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The moment Cui Heng appeared, Zhuo Fan and Feng Guanglin immediately felt like they were facing death.

Their thoughts were almost stopped, and their body was completely stiff.

They could not even react at all.

They could only stand there in a daze without moving.

Especially when Cui Hengs gaze landed on them, it made their souls leave their bodies.

Their minds almost collapsed on the spot, and there was only one emotion left in their minds.


Extreme fear!

What kind of existence was this Just his aura and pressure were so terrifying!

Zhuo Fan wished he could grab Feng Guanglin and question him.

You said that this was a Dao Lord Have you seen such a Dao Lord before!

What kind of Dao Lord could almost kill a Creator with a single glance!

Feng Guanglin almost doubted his life.

He had seen Cui Heng before, but he had never felt this way.

It was only at this moment that he understood why Cui Heng had let him go back.

He did not seem to be worried that he would gather his strength to take revenge.

Because the other party did not care at all!

Feng Guanglin could clearly feel how small he was.

Facing Cui Hengs indifferent gaze, he felt like a speck of dust, extremely small.

Why was this happening!

How could such a powerful existence appear in the Purple Sun Realm!

Cui Heng stared at the two of them quietly for a moment before retracting his aura.

His gaze became calm as he said indifferently, “Answer my question.”

Zhuo Fan and Feng Guanglin immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Their bodies were instantly drenched in cold sweat, and their bodies kept trembling.

Their faces also turned extremely pale.

Just this short experience made them feel like they had escaped death.

This made them not dare to have any thoughts of lying to Cui Heng.

After calming down slightly, they were about to answer Cui Hengs question.

Just then


An incomparably violent tremor suddenly appeared on the ground, actually causing the Ancestral Hall of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace to tremble.

At the same time, a power filled with anger suddenly appeared in the world.

A purple sun rose into the sky and countless purple lights descended, actually completely enveloping the void around the Ancestral Hall.

The extremely blazing power of laws actually ignited the void, turning the void outside the Ancestral Hall into a purple sea of fire that firmly sealed the entire Ancestral Hall.

Immediately after, more than ten weaker powers appeared, revealing more than ten lights of different colors outside the Ancestral Hall.

Every light contained a different Dao rune aura.

Countless disciples of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace looked up in the direction of the Ancestral Hall.

They saw an old man sitting in the purple sun.

His hair and beard were white, and he looked like a sage.

They also saw that there was a person standing in the air among the dozen or so lights.

There was no lack of familiar figures among these people.

They were basically elders who had announced to the public that they had passed away or had disappeared.

Moreover, they were basically all Creator-level powerhouses.

There was only one exception.

It was the old man sitting in the purple sun.

This was a Dao Lord!!

Grand Completion Dao Body, a Peak Seventh Realm existence in the Immortal World.

For a moment, the entire Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace was in an uproar.

Countless disciples knelt down and shouted.

“Disciple greets Master!”

“Disciple greets Ancestral Grandmaster!!”

“Disciple greets Ancestral Grandmaster!”


Outside the Ancestral Hall, it was almost a carnival.

However, Zhuo Fan and Feng Guanglins faces were ashen, and their hearts sank to the bottom.

“Exalted Immortal, this was definitely not arranged by us!” Feng Guanglin could not help but explain.

He was afraid that Cui Heng would vent his anger on them and kill them.

“Exalted Immortal, you know that these methods are no threat to you.” Zhuo Fan was already worried about the future of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

“They only became like this because they sensed the abnormality in the Ancestral Hall.

“How about this, Exalted Immortal Listen to me.

Ill explain to them and let them retreat on their own.

They definitely wont be disrespectful to you.

Dont attack them, okay”

At this moment, he had already recognized reality.

Cui Hengs strength far exceeded the limits of what he could withstand, and it also exceeded the limits of what the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace could withstand.

This was probably a Lord of the Heavens at the Eighth Realm of the Immortal World!

If he wanted to live and maintain the inheritance of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace, he could only lower his stance and beg for mercy immediately.

He could not anger the other party.

Otherwise, the entire Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace would probably be destroyed.

“Is that so” Cui Heng looked at Zhuo Fan with a faint smile.

“Yes, its like this.

They dont know youre here at all,” Zhuo Fan hurriedly explained.

At the same time, he prayed in his heart that the group of people outside would not say anything disrespectful.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

After all, although Cui Heng had sealed the void outside the Ancestral Hall and frozen the laws, it did not spread much power.

This would easily create a misunderstanding for the people outside-a Dao Lord had sealed off the Ancestral Hall.

If the group of people outside made such a judgment, their first reaction would definitely not be to negotiate but to directly attack and suppress the “invader”.

Now that the purple sun had risen into the sky, there were already such signs.

“Dont speak, dont speak…” Zhuo Fan kept praying in his heart.

A layer of sweat had already appeared on his forehead.

He was clearly extremely nervous.

“May I know which expert has come to our Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace” At this moment, a dignified voice came from the sky.

It was loud and filled with a violent charm.

“How audacious!”

“Its over!” Zhuo Fans heart skipped a beat.

He seemed to have aged dozens of years in an instant and sat on the ground.

He knew very well that his Ancestral Grandmasters personality was extremely violent.

As long as such a tone appeared, he definitely had the intention to kill.

There was no exception.

At the same time, the dignified voice continued, “The Ancestral Hall is the holy land of our Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace.

You actually dare to forcefully seal it.

Could it be that youre bullying our Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace for having no one You deserve to die!”

As soon as this voice fell, more than a dozen voices followed.

It was the dozen or so Creators shouting sternly.

“Come out and die quickly!”

“Come out and die quickly!”

… •


Their voices spread everywhere, and many ordinary disciples also shouted, causing the huge city floating in the sky to be filled with shouts for Cui Heng.

Cui Heng looked at Zhuo Fan and chuckled.

“Is this what you mean by not having any ill intentions”

Zhuo Fan fell silent when he heard this.

At this moment, he did not know what to say.

He was completely in despair.

The Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace was finished.

“The two of you, organize your words and prepare to answer me.” Cui Heng glanced at Zhuo Fan and Feng Guanglin indifferently before looking up at the sky.

His gaze was indifferent and cold as it passed through the Ancestral Hall without obstruction, and also through the sealed void outside.

It split open the space that burned into a purple sea of fire and landed on the high and mighty purple sun.

In the next moment, the purple flames that filled the world suddenly froze.

The extremely blazing purple sun seemed to have suddenly frozen and stopped moving.

The light on it no longer flickered.

This sudden change stunned everyone present, and they revealed puzzled expressions.

Whether it was the dozen or so Creators or the ordinary disciples of the Purple Sun Heaven Divine Palace, after seeing this scene, they were all unable to understand why this happened.

Could it be that the Ancestral Master was trying to use some new laws

But it didnt seem like it…



Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, the void within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers suddenly trembled violently, almost causing their minds to collapse.

Immediately after, most of the people on Purple Sun Star saw something that they would never forget.

The high and mighty purple sun suddenly expanded, becoming dozens of times larger than before, then quickly shrank, and finally


It exploded!


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