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Chapter 387 Endless Opportunities, Endless Danger

“Everyone, welcome to the Samsara World!”

“There are endless worlds here, endless dangers, endless opportunities, and endless fortune.”

The sudden voice made the four people present look up in extreme shock.

At the same time, the originally empty sky suddenly lit up with a ball of golden light.

A huge ball of light appeared out of thin air and hung there like a sun.

What was this

Doubts surfaced in the hearts of the four people.

However, Fang Yuluo still forced herself to calm down and mustered her courage to ask, “Senior, were you the one who pulled us here”

She knew that this might be her only chance to break through to the Profound Gate Realm and pass the exam.

She had to catch it.

Moreover, she was born on Divine Might Planet and was knowledgeable.

She was not frightened like the other three.

She knew very well that there was nothing about her worth plotting against.

Fang Yuluos words immediately attracted the attention of the other three.

Song Qi hid behind a shrine statue and looked at Fang Yuluo in surprise.

He thought to himself, “This woman is actually so brave.

She actually dares to ask such a direct question in the face of such an unknown existence.”

His years of exile had taught him a cautious personality.

He would not take the initiative to speak unless he could guarantee his safety.

Of the other two, one was a middle-aged man who looked to be in his thirties.

He was burly and rough-looking, with a full beard.

The other was a young woman in her twenties.

She could only be considered delicate and pretty, but her figure was very slender.

At this moment, the two of them also looked at Fang Yuluo in surprise.

They did not expect this young and beautiful girl to be so bold.

Wasnt she afraid that this mysterious expert would directly kill them

At this moment, the voice sounded again, answering Fang Yuluos question.

“It was you who accepted my invitation.”

“You can call me Lord Samsara.”

“The starry skies are endless, and the universe is vast.

You will later experience one world after another.

You can attempt to complete the missions I issued and accumulate merit points.”

“Here, you can exchange merit points for everything you want.”

“Divine weapons, Dharma treasures, Immortal pills, spirit medicines, peerless divine techniques, natural treasures, bloodline treasures, natural treasures.

Theres everything here.”

“Every time you complete a mission, you will return to your world and wait for the next round of samsara.”


Fang Yuluo was a little surprised and filled with anticipation.

Since there was everything, there must be pills or other treasures that could increase her cultivation and allow her to break through.

Just as she was about to continue asking.

The man and woman walked over.

“Im Zheng Younian from the Dajiang Gang.

May I know your name” The middle-aged man took the initiative to introduce himself and asked Fang Yuluo.

“Im Xu Jing from the Hundred Flowers Valley.

How should I address you, Sister” The young woman walked over and asked Fang Yuluo.

The two of them were obviously not strangers.

Even if they were not intimate, they at least knew each other.

“Greetings, Big Brother Zheng, Elder Sister Xu.” Fang Yuluo cupped her hands and bowed to the two of them according to the experience she had obtained from the storyteller.

She smiled and said, “Im from the Azure Water Sword Pavilion.

My name is Fang Yuluo.”

When she said the name, she sounded rather proud.


The Azure Water Sword Pavilion was a top sect in the southern part of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

The Sect Master, Jiang Caiyun, had cultivated to the Mystic Deity realm at the age of just more than a hundred.

It was at the peak of her fame.

At this moment, every disciple of the Vast Water Sword Pavilion was proud of their identity.

However, Zheng Younian and Xu Jing revealed confused expressions after hearing Fang Yuluos self-introduction.

They looked at each other and saw the confusion in each others eyes.

Azure Water Sword Pavilion

What kind of sect was this

Looking at the girls appearance, she seemed to be rather proud.

She should be from a large sect.

But why had they never heard of it

Moreover, from the girls reaction, she didnt seem to have heard of the Great River Gang and the Hundred Flowers Valley either.

In Zheng Younian and Xu Jings understanding, the Great River Gang and the Hundred Flowers Valley were both famous large sects in the pugilistic world.

Even the big shots in the Imperial Court were afraid of them.

After all, the leaders of the Great River Gang and the Hundred Flowers Valley were both land deities at the Xiantian realm.

There were not many such figures in the world.

It was impossible for there to be martial artists in the world who had never heard of the Great River Gang and the Hundred Flowers Valley.

Fang Yuluo also saw the doubts on their faces and understood that the two of them had never heard of the Azure Water Sword Pavilion.

She was not surprised by this.

That was because Divine Might Planet was too big, and the Great Zhou was also too big.

There were many martial sects.

Even if they were famous sects in a state, they might be unknown in other states.

Hence, Fang Yuluo took the initiative to introduce, “Big Brother Zheng, Elder Sister Xu, our Vast Water Sword Pavilion is located in Qingzhou in the southern region of the Great Zhou.

The current Pavilion Master has already cultivated her Dharma Idol to the Mystic Deity realm.”

But this introduction made the two of them even more confused.


Great Zhou Southern Region Qingzhou Dharma Idol Mystic Deity

What was all this

However, although the two of them did not understand what Fang Yuluo was saying, they still introduced their sect.

The Great River Gang was the largest gang in the Great Qian Dynasty and controlled 30% of the worlds water routes.

The current leader was a land deity who had already stepped into the Xiantian realm.

The Hundred Flowers Valley was a hidden sect that only accepted women.

They were best at medicine, but they were also good at using poison.

The current Valley Master was also a land deity who had stepped into the Xiantian realm.



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