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Chapter 366 Great Heavenly Demon Yin Fire, Heavenly Thunder Magnetic Divine Light (2)

At the same time, in the pure sea of light of the White Lotus Lifeless Heaven.

The Holy Mother of White Lotus covered her face with her right hand and was slightly stunned, her eyes filled with surprise.

Just now, the power she had sent down earlier had been returned intact.

It was still in the state of her palm and she had even slapped herself.

However, the Holy Mother of White Lotus was not angry.

Instead, her eyes lit up as she chuckled.


How many years has it been since such an interesting thing has happened in the myriad worlds” As she spoke, she even touched the right side of her face that had been slapped.

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

“This strength is just right.

Its indeed the level of when I sent it out.

Its not reduced at all.

“Could it be a fellow Ninth Realm cultivator”

Thinking of this, the Holy Mother of White Lotuss mind moved slightly, and a pure white lotus flower flew out of her towering chest.

This pure white lotus flower was filled with a holy and flawless aura.

It was intertwined with countless Great Dao laws, and it was simply like the manifestation of the Heavenly Dao.

Then, this flower swayed gently in the endless sea of light and transformed into a woman who was identical to the white lotus.

However, she was not so large and was only the size of an ordinary person.

“This incarnation contains one ten-thousandth of my origin power and some characteristics of the Ninth Realm of the Immortal World.

It should be able to defeat all the Lords of the Heavens of the Eighth Realm of the Immortal World.”

Holy Mother of White Lotus looked at the incarnation in front of her and said solemnly, “After you go down, attack with all your might and see if he can withstand it.

If hes killed, kill all his subordinates.

“If you cant kill him, ask him if hes willing to be my Dao companion.

I hope to discuss the mysteries of the Heavenly Dao with him.

“If he refuses, Ill personally take action and capture him.”

She had been alone for too long.

Ever since the Heaven Realm disappeared, only two people stood on the same level as her.

The old monk from the Buddhist Light Pure Land, and the ox-nosed guy from the Dharmic Dao Immortal Heaven.

However, both of them rejected her, the Outer Dao Heavenly Lord, so they did not interact much with each other, let alone be Dao companions who discussed the path of cultivation with each other.

It was impossible to break through the Heaven Gate by cultivating behind closed doors.

She urgently needed a Dao companion that she could discuss with, but she had not gained anything in the past hundreds of thousands of years.

She could only let herself fall into a deep sleep and extend her lifespan as much as possible.

She did not expect to see someone who might be suitable at this time.

This was great.

Of course, just in case, she did not dare to descend with her main body.

Instead, she sent an incarnation that contained one ten-thousandth of her origin power.

After all, the starry skies of the universe were dangerous.

Even if the Heaven Realm had already disappeared, there might still be existences that could kill a Ninth Realm expert.

No matter what she did, she had to be careful.

Even if an accident really happened and her incarnation was destroyed, the damage to her main body would only be one ten-thousandth of the original source.

It would be replenished in a few thousand years.

It was better than losing her life.


When the Lords of the Heavens was in the Heavenly Domain that they controlled, they could use the uniqueness of the Heavenly Domain to descend to any place under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Domain.

As for the ban on Creators and Dao Lords from descending to the Lower World, it naturally had no effect on the Lords of the Heavens.

However, the jurisdiction of the Lower and Middle Heavens was limited, and it was impossible to cross the Heavenly Domain to descend.

As one of the Three Higher Heavens, the White Lotus Lifeless Heaven was different.

As the controller of the White Lotus Lifeless Heaven, she could descend to most worlds at will.

This naturally included the Purple Sun Realm.

After the Goddess of White Lotus incarnation received the order, she immediately descended outside Purple Sun Star and displayed her full strength without holding back.

In an instant, the operations of many planets around Purple Sun Star were directly thrown into chaos.

There were even some smaller satellites planets that left their orbits and floated towards the unknown universe.

At this moment, Cui Heng was still in the chaos.

His act of releasing many spells was interrupted by the palm that had suddenly appeared and he instantly “repatriated” it.

Now that he suddenly sensed such a powerful aura outside Purple Sun Star, he immediately raised his eyebrows and thought to himself, “Shes displaying her aura so unscrupulously.

She doesnt have good intentions!

“The level of this power is roughly equivalent to an ordinary Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, but the nature of the power is a little strange.

Its also mixed with some high-level Great Dao laws.

Its roughly equivalent to a relatively powerful Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

“Was it sent by the Holy Mother of White Lotus to test the waters”

Cui Heng made a judgment in his heart and sent the small space that contained all kinds of terrifying spells over without hesitation.

Before the incarnation of the Holy Mother of White Lotus could really descend to Purple Sun Star, she suddenly felt that something was wrong with the void beside her.

In the next moment, a huge hole appeared in the space beside her.

An extremely cold and sinister blue flame that specially burned the soul and contained an evil charm rushed out and enveloped the incarnation of the Holy Mother of White Lotus.

“What kind of fire is this!” The incarnation of Holy Mother of White Lotus exclaimed.

At this moment, she clearly felt that her soul had been ignited, but she had no way of extinguishing it.

She could only watch helplessly as it burned her soul.

Great Heavenly Demon Yin Fire Art!

Immediately after, a few more lightning bolts that contained the Five Elements True Intent

lit up.

Accompanied by thunder, it enveloped the incarnation of Holy Mother of White Lotus.

At the same time, Heavenly Thunder Magnetic Divine Light appeared at the same time, turning into countless electric arcs that wrapped around her body.

All kinds of spells poured onto her.

In a short while, the incarnation of Holy Mother of White Lotus was reduced to ashes.

Not to mention completing the mission, she did not even enter Divine Might Planet.

Of course, that didnt mean that this was


The Heavenly Thunder Origin Magnetic Divine Light and the Great Heavenly Demon Yin Fire Art were not only used to attack “visible” targets.

There were also those who could not be seen!

At the same time that the incarnation was reduced to ashes, Holy Mother of White Lotus also perceived it.

Her first reaction was disbelief.

How did this happen

Her incarnation had actually turned to ashes so quickly

But before she could think carefully about why

An extremely cold blue flame appeared out of thin air and rushed towards her.

There was also an Immortal light wrapped in lightning that rushed over at an even faster speed.

They crossed the endless void and chased after her!


The pure sea of light that had been silent for countless years rumbled with deafening thunder.

The Origin Magnetic Immortal Light had already imprisoned the Holy Mother of White Lotus.

At the same time, the dark blue flames produced by the Great Heavenly Demon Yin Fire Art had already begun to ignite from the soles of the Holy Mother of White Lotus feet, breaking through her body and burning her


Holy Mother of White Lotus immediately felt a tremble from the depths of her soul.

And fear!

She could not help but scream.

“This, what is this What kind of flame is this! No, no, this is impossible!!” “Ah! What exactly is this!”


Under the imprisonment of the Heavenly Thunder Origin Magnetic Immortal Light and the burning of the Heavenly Demon Yin Fire Art, Holy Mother of White Lotus felt that she had been ravaged and tortured for countless years.

However, because Cui Heng had stored these two spells in advance, they dissipated on their own after a period of time.

After these two terrifying spells disappeared, Holy Mother of White Lotus realized that her soul was only left with one ten-thousandth of its original strength, and her body had become extremely weak.

She was in a very miserable state, and he was about to fall from her realm.


Her entire body was trembling.

Her mind was only left with the faint blue flames and pure white lightning, and her emotions were only filled with fear.

After an unknown period of time, Holy Mother of White Lotus finally recovered slightly, but her eyes were still filled with unease and fear.

“W-what kind of existence did I provoke”

Divine Might Planet.

Cui Heng looked at the White Lotus Saintess who had already been dissolved by the chaos and muttered thoughtfully, “Could this be the standard of the Ninth Realm of the Immortal World”


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