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The capital of the Great Zhou was the safest place in the entire Heavenly Void World.

There were as many Heaven Immortals as there were clouds here, and Heaven Monarchs were as common as rain.

The heads of the various government offices in the capital also had Mystic Deity and Taiyi Mystic Deity cultivation, and the members of the Imperial Court were even Golden Immortal mighty figures.

Not to mention the unfathomable Empress and the current Prime Minister.

As long as a Creator did not descend, there would be no danger in the capital of the Great Zhou.

And it was impossible for the prisoners imprisoned in the capital to escape.

Bi Hong already had a deep understanding of this.

He was the Demon Emperor.

He was captured by Cui Heng with the Human Emperor, Xiang Zhen, and imprisoned in the prison of the Great Zhou Imperial City.

The prison was filled with restrictions that firmly suppressed the power and soul in their bodies.

It even suppressed the strength of their bodies, allowing them to only retain the abilities of ordinary people.

Even Sages would be completely suppressed if they were imprisoned here.

It was impossible for them to escape.

Although Bi Hongs main body was a Bifang Divine Bird at the level of a Sage King, he had sent a wisp of his soul to reincarnate.

In this life, he was just an ordinary swallow.

Even if he retained the soul characteristics of a Sage King and did not suffer much during reincarnation, and had the help of the Emperor Lava that descended from the Saint Demon Heaven, he had only barely recovered to the Mystic Deity realm.

However, in the Great Zhou Heavenly Prison, a mere Mystic Deity could not do anything.

Moreover, even if he could really walk out of the prison, it was meaningless.

There was a Dao Lord in the capital.

“Dao Lord… how can there be a Dao Lord in the Broken Realm Sea in the alternate space” Bi Hong could not believe this level of strength even after three months.

It felt like a dream.

A hundred years of hiding, a hundred years of planning, and ten years of finally erupting!

The purpose of the entire 200 years of preparation was to absorb that small world into the Sacred Demon Heaven.

Just as he was about to succeed, he actually met a Dao Lord.

This was absurd!

“Dont be puzzled.

There are all kinds of strange things in the myriad worlds.” Xiang Zhen laughed and lay on the straw mat.

“Were just unlucky.

We encountered something that doesnt happen even in ten thousand years.”

He was locked in a cell with Bi Hong, but he had long resigned himself to his fate.

Other than eating, he slept.

Other than sleeping, he ate.

He lived quite freely.

“According to the rules left behind by the Heaven Realm, its impossible for even a Creator to descend to the Lower World, let alone a Dao Lord.” Bi Hong frowned in thought.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as if he had thought of something.

“Youre crazy.” Xiang Zhen looked at him mockingly and shook his head.

“If a Creator cant descend to the Lower World, cant a Creator be born in the myriad worlds and starry skies Its the same for a Dao Lord.”

“No, its different.” Bi Hong shook his head.

“Its impossible to become a Dao Lord outside the Heavens.

Youve been away from the Saint Demon Heaven for too long and become disillusioned after reincarnation.

Youve been an ordinary human for too long.

Its normal not to know about this.”

“Youre treating me as a human again!” Xiang Zhen was suddenly furious.

“I dont want to argue with you!” Bi Hong shouted in a low voice.

His eyes darted around before he suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Do you think hes not a real Dao Lord”

“…” Xiang Zhen fell silent when he heard this.

After thinking for a moment, he nodded and said, “Its indeed possible.

The questions he asked us are not right.

The situation in the Sacred Demon Heaven, the information about the Heavens, the Central Heaven Realm, and even the Dao Lord Realm doesnt seem like something a Dao Lord will ask.”

“Thats right.

Perhaps he just used a special Dharma treasure to make us mistake him for a Dao Lord.” Bi Hong smiled and seemed to relax a lot.

“If thats really the case, then we might still have a chance.”

“What chance” Xiang Zhen rolled his eyes and smiled indifferently.

“Can we escape”

“Why not” Bi Hong laughed.

The two of them communicated with their souls and were not worried about being discovered by the prison guards.

However, Bi Hong did not say how to escape.

Instead, he suddenly looked east.

That was the eastern gate of the Great Zhou Imperial City.

It was the most prosperous city gate in the thronging city.

At the same time, Zhang Yancheng and Yang Luo walked past the East Gate and arrived in the capital of the Great Zhou.

… .

Great Zhou Imperial Palace, Immortal Encounter Pavilion.

This was an attic built by Empress Li Mingqiong 300 years ago.

The design was gorgeous and exquisite.

It was located in the southeast of the Imperial City, not far from the bedroom.

It was said that this was built by Empress Li Mingqiong to commemorate the Immortal she met when she was young.

In the past 300 years, although this attic had never been inhabited, she had never stopped sending people to clean it.

Now, Cui Heng was temporarily staying in this Immortal Encounter Pavilion.

Every day, Li Mingqiong would come over to serve him with the etiquette of a disciple and ask some questions about cultivation.

Today, she came over as usual and saw Cui Heng standing on a high ground, looking towards the east.

Li Mingqiong asked curiously, “Master, what are you looking at”

“Youre here.” Cui Heng nodded lightly and said, “Im observing Bi Hongs trump card.”

“Trump card” Li Mingqiong said in surprise, “Could it be that the Demon still has a way to escape”

“A Sage King more or less has some methods.” Cui Heng turned around and smiled.

“This trump card is in Zhang Yanchengs hands.”

“Zhang Yancheng” Li Mingqiong also looked to the east.

Her gaze passed through the figures and she saw Zhang Yancheng and Yang Luo, who had just entered the capital.

“Master, are you talking about the sword in Zhang Yanchengs hand that has condensed a portion of the human races luck”

Zhang Yancheng could be said to be the Child of Destiny of that small world.

He was the one destined by the heavens.

Li Mingqiong naturally knew about him long ago.

“No.” Cui Heng shook his head and said, “Its a method to condense a huge amount of human luck into a sword.

The core of that Demon Slaying Sword is a Spirit Guide.

“Theres a faint connection between it and Bi Hong.

From the looks of it, it should have been refined by a Dao Lord whos good at concealment techniques.

“This way, as long as this Demon Slaying Sword enters Bi Hongs perception range, he can use this trace of connection to activate the Spirit Guidance.

The effect is most likely to help him return to the Saint Demon Heaven.”

“Master wants to use this opportunity to see whats going on in the Saint Demon Heaven” Li Mingqiong was very surprised.

“No, now is not the time.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and said with a smile, “But its not a problem to use this opportunity to pry into the general situation of the Sacred Demon Heaven.

I can also use this opportunity to perfect Bi Hongs soul.”

Before imprisoning Bi Hong and Xiang Zhen, hed questioned the two of them.

He learned a lot of information.

First was the so-called Dao Lord.

This was a respectful title for a Peak Seventh Realm expert.

After reaching the Grand Completion stage of the Dao Body, a Creator would obtain a comprehensive sublimation.

Not only would the power of his divine powers increase greatly, but his control over the laws would also rise to a higher level.

His strength far exceeded that of a Creator.

He could also rely on the control of his Dao Body over the Great Dao laws to create living beings within the range of the Dao Body laws.

For example, those who cultivated the Calamity Dao Body could create all kinds of living beings related to calamity after reaching Grand Completion.

If they cultivated the Heavenly Thunder Dao Body, they could create living beings formed by lightning all over their body.

There were many possibilities.

In Cui Hengs opinion, this was somewhat similar to a Mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivators technique, but it still had a range problem.

It functioned like a weaker version of a Mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

However, whether it was that they only had some characteristics of the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm, and their actual power was not at that level, or if they were limited by the cultivation method, that even if they had reached a realm similar to the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm, they could only possess a portion of its power, this could not be confirmed yet.

It could only be verified after he met a true Dao Lord.

Then, there was the situation in the Sacred Demon Heaven.

According to Bi Hong, it was the source of all the Demons in the Saint Demon Heaven and even the myriad worlds.

Moreover, a long time ago, a supreme existence at the Ninth Realm had appeared in the Saint Demon Heaven.

He comprehended the ultimate mysteries of the Immortal World and established a huge reputation in the Central Heaven Realm.

This also directly affected all the Heavenly Regions, realms, and starry skies under the Central Heaven Realm.

As a result, even if there were no Demons, as long as a civilization was born, legends about Demons would naturally appear.

Although the Sacred Demon Realm had fallen and was far from being as powerful as it once was, it could still be considered one of the strongest among the Heavens.

They had nine Dao Lord experts, there were even more Creator-level cultivators.

The reason why these experts did not appear in the starry skies of the myriad worlds was because of the rules that the Central Heaven had once set for the Heavens.

Without an edict from the Heavenly World, existences above the Creator realm could not descend to the Lower World.

Now, the Heaven Realm had long disappeared, and the door to the Heaven Realm had long closed.

As for the more specific situation, Bi Hong could not say.

This was because he was only a reincarnated body after his main body split off an ordinary soul.

His memories were not complete, and he only had a general understanding of the Sacred Demon Heaven.

Many details did not exist in his memories.

However, as long as he could open the connection with the Saint Demon Heaven, even if it was only for an instant, he could recover his soul.

In that instant, Cui Heng could use the connection between Bi Hongs soul and his main body to forcefully gather that portion of his soul and make his soul complete.

To him, who was already at the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm, this was not a difficult thing.

… .

Zhang Yancheng brought Yang Luo to the capital and found a restaurant to stay in.

The location of the restaurant was decided by Yang Luo.

It was less than three miles away from the Great Zhou Heavenly Prison.

It was sparsely populated and cold.

The advantage was that the accommodation was cheap.

That night, the two of them stayed in separate rooms.

But none of them fell asleep.

Yang Luo sat by the window and looked anxiously in the direction of the prison, as if she was looking forward to something.

Zhang Yancheng sat in front of the table and placed the Demon Slaying Sword on it.

He looked at the sword that he had painstakingly obtained with a complicated gaze and sighed.

Then, he looked in the direction of the next door and muttered, “Junior Sister, is this your goal Why would you do this…”

As the Son of Destiny, Zhang Yancheng was actually already connected to the Demon Slaying Swords spirituality.

His understanding of the Demon Slaying Sword far exceeded the expectations of others, so he had naturally guessed what Yang Luo wanted to do.


Just as Zhang Yancheng was feeling complicated, the Demon Slaying Sword suddenly trembled and flew out.

Then, a golden sword light suddenly tore through the night sky of the capital like a golden river, illuminating the sky and earth.

The mountains and rivers were reflected in it, as if it was another world.

Yang Luo stood up immediately and stared fixedly at the golden river in the sky.

His eyes were filled with anticipation as he said with a trembling voice, “Finally, its finally opened…”

At the same time, in the prison.

“Hahahaha!” Bi Hong laughed loudly.

His body was enveloped in a layer of World Piercing Golden Light as he smiled at Xiang Zhen and said, “Lets go, follow me back!”

“You actually had a way!” Xiang Zhen was incomparably shocked, but he still hurriedly stood beside Bi Hong.

“How would I dare to reincarnate into the Lower World without a trump card” Bi Hong sneered.

“Looks like that Dao Lord is really fake.

He cant stop us at all.”

“Oh” At this moment, Cui Hengs voice suddenly sounded in their ears.

Without any warning, he said with a smile, “Is that so”


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