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Chapter 383 Mingqiong, I Have Something to Talk to You About

After the initial surprise, Cui Heng fell into deep thought again.

Could communicating with the world be understood as exerting influence on this world or understanding it more deeply

After all, communication was a process of understanding and also a process of one party affecting the other.

If that was the case, in theory, he could still continue using the cultivation method of the Nascent Soul realm and explore the unknown information and learn the unknown to increase his cultivation.

However, after obtaining all the information about the 21 realms of the Immortal and Mortal realms just now, it did not increase his cultivation.

Was it because he had only learned the information from the cultivation techniques and did not communicate with anything

If he could obtain information through questioning, could it be considered a communication relationship

Thinking about it carefully, it didnt seem right.

If he wanted to exert influence on this world, he only needed to further implement the rules of order to continue affecting this world.

He could use this to increase his cultivation

This way, it seemed to correspond to the method of breaking through to the Soul Formation realm from the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

However, he felt that this understanding did not seem right.

The scope of the wordcommunicate was too broad.

In a sense, as long as he existed in this world, he had already begun to communicate with it.

But how could this communication become more complete How should he do it

“The biggest problem in front of me now is how to define this wordcommunicate, how to consider it as communication, and how to communicate in depth.”

Cui Heng made a judgment in his heart and thought to himself, “With my current cultivation realm, I can completely communicate with the laws of the universe.

Does this count”

Hence, he began to release his divine sense and used his Dharmic powers to communicate with the laws of the universe.

Then, Cui Heng felt extremely subtle golden threads extend from his body and connect to these laws.

This seemed to be the manifestation of a two-way communication.

After the faint golden threads appeared, he began to receive feedback.

Extremely small golden threads began to appear in his Purple Mansion Essence Soul, causing the speed at which he automatically became stronger to become faster.

However, this feedback and increase were extremely small and could almost be ignored.

“As expected, its also possible to directly establish communication with the laws of the universe.”

Cui Heng nodded at first, then shook his head and sighed.

“But its just like how one can cultivate by comprehending the Great Dao laws when in the Nascent Soul realm.

The efficiency is too low.

“With this level of feedback, not to mention cultivating to the Peak of the Soul Formation realm, I might not even be able to break through to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm in another ten million years.

“The definition of communication is still too vague.

However, if I study and try it myself, Im afraid Ill have to take many detours.

Its far from a days work.”

Hence, he decisively ordered the System.

“Use the Reading couponsdetailed explanation function.

The target word iscommunicate.”

[Hello, honorable host! You have used the “detailed explanation” function.

Usage of the reading voucher: -2.]

[Your reading coupon usage is 0.

Please recharge it in time.]

(You have chosen the word “communicate”.

Initiating explanation.]

[Communicate: Communication can be understood as interacting with information and the flow of knowledge.

That is, creating as much interaction with this world as possible and creating a two-way relationship.]

As soon as this explanation appeared, Cui Heng was stunned.

At the same time, a light suddenly flashed in his mind, as if the first ray of white light had cut through the darkness, and scenes appeared.

There were scenes of him feeling that there was something wrong with his mental state.

It had been too long since he displayed his divinity in front of others.

There were also scenes of him changing into various identities and comprehending the life of people under his laws of order.

In these images, there were many scenes of him interacting with people and then establishing connections with them.

“I see.

Communication with people can be used as a key direction.

Hmm, in other words, my cultivation state at the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm was actually already a rehearsal for the Soul Formation realm.”

Cui Heng understood something and thought to himself, “Combining these two situations, I should need to let more people know of my existence and have a clear understanding of


Thinking of this, his thoughts moved and instantly enveloped the entire Divine Might Planet.

He tried to sense the existence of this communication relationship.

Then, Cui Heng frowned.

The connection feedback was indeed there, but it was far less than he had expected.

With the establishment of God Cui Temple and the spread of many of his deeds, almost everyone on the current Divine Might Planet knew of Cui Hengs existence.

According to his previous guess, these people all knew of his existence and had a clear understanding of him.

The laws established by Cui Heng were indeed closely related to their lives, so there should be a link of “communications between them.

But in reality, Cui Heng did not sense any communication feedback from these people.

Not to mention these people, even Hui Shi, the Yellow-scarved Strongman, and Huo Liu had an extremely thin communication relationship with him.

Only Li Mingqiongs relationship with him was slightly stronger, but it was also very limited.

From Cui Hengs current perspective, this communication relationship was the same as the previous connection laws.

It also appeared as a faint golden thread that connected him and those who interacted with him.

Hui Shi, the Yellow-scarved Strongman, and Huo Liu were only thin threads of almost indiscernible color, but they still gave him much more feedback than directly communicating with the laws.

The thread between Li Mingqiong and him was as thick as a strand of hair.

Although it was still very thin, the color could already be seen clearly.

The feedback from his communication with her far exceeded the communication with laws.

“Looks like Ive found the right direction!” Cui Heng was rather happy in his heart, but he also felt very puzzled.

He muttered, “But whats with this communication line”

He looked at an exchange line.

This was a line that was different from Hui Shi, the Yellow-scarved Strongman, Huo Liu, and Li Mingqiong.

Moreover, it was actually a communication line that was as thick as a babys finger.

The shape of the golden thread was clear.

It was no longer just golden in color on the outside, and was vaguely suffused with golden light.

The feedback brought about by such a communication line could be said to be huge!

Cui Heng could not help but be stunned.

“Jiang Caiyun!”

He had already found the source of this communication line.

Then, he was stunned.

It was actually Jiang Caiyun! What was going on

Why was it Jiang Caiyun Did he communicate so deeply with her

Although Cui Changshengs identity could be considered as close to her, it was impossible for it to surpass his communication with Li Mingqiong

And it was superior by that much.

Cui Heng could no longer understand what was going on.

If not for the fact that he had indeed sensed feedback on this communication line, and it was indeed much greater than the feedback from Li Mingqiong and the others, he would have suspected that his perception was wrong.

“Why is this happening” Cui Heng frowned and thought to himself, “This communication cultivation aspect should be very profound.

Even with a detailed explanation, I still have to spend a lot of time to experience and try it out myself.”

“The core problem… Perhaps its because of the different peoples different understanding of me.

Hui Shi, the Yellow-scarved Strongman, Huo Liu, Liu Litao, Lu Zhengming, and the others are actually my servants.

They should feel more respect towards me than anything else.”

“Mingqiong is my disciple, and our relationship is much closer than the previous few.

I talk to her more, but she should also have more respect towards me compared to other feelings.”

“Jiang Caiyun actually doesnt have much interaction with me, but she has a deep relationship with Cui Changsheng.

Theyre close friends, and she can even be described as a Dao companion…”

Thinking of this, he suddenly had some guesses.


But he was not very sure.

Cui Heng walked out of the Grotto-Heaven and sent a voice transmission to Li Mingqiong.

“Mingqiong, come and see me.

I have something to discuss with you.”

em le

He planned to verify his guess from his disciple first.

At the same time, he had to carry out some investigation.


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