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Chapter 371 Welcome, Heavenly Realms Supreme Being

Great Zhous Hexi Province, Tongguang County.

This was one of the most prosperous county cities in the vicinity.

When the Great Zhou was first established, there was a person called Ren Ping who had made great contributions in the battle against the White Lotus Lifeless Sect and was conferred the title of Count of Tongguang County.

After the Great Zhou stabilized, he developed Tongguang County, making this place the most prosperous among the nearby counties.

The descendants of the Ren Family also flourished and became a large family in Tongguang County.

Recently, there was a joyous occasion in Tongguang County.

Ren Fengs wife was about to give birth, and a new life was about to be born.

He was the eldest son of the Ren Familys direct line of descent.

His child would be the latest continuation of the Ren Familys bloodline.

This was an extremely festive and important matter for the entire Ren Family.

On the other hand, the people of Tongguang County were mostly indebted to the Ren Family.

In fact, many of them even had their families livelihoods taken care of by the Ren Family.

Therefore, half a month ago, the entire Tongguang County had entered a joyous state.

Every family was decorated with lanterns and banners, preparing to celebrate the arrival of a new life.

This festive atmosphere reached its peak with the arrival of the master of the Azure Water Sword Pavilion, Jiang Caiyun.

Although the Great Zhou Dynasty had achieved equality on the legal level, there were still differences in peoples exact identities.

It was just that they did not have special privileges in front of the law.

A Heaven Monarch like Jiang Caiyun, who had just turned a hundred years old, could be considered a big shot for most families.

Although the Ren Familys ancestor was a County Lord, he was far from being comparable to a Heaven Monarch.


Jiang Caiyun was the master of Ren Fengs wife, Yang Mingyu.

Therefore, after she arrived at the Ren Family, Ren Feng and Yang Mingyu were naturally in charge of receiving her.

“Master, Im so happy that you can come.” Yang Mingyu sat with Jiang Caiyun in the guest hall and said with a smile, “I really didnt expect my husband to meet you when he went to God Cui Temple to pray.”

Although there was less than half a month until her delivery, as a martial artist with good cultivation, there was no problem for her to walk normally.

“Youre the first among my disciples to have a baby.

As your master, I have to come and take a look.” Jiang Caiyun smiled.

“The birth of a new life is always a happy occasion.”

Thinking of this, she thought of that person again and could not help but feel a little melancholic.

Of course, this was a festive time.

She would not express such emotions.

“Yes.” Yang Mingyu touched her stomach and nodded gently.

“Ever since this child was conceived, Ive had an indescribable joy.

This feeling is really very wonderful.”

“Hehe, I didnt expect to meet Pavilion Master Jiang at that time.” Ren Feng sat on the other side and said with a smile, “I have to thank Elder Cui for this.

If not for Elder Cui giving me incense, I wouldnt have…”

Before he could finish speaking, he stopped and realized that he had said the wrong thing.

A trace of sadness flashed across Jiang Caiyuns eyes, but she did not say anything.

“Pavilion Master Jiang, Im sorry, I didnt expect this…” Ren Feng hurriedly apologized.

He already knew that this Pavilion Master Jiang had a deep relationship with Elder Cui.

“Its fine.” Jiang Caiyun shook her head gently and stood up.

She smiled at Yang Mingyu and said, “Yuer, get someone to bring me to the guest room.

I want to rest.”

“Yes, Master.” Yang Mingyu also stood up and hurriedly arranged for a servant girl to be given to Jiang Caiyun.

Then, she glared at Ren Feng and complained softly, “You!” “Sigh, look at my mouth.” Ren Feng wished he could slap himself.

Why couldnt he change the habit of speaking without thinking

“Alright, you can pay more attention to what you say in the future.” Yang Mingyu rolled her eyes at Ren Feng and was about to say something when her expression suddenly changed.

She hurriedly held her stomach and gritted her teeth.

“Husband, I-Im about to give birth!”

“What!” Ren Feng was shocked when he heard this.

“Isnt there still ten days Someone come quickly!”


Yang Mingyus premature delivery without warning did not cause chaos in the human world.

As a large family, they were prepared for all kinds of accidents.

Therefore, Yang Mingyu was quickly sent to the delivery room and a special person was arranged to deliver the child.

The entire process was handled extremely quickly.

Jiang Caiyun, who had already gone to the courtyard where the guest rooms were, did not even feel anything happening.

However, just as Yang Mingyu began to give birth, Jiang Caiyun, who had just sat down in the guest room, suddenly frowned.

“Whats going on Whats with this oppressive feeling” She realized that without warning, a sense of panic welled up in her heart, as if a disaster was about to befall her.

Moreover, in just a few breaths, this feeling of panic and suppression increased by several times, even making a Heavenly Lord like her feel a little suffocated.

A Heaven Monarchs body was extremely powerful.

They could walk freely in space near the planet.

It was almost impossible for them to feel this way.

This situation was definitely not normal.

“What exactly happened”

Jiang Caiyun emphasized her thoughts and walked out of the guest room to look at the sky.

Then, the originally blue sky turned dark, as if it had turned from day to night.

However, the “night” in front of her did not have any starlight or moonlight.

It was clearly abnormal.


Suddenly, there was a muffled sound.

Jiang Caiyun suddenly retreated into the guest room and slammed into a wall.

Her face turned as pale as paper, and a trace of red blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth.

She had only glanced at the sky just now, but her soul had been severely injured.

The laws of the Dharma Idol in her body had also become completely chaotic.

Her strength began to rampage, and an intense tearing feeling filled her entire body.

“What is this!”

Jiang Caiyun could not understand the current situation at all, let alone deal with the current situation in her body.

The only choice left for her seemed to be to wait for death.

She would never have thought that a Heaven Monarch like her was actually so tiny.

She had only glanced at the sky and was about to die without even knowing what she had seen

In fact, a situation like Jiang Caiyuns was not an isolated case.

Just now, a dark screen of light quickly expanded with Tongguang County as the center and quickly enveloped the entire Divine Might Planet.

As long as it was a martial artist at the Deva realm or above, everyone who looked up at the sky had suffered an incomparably huge soul attack.

Moreover, the stronger the realm, the greater the impact.

This was the result even after Li Mingqiong decisively mobilized the power of the countrys destiny to form an invisible barrier after discovering the abnormality.

Otherwise, the moment the sky turned dark, the entire Divine Might Planet would have suffered countless casualties.


At this moment, at the Ren Family residence in Tongguang County.


Jiang Caiyun, who was about to fall unconscious, suddenly heard the cry of a baby.

Then, she felt her mind buzzing and her thoughts became completely chaotic.

She only heard a shout in her daze.

“Welcome, Heavenly Realm Supreme Being, to this world!”


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