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After the Wu Dynasty was established, Yan Buqun was not alone in feeling left out amdist the process of implementing a new martial path.

A large number of Devas, Heaven Immortals, and Heaven Monarchs had lost their direction and chance to participate in the transformation.

This would undoubtedly become a huge unstable factor.

However, these people did not do anything wrong.

Instead, under the cleansing of the current era, their original fate had been changed and they had landed in a tragic situation.

In other words, they were lacking positions in the new era.

This was a loophole.

In short, he had missed them when he was changing the situation of the world.

While making the world more orderly and safe, how to deal with the people left behind from the old era but unable to adapt to the new era was a problem.

Actually, there were many ways to deal with them.

The most straightforward method was naturally to directly suppress them with powerful strength and wipe out all the survivors of the old era who could not adapt to the new era.

He could then ensure the results of his changes in the world.

Or he could open up a separate passageway and help them with some special technique, allowing them to switch to the martial arts of the new era.

This way, he could gradually make this group completely disappear.

However, this was only a method to deal with a certain situation.

It did not point to the essence of the problem.

To make this world more orderly and safer, there was no need to make reforms on the martial path.

The core was still the establishment of order and rules.

If someone was not used to this safe order, what should they do

And it was impossible to change that.

He still needed to find a path that could solve the problem on the foundation of the world.

This was also the question Cui Heng really wanted to figure out.

What kind of world did he want

What else was needed besides safety and stable order

The opportunity to live!

Of the 50 Great Dao, one had escaped.

He could not set the rules of the world too firmly.

Outside a safe environment and stable order, people who could not adapt to such a world should be given a living space and choice.

This was not only to give an opportunity to live to those who could not adapt to the changes in the world, but also to those who could not adapt because of the changes in the way of thinking of the new era.

At the same time, there would be flow in the world and it would not become lifeless and completely suffocating.

Of course, how to preserve this vitality and how to do it needed to be designed according to the actual situation.

For example, Cui Heng had already thought of a way to deal with Yan Buqun.

… .

At this moment, Yan Buqun had already vented his emotions.

He bowed to Cui Heng in embarrassment and said with an ashamed expression, “Ive embarrassed myself in front of Brother Cui.

I was too agitated just now and couldnt control my emotions.

Sigh, this is also a trait that I got from my Heaven Immortal realm.

My temperament is not good enough.”

“No, I think its very good.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“The martial arts reforms of the Wu Dynasty are indeed a little rigid.

We should give you old martial artists a chance to choose.”

“Brother Cui, you think so too” Yan Buqun was very happy and said with a smile, “Thats right.

The Wu Dynasty is good in everything.

There are rules and order.

The city is very safe.

Its just that the old martial artists like me cant see the end of the road.”

“Then, what if the Imperial Court provides you with pills that can immediately recover your cultivation after you cripple your cultivation to switch to the new cultivation method” Cui Heng asked with a smile.

“Do you still feel that you cant see any future”

“Ah” Yan Buqun said in surprise, “Theres such a pill But even if there is, it must be extremely precious.

Its impossible to give it away for nothing.”

“Of course not, but the conditions wont be too harsh.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

At the same time, he reached into his sleeve and pinched a jade token out of thin air before handing it to Yan Buqun.

“There will be news soon.

At that time, you can take this jade token to the local government office.”

With that, he suddenly disappeared from the spot.

“Brother Cui!” Yan Buqun stood up immediately and looked at the jade token in his hand in disbelief.

Then, he looked around and said in surprise, “What kind of cultivation did he have to disappear into thin air Mystic Deity, Golden Immortal”

After a moment of shock, he gradually calmed down.

He felt that the experience just now was not normal.

However, he was already a Heaven Immortal.

He shouldnt be dreaming.

Although he was puzzled, he still felt a trace of hope.

After putting away the jade token, in less than ten days, he received two pieces of news that shocked him.

It was all related to old martial artists like them.

One of them was that the Imperial Court had announced the establishment of a new Ancient Martial Arts Division in the various government offices to assist the government offices in enforcing the law and maintaining the authority of the law.

The Ancient Martial Division only recruited old martial artists.

Moreover, as long as they took the assessment, they would be rewarded with a “Heaven Reversal Pill”.

After regressing to the Earth Immortal realm, they could immediately return to the level of a Deva, Heaven Immortal, or Heaven Monarch.

The other was that in the future, there would be Heaven Reversal Pills given out as rewards for old martial artists who had obtained outstanding results in the martial competition.

When Yan Buqun saw these two messages, Cui Hengs figure immediately flashed through his mind.

He was so excited that his entire body was trembling as he muttered, “Brother Cui, who exactly are you Youre actually so powerful!”

In the changes of the new era, the reason why the old martial artists were in dire straits was because they could not find their place in the new era.

No one even learned martial arts from them anymore.

Their lifetime achievements seemed to be completely worthless.

But it was different now.

The Ancient Martial Division specialized in recruiting old martial artists.

This was the path opened by the Imperial Court, allowing old martial artists to regain a certain level of status.

Even those who did not want to join the Imperial Court could choose to go to the arena to compete.

Even if they did not obtain the final victory, as long as they performed well, they could still obtain a Heaven Reversal Pill.

This way, the martial artists would have more choices and would not be depressed all day.

“Thank you, Brother Cui!” Yan Buqun bowed respectfully in the direction Cui Heng had left to express his gratitude.

… .

In the palace of Luling City.

Pei Qingshu asked Cui Heng in confusion, “Master, why are you doing so much for those who have been eliminated by the new era”

“In order to allow the stable order and the safe environment here to last for a long time.” Cui Heng smiled.

In the palace of Luling City.

Pei Qingshu asked Cui Heng in confusion, “Master, why are you doing so much for those who have been eliminated by the new era”

“In order to allow the stable order and the safe environment here to last for a long time.” Cui Heng smiled.

In the palace of Luling City.


Pei Qingshu asked Cui Heng in confusion, “Master, why are you doing so much for those who have been eliminated by the new era”


“In order to allow the stable order and the safe environment here to last for a long time.” Cui Heng smiled.


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