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Cui Heng did not kill the old man.

After questioning him, he let him go.

This old man was only a Heaven Immortal after all.

He did not know much, but it allowed Cui Heng to understand the basic situation of the Divine Lotus Sect and the White Lotus Lifeless Sect.

According to the old man, the group of people who came to Daozhou Star belonged to the Bu Sacred Hall of the White Lotus Lifeless Sect.

They were in charge of spreading their faith and beliefs.

They came here to find an ancient inheritance.

At the same time, they spread the gospel of the Lifeless White Lotus Goddess.

The leaders were two Sages, four Limitless Golden Immortals, 12 Taiyi Mystic Deities, and 130 Heaven Immortals.

Such a force was actually enough to dominate the entire Daozhou Star.

If one did not include Huo San, the Hong River Water God, and the Heavenly Void World.

However, Cui Heng did not believe in their excuse of looking for ancient inheritance.

Most likely, there were other reasons.

However, the old mans realm was not high enough, so he was not qualified to know.

Even Cui Heng was skeptical about the lineup that the old man had mentioned.

After all, it was very difficult for a Heaven Immortal to understand the entire situation.

Hence, after letting the old man go, he flew into the sky and released a trace of Dharmic powers that fused into the laws of Daozhou Star.

In the next moment, the Coiling Dragon Pillar in Changfeng Prefecture suddenly lit up with flames.

A scarlet rainbow soared into the sky, and a graceful figure appeared in the river and flew into the sky.

At the same time, in a large mansion in the countryside in a certain province, three people suddenly looked up at the sky with pleasantly surprised expressions.

Then, they turned into streams of light and soared into the sky.

In the Cangcheng Mountain Immortal Dawn Sect.

As the ancestors of the past generations had a long history, they would cultivate in seclusion in the back mountain after abdicating.

Therefore, many palaces and pavilions had been built in the back mountain of Cangcheng for the ancestors to live in.

Zheng Nanxun, Perfected Zhu Qing, Liu Yiyun, He Qingrou, Chen Ying, Zhao Qi, and the others were all cultivating in seclusion in the back mountain.

Among them, the strongest, Zheng Nanxun, had already attained the Limitless Golden Immortal realm.

Perfected Zhu Qing and Liu Yiyun were also Golden Immortals.

Even Zhao Qis current generation of disciples was already at the Heaven Monarch realm.

The current Immortal Dawn Sect could be said to be full of vitality and flourishing.

Therefore, to most of the current disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect, the back mountain of Cangcheng was the true foundation of the Immortal Dawn Sect.

It was a place filled with mysteries and unknowns.

But on this day, the incomparably mysterious Longevity Mountain suddenly shone brightly.

Streams of light flew out from the back mountain one after another and rushed into the sky.

This situation was unheard of.

Even the current Sect Master, Su Qingxue, was extremely surprised.

She hurriedly arrived at the back of the mountain and saw that her Grandmaster Zhao Qi was already waiting at the entrance.

She hurriedly bowed and asked, “Grandmaster, what happened at the back of the mountain just now”

“Its a good thing.

Dont worry.” Zhao Qi nodded slightly and said with a smile, “Its Ancestral Master.

The ancestors have all gone over to pay their respects.”

“Ancestral Grandfather” Su Qingxue was surprised.

“Didnt Ancestral Grandfather already head to the vast starry sky I saw in the books that he left 200 years ago.”

“Yes, I even saw Ancestral Grandfather once 200 years ago.” Zhao Qi smiled faintly and said, “Moreover, Ancestral Master just said that Ancestral Grandfather seems to be countless times stronger than 200 years ago.

Hes really amazing.”

“Grandmaster, arent you going” Su Qingxue asked curiously.

“The Dharmic powers displayed by Ancestral Grandfather can only be sensed when one has reached a realm similar to the Mystic Deity realm.” Zhao Qi shook her head gently and said, “I havent reached that level yet.”

“Only those who have reached the Mystic Deity realm are qualified to meet the Ancestral Grandfather!” Su Qingxue could not help but be speechless and exclaim, “What kind of existence is the Ancestral Grandfather”

“Thats a mighty figure who can pierce through the heavens and earth.

Its difficult for us to describe his strength with words.” Zhao Qi smiled.

“With Ancestral Grandfathers existence, it let us know that cultivation is endless.

We should always maintain the spirit of seeking.”

“Yes, I understand.

Thank you for your teachings, Grandmaster!” Su Qingxue bowed.

… .

In the sky above Daozhou Star.

Cui Heng had already created a city in the sky out of thin air.

It was almost the same as Changfeng Prefecture in the past.

After all, they still needed a place to stay to talk.

Huo San and the Hong River Water God were the first to arrive.

After 200 years, Huo San had already cultivated to the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

However, the way it nurtured the spirituality of the Golden Core was not to comprehend the seven emotions of all living beings.

Instead, it collected a large amount of the power of faith of all living beings and used True Fire to calcine it into pure spirituality.

It took him more than 150 years to finally step into the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

Water God Hong River did not improve much.

Her cultivation level was still at the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

After seeing the two of them, Cui Heng understood why those people who came from the Purple Sun Realms Divine Might Planet were not dealt with.

“You guys are treating that group of people as a way to explore the unknown.” Cui Heng chuckled.

“This is indeed one method.

To each of you, they can obtain a lot of unknown information.”

“Greetings, Immortal Venerable!”

“Greetings, Immortal Venerable!”

Huo San and Water God Hong River hurriedly bowed to Cui Heng in unison.

Then, Huo San worriedly asked, “Immortal Venerable, do you need to eliminate those outsiders”

Water God Hong River hurriedly said, “Did these people offend Immortal Venerable Ill immediately capture them and wait for your orders.”

“Theres no need.” Cui Heng waved his hand and chuckled.

“You dont have to be so nervous.

Get up.

I didnt summon you here to interrogate you.

Someone else will come later.”

Huo San and Water God Hong River heaved a sigh of relief, but they still stood carefully at the side with an incomparably respectful attitude.

Soon, Zheng Nanxun, Perfected Zhu Qing, Liu Yiyun, He Qingrou, Chen Ying, and the other disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect arrived.

Lu Zhengming, Liu Litao, and Zhao Guang followed closely behind.

“Greetings, Ancestral Grandmaster!”

“Greetings, Ancestral Grandfather!”

“Greetings, Sir!”

Everyone wanted to bow to Cui Heng.

At this moment, Cui Heng felt an inexplicable sense of vicissitude in his heart.

In front of him was only a portion of the inheritance he had left behind, and it did not include the ones from the Heavenly Void World.

There were already so many people.

“Get up.” Cui Heng raised his hand and went straight to the point.

“You should have heard of the Divine Lotus Sect that is currently teaching in Great Wei.”

Everyone looked at each other and nodded.

The Divine Lotus Sect appeared 50 years ago.

After 10 years of slow development, it obtained the support of the Great Wei Imperial Court 40 years ago and began to develop rapidly.

However, this sect had always appeared very kind and gentle.

They did not forcefully persuade people to join their sect, nor did they attack other sects.

They were completely harmless.

Why did he suddenly mention this

“Ancestral Grandmaster, is there a problem with this Divine Lotus Sect” Zheng Nanxun asked curiously.

“Previously, their Sect Master even requested to visit the Immortal Dawn Sect, but we rejected him.”

“Next, do your best to cooperate with the request of the Divine Lotus Sect and test their true goal.” Cui Heng smiled.

“If they request to visit the Immortal Dawn Sect again, you can agree.”

Regarding this Divine Lotus Sect, he could naturally personally take action and capture everyone in an instant.

However, it was inevitable that there would be mistakes.

It would be bad if he missed out on the key figures.


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