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Cui Heng hurriedly blew on it to extinguish the small flame burning on his fingertip.

He was rather surprised.

He had sensed something when he read the records that Monk Hui Shi had written, so he tried to improve the circulation route and release method according to his Dharmic powers.

He did not expect to ignite such a terrifying flame.

In that instant, the high temperature of this flame almost burned the entire county office to ashes.

If this heat was allowed to erupt, the entire Juhe County would probably be razed to the ground and turned into scorched earth.

And that was only because he had ignited it with a weak trace of his Dharmic powers.

“The usage of Dharmic powers is indeed profound.

This is even stronger than me purely using Dharmic powers to condense sword qi.”

Cui Heng estimated that if he used all his Dharmic powers to ignite a monstrous fire, he would probably be able to burn mountains and boil seas.

Of course, how strong it was would have to wait until it was actually used.

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Thinking of this, he looked forward to what the real spell would look like.

After all, among the methods he had mastered now, whether it was condensing sword qi or igniting flames, they were actually only useful for martial arts and not real spells.

[Currency 348.21]

Cui Heng glanced at the currency balance.

It seemed that he could deduce three spells.

But after a moments thought, he decided against it.

Currency was precious and had many uses.

More than that, it was a life-saving trump card.

He did not have a particularly urgent need for spells for the time being.

He would wait until later.

Moreover, the martial techniques that Monk Huishi had copied were enough for him to figure out many new methods to use his Dharmic powers.

“County Lord, just now you…” Seeing that Cui Heng had not spoken, Monk Hui Shi finally could not help but ask,” Was that an Immortal technique ”

“Its just a little trick for experimentation,” Cui Heng said with a smile.

“Its fine now.

You can leave.”

“Yes.” Monk Hui Shi bowed respectfully and excused himself.

After walking out of the county hall, he hurried to a tree.

He put his hands on the trunk and breathed heavily.

His back was drenched in cold sweat.

After a while, he managed to suppress his fear.

The small ball of fire just now gave Monk Huishi the feeling that the sun was rising from Cui Hengs fingertips.

As long as it exploded, it would be the end of the world.

“That was too terrifying.

Is that the power of the County Lord” Monk Hui Shi was horrified.

“Is he still human” he muttered.


Three days later.

A high platform and awnings had been set up on the street in front of the Juhe County Office.

Countless citizens surrounded the place again.

However, with Monk Hui Shi acting as the head of the constables to maintain order here, it did not seem chaotic at all.

The old men and the women were placed at the front, followed by the people with children.

Many people let their children ride on their necks, as they all stared at the raised platform.

The Complaints Conference was about to begin.

“Our Lord Heaven is really a living Immortal.

He actually thought of such a method to convict that B*stard Huang.”

“Thats right.

If anyone knows how detestable necrotic Huang is, it must be us commoners.

Ive long wanted to scold these dogs from the Huang family.”

“Thats great.

Well finally have a good life in the future.

The Huang family has oppressed us for so long and is finally dead.

Thank you, Lord Heaven!”

Many citizens were either praising Cui Heng, cursing the Huang family, or worshiping their beautiful future.

Soon, the Huang family members were escorted over in shackles by a group of constables.

Walking in front was Old Master Huang, Huang Shishan.

The crowd suddenly became noisy.

“Kill him! Kill this necrotic Huang!”

“Death by a thousand cuts! It should be death by a thousand cuts! I want to eat his flesh and drink his blood!”


“Skin him alive and put him in the frying pan! Make him suffer!”

The angry curses rose to the sky like a tsunami.

If not for Monk Hui Shi standing at the front to maintain order, these commoners would probably have rushed over and beaten all the Huang family members to death.

Even so, many of the constables, including Monk Hui Shi, felt the fierce public opinion and the monstrous anger.

The Huang family had indeed committed many evil deeds.

They deserved to die.


With the help of the four constables, Zhao Guang grabbed Huang Shishan and climbed onto the platform.

He shouted, “This is Old Master Huang, Huang Shishan, the culprit who bullied us commoners!”

“The County Lord is not afraid of power.

For the sake of us commoners, he decisively eliminated the Huang family, who had done all kinds of evil.

Now, he has held this Complaints Conference and wants us to explain clearly how the Huang family bullied us!

“Pour out your complaints in this public trial.

From now on, everyone can say whatever you want!”

Zhao Guang had once crossed the mountains from Yan Mountain County to Lu County by begging.

He was quite eloquent, so it was perfect for him to host this Complaints Conference.

As soon as he said that—


The crowd immediately exploded with anger.

All the commoners present glared at Huang Shishan with red eyes.

“Scumbag Huang, f*ck your ancestors! The year before last, there was a drought and the harvest was not enough to pay for the rent.

You actually sent someone to capture my wife and daughter and killed them alive! You deserve to die!”


“My poor old husband.

Hes already 60 years old.

Last year, he was sick and couldnt farm for two days.

This necrotic Huang actually sent someone to capture him to plow the land with his hands.

He died of exhaustion!”

“The Huang family deserves to die a horrible death! Last year, when my daughter was about to get married, a steward of the Huang family took a fancy to her.

That night… my poor daughter hung herself just like that! Boohoo!”

Just like that, the Complaints Conference lasted for three days and three nights.

Old Master Huang Shishans complaints alone occupied two days and one night.

In the end, this mighty landlord who rode on the heads of all the commoners in Juhe County was scolded to death on the high platform by tens of thousands of people.

Otherwise, this Complaints Conference would probably take even longer.

After the Complaints Conference, it was time to distribute the Huang familys land and property to the citizens.

This made the people of Juhe County worship Cui Heng like a god.

In fact, many people had already worshiped Cui Heng at home and prayed to him day and night.

After the Huang family was wiped out, the commoners also received their own fields and property.

The entire Juhe County had entered an unprecedented state of joy.

However, in such a joyous atmosphere, a piece of news hung over everyones hearts like a haze, making them uneasy.

It was said that the rebel King Yans army would soon attack Juhe County!

On this day, two people came to Juhe County.

One of them was a young woman who looked to be in her twenties, and the other was a young girl who was only in her late teens.

They were both disciples of the Yuhua Sword Pavilion, a large sect in Lu County.

The girl had picturesque features and was wearing a yellow dress.

She was petite, beautiful, and lively.

Her bright and lively eyes looked around curiously.

When she saw the stalls selling snacks on the street, she could not help but stop.

“Senior Sister, this Juhe County is so lively and smells so good.” She gently tugged at the corner of the young womans clothes and asked softly, “Didnt you say that theres a scary landlord here and that the commoners are living in hell”

The young woman had soft facial features and a bright and beautiful appearance.

Her temperament was dignified and steady.

She was tall and wore a plain white dress, giving off a scholarly feeling.

“Its indeed different from what we knew before.” She was also surprised to see the situation in Juhe County.

She frowned slightly and thought, “It seems that there are some changes we dont know about.

“In this chaotic world, there arent many places for people to live and work in peace.

It would be a pity if they were to be destroyed by King Yans army.

This time, we must do our best to help and prevent this place from being destroyed.”


“Shall we go to look for the county magistrate now” the girl asked, but her eyes were still fixed on the roadside snacks.

“No,” the young woman said, shaking her head gently.

“Lets ask the people here first.”


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