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Chapter 368 Lights of the Homes, Light of Humanity (2)

Although the other Creators did not know what the Holy Mother of White Lotus represented, they knew very well how powerful the White Lotus Lifeless Sect was.

It was not that no one had resisted before.

But in the end, they were all suppressed.

No one had ever succeeded.

Now, someone had actually succeeded.

This Immortal Venerable Cui was simply too powerful.

Those who were originally watching the situation on Divine Might Planet and planned to immediately clear themselves of any involvement once Cui Heng was defeated also heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, they were slow enough.

Otherwise, they would be courting death.

In the Great Zhou Imperial City.

Li Mingqiong smiled and said happily, “Master is invincible.

A mere White Lotus Lifeless Sect is not worth mentioning!”

“Too powerful.” Hui Shi also looked up at the sky and muttered, “Sir should be considered the number one person in the heavens, right”

Similar sighs continued to sound throughout Divine Might Planet and spread outside.

At this moment, Cui Hengs figure was completely imprinted in the minds of all the living beings in the Purple Sun Realm, becoming a mark that could never be erased.

Thousands of years later, what happened today would most likely become a legend.

Even tens of thousands of years later, this matter would probably still be spread as a legend.


At this moment, Cui Heng stood in the air and felt the gazes of everyone.

These gazes contained different thoughts, but they all had one thing in common: shock.

Extreme shock.

“This is the feeling of showing off in front of the public.” Cui Heng laughed happily.

He felt extremely comfortable.

Some of the emotions that had been suppressed in his body for a long time were finally released.

After this show of divinity, his mental state had become even more perfect.

The trace of frustration that he had felt because of the blurry path of cultivation had finally completely dissipated.

However, the trace of flaw in his cultivation still existed, making him feel that it was not harmonious enough.

“Although my mental state has reached perfection, I still havent found the root of the problem.

What am I lacking”

Cui Heng frowned again and thought to himself, “This feeling is still too vague.

I have to continue accumulating the Purple Golden Divine Light and strive to make this flaw clearer.”

This time, the show of divinity resolved his mental state.

And the fuse for this mental problem was that he could not find the source of this sense of defect.

Unable to find the problem, without a guide to ask, and without a Dao companion to discuss with, the problem of his mental state erupted.

The problem of his mental state was resolved now, but it was only a temporary solution.

However, he had already found the direction.

He just had to continue walking down this



After Cui Heng destroyed the White Lotus Lifeless Sect, he did not directly return to cultivate in seclusion.

At his current level, what he needed was to modify the rules of the world.

It was no longer meaningful to simply enter seclusion.

Therefore, after leaving the western desert, he came to the Great Zhou to see the development here.

Li Mingqiong, Hui Shi, the Yellow-scarved Strongman, and the others sensed Cui Hengs arrival and flew over to welcome him.

“Greetings, Master!” “Greetings, Sir!”

“Greetings, Immortal Venerable!”

They bowed one after another, the shock from before still lingering in their hearts.

Although they had long thought that Cui Heng was omnipotent, thinking and truly experiencing were two different concepts.

This was the first time they had felt Cui Hengs strength at close range.

The terrifying power of turning everything into chaos with a flip of his hands completely exceeded the limits of their imagination.

It was simply not a technique that a human could use.

“Dispense with the ceremonies.” Cui Heng waved his hand gently and got them to stand up.

He smiled and said, “Im here to take a look at the development of the Great Zhou.

Mingqiong, bring me to take a look.”

“Thanks to Masters guidance, the Great Zhou is developing very well.” Li Mingqiong nodded and pointed ahead with a smile.

“Master, please take a look.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the clouds in front of her automatically parted, and the appearance of the ground was clearly revealed.

This was a vast plain.

Huge cities were built on it.

They were scattered everywhere, and every city was filled with vitality and a large population.

Li Mingqiong introduced, “Master, this was originally an area ruled by the White Lotus Lifeless Sect.

The people only know how to worship gods.

They dont farm or build houses.

There were wastelands everywhere.

Moreover, before the order and rules set by Master were established, the different factions of the White Lotus Lifeless Sect fought against each other, and countless people died every day.

Its different now.

The White Lotus Lifeless Sect that was originally in this area has already been expelled.

Under the established rules of order, even ordinary people can live and work in peace.

The Imperial Court even guided them to plow the fields and build houses, allowing their lives to quickly become better.

Compared to before, this change could be said to be earth-shattering.

I once visited these places and interacted with many ordinary people.

Almost everyone said that this was a life they didnt even dare to think about in the past.

Its precisely the order and rules you set that turned them from slaves who only knew how to worship gods into living people.

If not for your instructions, Im afraid every citizens home would have been consecrated with your longevity tablet.”

“I made them stop worshiping the White Lotus Goddess so that they could obtain new lives.

Theres no reason for them to worship me.” Cui Heng shook his head and chuckled.

At this moment, the sky was gradually turning dark.

The sun was approaching dusk, and night was approaching.

Lights lit up in the cities below.

Standing in the sky and looking down, it was as if they were looking at a different starry sky.

“The lights of thousands of houses, the light of humanity.

Its everywhere” Cui Heng praised.

He stood with his hands behind his back and looked down at the expanse of light that shone like stars in the cities below.

Suddenly, he felt something and muttered, “As the creator of the rules of order, Ive actually never lived under such rules.

Is there a problem”

“What” Li Mingqiong did not react for a moment.

“Its nothing.” The corners of Cui Hengs mouth curled up slightly, and his entire body seemed to glow with an unprecedented brilliance.

He smiled and said, “I just suddenly thought of something.”


After seeing the development of the Great Zhou, Cui Heng no longer appeared in front of the world.

Even Li Mingqiong, Hui Shi, and the others did not know where he had gone.

However, in the past, Cui Heng would often enter seclusion.

They were already used to this.

They continued to do what they should do and follow Cui Hengs path.

The Great Zhou Empire on Divine Might Star expanded rapidly, and the kingdom established by Liu Litao on Purple Sun Star was also on the right track.

It was developing rapidly.

Tai Cang Star was a very good student, and they studied and established order step by step by themselves.

The three main planets of the Purple Sun Realm were undergoing modifications in an orderly manner.

Time passed quickly.

A hundred years went by, then two hundred years… Three hundred years passed quickly.

Divine Might Planet was already completely ruled by the Great Zhou.

Under the highly stable rules of order, it did not lose its vitality and perfectly matched the direction Cui Heng had set.

The former White Lotus Lifeless Sect had already become history and was rarely mentioned.

Purple Sun Star and Tai Cang Star had long completed a transformation.

The transformation of the three main planets was completed.

Thanks to the characteristics of the Purple Sun Realm, the order and rules set by Cui Heng began to naturally spread to the starry skies of the myriad worlds.

It imperceptibly affected all kinds of civilizations.

However, Cui Heng was still nowhere to be



Purple Sun Planet, in the forbidden area of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

Zhuo Fan looked at the disc in his hand in horror.

His face was extremely pale as he said with a trembling voice, “No, no, I dont want to betray Immortal Venerable.

I cant.

I dont want to establish a connection with you!”

It was a disc with a radius of about three inches.

It was very thin and green, like an ancient bronze artifact.

The back was carved with complicated and exquisite patterns.

There were clouds, suns, divine dragons, flying phoenixes, and it was extremely exquisite.

It was the treasure that Zhuo Fan had once used to establish a connection with a certain big shot from the Heaven Realm.

Originally, after submitting to Cui Heng, he had already given up on the idea of activating this disc.

In the recent 300 years, he had not even touched it.


However, for some reason, the 36 grooves on the disc today were all fitted with Immortal True Essence.

The connection with that big shot from the Heaven Realm was established without warning.

Zhuo Fan half-knelt on the ground.

A chaotic scene appeared before his eyes, like the scene of countless different worlds mixed together.

A figure that seemed to be formed by countless outlines overlapping stood in the middle of the chaotic light.

A puzzled and mocking voice came from inside.

“Immortal Venerable

“Since when did people who havent broken through the Heaven Pass dare to call themselves Immortal Venerable”


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