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Chapter 381 Upgraded System Function

[Congratulations! The package has been upgraded!)

(The new package has been activated.

There are a total of 8 benefits.

Please click on the details.)

(Intermediate Grotto-Heaven: This is a Grotto-Heaven with complete laws of the universe.

It wanders through the gaps between the myriad worlds and will block all external senses and deceive all heavenly secrets.

You will not be harmed here.

You can enter at any time.)

[If you want to bring others in, additional charges will apply.]

[Intermediate Dao Palace: This is a palace that can change into any shape.

It is also a Soul Formation-level Dharma treasure with the power to destroy galaxies.

It contains various household appliances and facilities for cultivation.

It can increase cultivation speed by 50%.]

[If you want to bring it out of the Grotto-Heaven, additional charges will apply.) (Intermediate Herb Field: This is a medicinal field that produces a new spiritual root every year.

Different crops will naturally grow every day.

Every month, the crops in the medicinal field will be automatically cleaned to avoid affecting the growth of the spiritual root.)

[If you want to customize a new spirit root that will be born next year, additional charges will apply.]

[Intermediate Pill Furnace: This is a pill furnace that will automatically refine pills every year.

As long as the pill furnace contains materials, it will be refined randomly.

The effects of the pills produced are unknown.]

[If you need to customize a certain pill, additional charges will apply.]

[If you want to obtain a specific pill formula, additional charges will apply.]

(Intermediate Forging Furnace: This is a furnace that will forge Dharma treasures every year.

As long as the furnace contains materials, it will be randomly refined.

Type of Dharma treasure is unknown.]

[If you want to customize a certain Dharma treasure, additional charges will apply.]

[If you want to obtain the refining manual of a specific Dharma treasure, additional charges will apply.)

[Intermediate Guardian: This is a Guardian with relatively strong Dharmic powers.

It is equivalent to the Early-stage Soul Formation realm.

It can protect your path to immortality.]

(If you want to increase your Guardians cultivation, additional charges will apply.]

[Intermediate Dharmic Robe: This is a robe with relatively strong defense.

It can perfectly defend against all techniques at the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm and can also be transformed into any form.]

[If you want to make more robes, additional charges will apply.)

[If you want to increase the defense of the robe, additional charges will apply.)

[Intermediate Immortal Technique: This is a powerful and mystical Immortal Technique.

It can guide you on the path to Immortal Ascension.

You need to pay to read it.]

[If you want to deduce a specific spell, additional charges will apply.]


Information flashed before Cui Hengs eyes.

What attracted his attention first was not these new functions, but the dazzling “additional charges will apply”.

Almost every “benefit” was paid for separately.

It was really ridiculous.

However, overall, everything had indeed been upgraded

The Grotto-Heaven World had become an Intermediate Grotto-Heaven.

There was an additional function that could deceive all heavenly secrets, and the restriction of paying to enter was removed.

He could also bring others in, but he had to pay separately.

The Blessed Land Dao Palace had become a powerful Dharma treasure and had fused with the original meditation room.

As long as one cultivated in the Dao Palace, they could obtain a huge increase in strength.

The changes in the medicinal field were beyond Cui Hengs expectations.

Spiritual roots had actually begun to appear.

Although he did not know what kind of spirit root could grow in the medicinal field, to be called a spirit root, it was probably not something ordinary spirit medicines could compare to.

The pill furnace and weapon furnace were new functions.

Cui Heng was not too sure what effect they could have for the time being.

He could only experiment with them in the future.

The Intermediate Guardian was basically an upgraded version of the Yellow-scarved Strongman.

It was equivalent to having an Early-stage Soul Formation expert as a fighter.

He could also activate the so-called seclusion Guardian mode.

This could be studied next.

The improvement of the Intermediate Dharmic Robe was rather ridiculous.

It could actually perfectly defend against all techniques at the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm.

After breaking through to the Soul Formation realm, Cui Heng knew very well that every bit of improvement in this realm would result in a tremendous change.

His overall strength would increase exponentially.

The difference between the Early and Mid-stage Soul Formation realm was definitely indescribably great.

The Intermediate Dharmic Robe could actually perfectly defend against all the methods of a Mid-stage Soul Formation cultivator.

It was simply unbelievable.

Moreover, he could pay to increase the defense of the robe and create many more.

This also meant that he could give this robe to the people around him to provide almost absolute defense and greatly increase their safety.

Of course, what surprised Cui Heng the most was the description of the Intermediate Immortal Technique.

Although the Intermediate Immortal Technique did not seem to have changed much compared to the Beginner Immortal Technique, there was a difference in detail that made the function of the Intermediate Immortal Technique incomparably powerful.

The deduction of spells had become targeted!

This also meant that when he deduced spells in the future, he could fix the direction of the deduction in a specific range.

He no longer had to worry about getting spells like “Inedia” that frequently appeared.

From the looks of these eight benefits, this upgrade was really a huge upgrade.

It even reduced the consumption terms, making one feel that this money-hungry system had suddenly become kind.

“However, why didnt it give a direct price on the function list this time” Cui Heng suddenly noticed a problem.

This time, the display on the System interface was different from before.

In the past, after every payment column, the exact amount of currency needed would be marked.

But this time, there was only an “additional charges apply” description.

Hence, Cui Heng tried to give the System an order and said in a low voice, “Exchange for the reading time of the Intermediate Immortal Technique, From Beginner to Ascension.”

(Hello, honorable host! Your Omnipotent Immortal Cultivation package has been successfully upgraded.

This System will serve you wholeheartedly and protect your path to immortality!)

(Due to the upgrade of the System package, the functions have become stronger and more diverse.

Therefore, the currency system has also undergone some subtle adjustments.]


[Other than paying currency, the functions produced by the eight benefits of the upgraded package will only be displayed after the payment of the corresponding usage coupons.)

[The value-added services are not affected by the new currency system.

You only need to pay currency to buy the “All-rounded Cultivation package expansion package”, “All-rounded Cultivation package upgrade expansion package”, and other value-added services.]

[Hello, honorable host! You are exchanging for the reading time of the Intermediate Immortal Technique, From Beginner to Ascension.)

[Payment details are as follows:]

[Reading price: 10,000 coins per minute, 1 reading coupon.) (Your reading coupon balance is 0.

Please recharge in time.

Please explore the charging channels yourself or buy the value-added service “Coupons usage, recharge, and explanation package” for learning.)

[Coupons usage, recharge, and explanation package: This package will explain in detail how to obtain different types of usage coupons.

Purchasing price: 1,000,000,000 coins.)

Cui Heng looked at the series of notifications and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

Could this be any more ridiculous

No wonder many of the functions that required payment were free after the package was upgraded.

It turned out that there was an even more ridiculous payment program hidden.

Indeed, free things were always the most expensive.

He knew that this money-hungry System would not suddenly become kind.

“Purchase theCoupons usage, recharge, and explanation package!!” Cui Heng gritted his teeth and said.

To him, a mere billion coins was nothing now.

After his perception spread to the starry skies of the myriad worlds, he came into contact with countless civilizations.

This way, he could directly collect currency from these different civilizations through his perception.

The number quickly became incomparably inflated.

[Hello, honorable host! Congratulations on successfully purchasing the “Coupons usage, recharge, and explanation package”.]

(Currency: -1,000,000,000]

[Coupons usage, recharge, and explanations are as follows:]

(Grotto-heaven coupon price: A planet with a diameter of more than three million kilometers or a star of the same size.]

[Dao Palace coupon price: Three Dharma treasures equivalent to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm or weapons of the same level.]

[Medicinal Field coupon price: Three different types of spiritual root fruits or spiritual medicines of the same level.]

[Pill Furnace coupon price: Three Peak Nascent Soul Pills.]

[Forging Furnace coupon price: Three forging blueprints for Peak Nascent Soul treasures.]

(Guardian coupon price: Three Peak Nascent Soul demon beasts.]

[Dharmic Robe coupon price: 10 different types of Soul Formation realm heavenly treasures.]

[Reading coupon price: An Immortal cultivation technique that leads directly to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm or a variant cultivation technique of the same level.]

[Immortal Technique coupon price: Three Peak Nascent Soul dharmic techniques or extraordinary techniques of the same level.]

Looking at these entries, Cui Heng immediately fell into deep thought.

These nine types of coupons corresponded to the various functions of the eight benefits, and they all required that they not come from the various functions of the system.

For example, if one used spiritual root fruits to buy medicinal field vouchers, they could only use spiritual roots from the outside world.

The spiritual root fruits produced in the medicinal field were not enough.

The other coupons for the other functions such as the “Pill Furnace” and “Weapon Furnace” were similar.

Then, the problem in front of Cui Heng now was where should he find a cultivation method that pointed to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm

This led to a few other problems,

What was a cultivation method that directly pointed to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm

Should it reach a level similar to the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm in one aspect, or should it reach the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm in all aspects

If it was only in one aspect, could the cultivation techniques of the 21 realms of the Immortal and Mortal realms be used to buy reading vouchers

However, Cui Heng quickly realized that his understanding of the 21 realms of the Immortal and Mortal realms was only until the Seventh realm of the Immortal World.

As for the Eighth and Ninth Realms, they were still a sea of fog to him.

After all, according to his previous understanding, the Eighth Realm of the Immortal World did not require cultivation.

One only needed to receive the authority bestowed by the Heaven Realm.

It was the same for the Ninth Realm of the Immortal World.

Was this considered a cultivation technique

Something didnt seem right.

Then, Cui Heng fell into deep thought.

After a long time, he suddenly felt something and left the Grotto-Heaven in a flash.

He saw Hui Shi rushing over.

“Greetings, Sir.” Hui Shi hurriedly bowed.

“Why are you in such a hurry” Cui Heng asked.

“Sir, its like this…” Hui Shi replied.

“As you expected, Daoist Fang He and Monk Yuan Ku have come to visit again.

“I followed your instructions and asked for some ancient books and cultivation techniques.

Im planning to put them in the palaces library.”

“Cultivation techniques” Cui Hengs eyes lit up.


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