially martial artists who had yet to reach the Divine Treasure Realm.

Even if one could mobilize the natural power of Heaven and Earth to a certain extent after stepping into the Xiantian realm, it would only be a little supernatural.

Even though they could control water and fire, their lethality was not necessarily strong.

Cui Hengs current identity was that of a

martial artist.

Therefore, when facing hundreds of cavalry, he did not use too much strength to crush them.

Instead, he only used the strength and moves of the Xiantian realm.

Although he finally killed all the hundreds of cavalry without any injuries, it was enough for Fang Yuluo, Song Qi, and the others to see that this was a bitter battle.

After Cui Heng cut off the head of the last cavalryman, he shook off the blood on the blade and sheathed his sword before turning around.

At this moment, Fang Yuluo, Song Qi, Zheng Younian, and Xu Jing were all dumbfounded.

They looked at Cui Heng as if they were looking at a god, their eyes filled with amazement.

He was too powerful!

This was the strength of a Xiantian cultivator.

This was the power of Xiantian True Qi!


Hundreds of cavalry were actually killed by a single person!


“Brother Cui, youre so powerful!” Song Qi exclaimed.

He had never seen such a powerful person before.

Even the Song Imperial Palace in the past did not have such a powerful martial artist.

He was simply invincible!

“If Brother Cui was in our world, he would definitely be a land deity respected by the world.” Zheng Younian could not help but sigh.

“Xiantian power, this is the power of the Xiantian realm!”

“What a powerful Xiantian expert.

He seems to be even more powerful than those outer sect disciples who have stepped into the Xiantian realm!” Fang Yuluo thought to herself.

“Is this an expert who used merit points to exchange for rewards after completing the mission issued by the Samsara Lord”

She had already made up her mind to make good use of this opportunity.

Not only did she have to break through to the Profound Gate Realm, but she also had to advance to a higher realm.

Xiantian, Inner World, Divine Treasure, and even Immortal Ascension!

As long as she could survive in the Samsara World and obtain rewards again and again, these were no longer just dreams.

They would become reality.

“Phew!” Cui Heng exhaled softly and pretended to be a little tired.

He swept his gaze across everyone and smiled.

“Lets go.

Follow me to Yi County.”

“Big Brother Cui, dont you need to rest” Fang Yuluo couldnt help but remind Cui Heng when she saw that he seemed a little tired.

“Theres no need.” Cui Heng waved his hand gently and said in a low voice, “We have to hurry up with such a time-limited mission.

Otherwise, there might be trouble.”

“Although it seems like we have plenty of time now, in order to prevent any accidents from wasting time, we have to finish it as soon as possible.”

“As for my situation, you dont have to worry.”

At this point, he took out a fiery red spirit fruit and took a bite.

Immediately, a fragrance spread out, attracting everyones attention.

After swallowing this “spirit fruit”, Cui Heng immediately “recovered”.

He smiled and said, “Its done.”

“Big Brother Cui, did you also buy the fruit from the Samsara Lord” Fang Yuluo asked in surprise.

“Thats right.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “In the future, you have to remember that if you have any merit points left, its best to prepare spiritual fruits or pills to recover your strength before the mission begins.”

“Yes, thank you for your reminder, Brother Cui.” Fang Yuluo nodded.

“Lets go,” Cui Heng said in a low voice.

“Finish the mission as soon as possible!”



Although Yi County was rich, the 300-odd cavalry was already their limit.

Many of these cavalry were city guards.

Therefore, after these cavalry were destroyed by Cui Heng, the defense of Yi County became empty.

The five of them did not spend much effort to successfully enter Yi County.

Then, under Song Qis guidance, Cui Heng easily led them to the location of the recruitment envoy.


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