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Chapter 388 Endless Opportunities, Endless Danger (2)

Fang Yuluo was a little confused by this introduction.

Could a Xiantian Realm cultivator control a sect

In the Azure Water Sword Pavilion, Xiantian realm cultivators were only only qualified to be outer sect disciples.

Only by stepping into the Deity Realm could one become an inner sect disciple.

If one wanted to advance to a legacy disciple, they had to become a Human Immortal.

Then, the three of them conversed.

This allowed the three of them to have a basic understanding of each other.

Zheng Younian and Xu Jing were both at the Qi Condensation Realm.

They could be considered first-rate experts in their martial world.

Fang Yuluo was shocked by this and said that she had already reached the Qi Transformation realm and was only one step away from the Profound Gate realm.

This shocked Zheng Younian and Xu Jing greatly, and they almost reconstructed their worldview.

In their understanding, Qi Transformation cultivators were enough to be called Grandmasters.

They were basically all old men in their fifties or sixties.

Now, such a teenage girl had actually reached the Qi Transformation realm.

It was simply too unbelievable!

As they talked, the three of them realized in surprise that perhaps they were not from the same world.

To martial artists who had yet to step into the Immortal realm, their planet was basically the entire world.

“The Samsara Lord previously said that there are endless worlds here…” Fang Yuluo frowned slightly and said in a low voice,” Dont tell me we really dont come from the same world.”

“Thats indeed a possibility.” Zheng Younian nodded.

He actually already had some faith in this guess.

“If thats really the case, what kind of great divine power did the person who brought us here have” Xu Jing could not help but exclaim, “A true Immortal God is only so-so.”


At this moment, a muffled sound came from behind the statue not far away, immediately attracting the attention of the three of them.

“Who is it!”

Fang Yuluo shouted softly.

With a flash, she instantly flew behind the Demon Lion statue.

“What a fast movement technique!”

“What exquisite martial arts!”

Zheng Younian and Fang Yuluo could not help but exclaim.

The movement technique that Fang Yuluo used had already exceeded their understanding

It was too amazing and too fast!

At this moment, Fang Yuluo had already seen Song Qi hiding behind the statue.

She said in surprise, “Theres actually another person.

Why are you hiding here”

“I…” Song Qi hesitated for a moment before deciding to tell the truth.

“I couldnt figure out your temperaments, so in order to protect myself, I hid at the side and watched.”

“Haha, little brother, youre very vigilant.” Zheng Younian walked over.

He had a straightforward personality and said with a smile, “Its obvious that youre an old fox.

You should indeed do this.”

“Little brother, dont worry.

Since were here together, we might have to help each other in the future.” Xu Jing also smiled.

“Yes, Big Brother Zheng and Elder Sister Xu are right.” Fang Yuluo nodded.

Suddenly, she had a flash of inspiration and asked Song Qi, “Whats your name and where are you from”

She wanted to verify if Song Qi came from a different world from them.

“My name is Song Qi, and Im from the Lu Kingdom.” Song Qi held the lion statue and barely stood up.

Although he had a crippled leg, he could still barely stand up on the other leg.

“I heard your conversation.

We might indeed be from different worlds.

This Samsara Lord is very powerful.”

Fang Yuluo, Zheng Younian, and Xu Jing fell silent.

Such power had indeed exceeded their imagination.

Even Fang Yuluo, who came from Divine Might Planet, did not have a clear perception of such a great divine power.

She did not know what kind of existence could do it.

After all, she could only be considered a pre-selected disciple of the Azure Water Sword Pavilion.

She had not even entered the outer sect.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

At this moment, there was a sudden clap from behind a Divine Dragon statue.

Then, a young and handsome man walked out.

He was dressed in white and had a long sword hanging at his waist.

He gave off a gentle feeling, and his gaze was very gentle.

As long as one was stared at by him, they would feel as if they were bathing in a spring breeze.

It was Cui Heng.

“Its already very rare for me to come around to the fact that youre from different worlds.” Cui Heng looked at the four of them with admiration and smiled.

His sudden appearance made the four people here nervous.

They looked at him warily.

This person had hidden himself too well, and they did not notice him at all.

“Theres no need to look at me like that.” Cui Heng waved his hand, and his expression became solemn.

“Actually, I was also pulled over by this big light ball.

“Its just that Ive done a few more missions than you.

My companions were all killed in the previous mission.

You should be the new teammates the big light ball pulled for me.

“My surname is Cui, and my name is Yuan.

You can address me however you want.”

This was the identity Cui Heng planned to play.


Cui Yuan.

A person who had entered the Samsara Cycle earlier and had a certain level of strength.

He was not especially strong, but he carried the hopes of all his teammates.

Actually, from the beginning, he had planned to wear the identity of an ordinary Samsara player to better integrate into the communication between the other Samsara players and increase his cultivation.

However, after some careful consideration, Cui Heng decided to use this identity as an entry point to establish a close communication relationship with these people.

This was to let such a scattered team have a core as soon as possible.

Only then would it be more convenient and efficient.



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