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Chapter 365 Great Heavenly Demon Yin Fire, Heavenly Thunder Magnetic Divine Light

Although this Saintess was only a projection of the Holy Mother of White Lotus, she was still a true living being.

When facing death, she naturally had the desire to live.

Now, she had no time to think about why Cui Heng was so powerful and why the array formation and divine weapons she had carefully prepared could not even withstand a single blow.

At this moment, she only wanted to live.

Her desire to live overwhelmed everything.

She shouted at the top of her lungs and tried her best to ask for help.

She really wanted to obtain help before her body and soul completely collapsed.

Actually, when the Saintess body and soul began to collapse, the Holy Mother of White Lotus had already sensed it.

In the void, where billions of Great Dao gathered and endless laws gathered, in the center of a pure white sea of light, a slender female figure slowly stood up.

Her huge body naturally carried unparalleled power.

Every move she made contained endless Great Dao and thousands of laws.

She was like the ruler of the Heavenly Dao and could command all laws.

This is the Holy Mother of White Lotus.

She had already sensed the changes on Divine Might Planet.

“My Saintess is equivalent to a Sage King.

Now, shes actually forced to ask for help.

This person who robbed my faith is actually so powerful” The Holy Mother of White Lotus was not angry but happy.

The corners of her mouth actually revealed a faint smile.

“Then lets test him.”

She gently raised her right hand and slowly slapped down.

A layer of phantom fell from her palm and directly crossed the endless void to descend into the Purple Sun Realm.

At the same time, in the starry sky outside Divine Might Planet.

Many of the Sage Kings and Creators who had gathered here to observe the situation suddenly became nervous.

They felt a sense of warning in their hearts, as if a disaster was about to befall them.

They were all experts from Purple Sun Star and Tai Cang Star.

After hearing that Cui Heng was going to attack the White Lotus Lifeless Sect, they hurriedly rushed over to observe the situation so that they could make preparations according to the outcome of the battle.

As for their safety, they were not too worried.

This was because Divine Might Planet was huge enough, several times larger than ordinary stars.

It was enough to withstand a powerful attack.

Under normal circumstances, even a battle between the Lords of the Heavens would not affect the universe outside the planet.


It should be very safe to watch the battle from space.

But the situation didnt seem right.

“Whats going on! Could it be that the White Lotus Saintess has helpers”

“No way.

With Immortal Venerable Cuis power, he wouldnt be plotted against here, right”

“What was that ominous feeling just now No, ah! What, what was that!”

“A hand, a hand.

What a big hand!”

At first, only some people were puzzled, but soon, someone exclaimed and pointed in a direction in shock, their faces filled with fear.

They no longer had the bearings of a Creator or a Dao Lord.

This was a palm.

An incomparably huge palm that pierced through the vast universe and could touch the stars at will was descending from an endless height.

Wherever it passed, everything was completely destroyed in an instant.

Whether it was the asteroid belts floating in the starry skies of the universe or the planets spinning around the stars, they were all directly destroyed by this huge palm.

Just like that, it arrived in the void outside Divine Might Planet.

The Creators and Dao Lords who were watching the battle were all stunned with expressions of disbelief.

They could only stare blankly at the explosion in the distance.

With every explosion, a planet was destroyed.

Although those were not special planets transformed from Purple Sun Heaven fragments like Divine Might Planet, Tai Cang Star, and Purple Sun Star, they were still planets with a diameter of tens of thousands of kilometers.

They were destroyed so easily!

Legend had it that if a Lord of the Heavens attacked with all his might, he would have the ability to destroy a planet.

However, how did the scene just now look like he was attacking with all his might It was simply a casual sweep.

“Its a Lord of the Heavens, its the Holy Mother of White Lotus!” A Creator looked at the palm in horror and said with a trembling voice, “Its over, its over.

“Its really over this time.

Immortal Venerable Cui has angered the Holy Mother of White Lotus.

This Goddess actually sent her power over.

Its all over!”

The Creator who screamed was none other than the Sect Master of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace, Zhuo Fan.

He was also the person who knew the most about the Holy Mother of White Lotus in the entire Purple Sun Realm.

He knew very well how powerful and terrifying this legendary Goddess was, and he knew very well how heavy the weight of a Lord of the Heavens was.

Therefore, he had never been confident that Cui Heng was a match for the Holy Mother of White Lotus.

At this moment, the palm had already slammed down on Divine Might Star.


Although this palm was already the size of an ordinary planet, it still seemed very small compared to the huge Divine Might Planet.

However, at the same time that this palm slapped down, Divine Might Star actually trembled.

The atmosphere in the sky surged, and it was forcefully pushed away by this palm, allowing it to slap down.

This incomparably powerful aura seemed to want to shatter the entire Divine Might Planet on the spot.

However, the moment the palm entered the atmosphere, a force that blurred the laws of matter and the direction of the void suddenly enveloped it.

In the next moment, the palm actually changed direction, from slapping down to slapping up.

In the blink of an eye, it disappeared, as if it had never appeared.


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