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Cui Heng had always been very cautious.

He knew too little about this so-called Heaven Realm.

Too much unknown meant great risk.

It was not wise to rashly explore it.

If there was a supreme existence comparable to the Return to Void realm or even the Dao Integration realm inside, he would probably not even know how he died if he barged in without rhyme or reason.

Hence, he shook his head gently in the end and walked down the golden platform.

Then, Cui Heng stayed on Tianmen Star for a period of time and mainly checked the two Immortal Sects.

The Immortal Cleansing Sect and the Dust Purging Palace.

According to the ancient records provided by Tianlu Star, these two Immortal sects also claimed to have supreme inheritances, but the specific martial techniques were not passed down.

Cui Heng had also tried to materialize them, but this fabrication without any information source was no longer within the scope of his Illusory Descent technique.

He did not succeed.

Fortunately, some Sage Armament and treasures were still materialized according to the description.

Moreover, they had been naturally corrected by his divine powers and were closer to the true state.

From this, he could analyze some information about the inheritance of the two Immortal sects.

Through this relatively safe method, Cui Heng finally found something strange about these two Immortal sects.

There seemed to be a limit to their cultivation method.

After reaching a certain level, they had to breathe in the so-called “Immortal Qi” to be able to take a step further and break through.

This was clearly abnormal.

It was similar to how martial artists in the starry skies used the Immortal True Essence to cultivate.

“These are the two Immortal Sects related to the Heaven Realm” Cui Heng frowned tightly.

He increasingly felt that the so-called Heaven Realm might be very dangerous.

Fortunately, he did not rashly investigate.


A mere Peak Nascent Soul cultivator was too weak.

In this vast universe and the boundless starry sky, his insignificant power was not worth mentioning at all.

Whether it was encountering a star explosion, plunging into a black hole, or any other situation, he would instantly be reduced to ashes and could only reincarnate to cultivate again.

“I should go back and meet those two young people first.”

Cui Heng shook his head gently.

Then, his figure swayed slightly, and a green light rose from under his feet.

His entire body instantly disappeared from the spot and flew out of Tianmen Star.

At the same time that he left, he removed the nomological framework that carried the Tianmen Star civilization, leaving only the portion that maintained the natural environment.

Hence, countless pavilions, temples, and so on turned into phantoms in the blink of an eye and shattered into countless light particles before finally disappearing, as if they had never appeared.

Since there were no living beings on Tianmen Star, he could just let it return to its original state.

This was to prevent the civilization that was conjured from being taken over.

He could just materialize it when he needed to explore again in the future.

… .

Hong Renxi and Hong Renxu were both very nervous and uneasy.

When they were suddenly invited to the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, the people here were extremely polite to them.

They were really confused and did not know what they were going to experience.

The two brothers were now placed in the best guest room with no one around.

“Big Brother, why do you think they invited us over” Hong Renxu couldnt help but whisper to his big brother.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

Usually, when he was out, Ninth Uncle, as a Sage King, could resolve all problems.

But not this time.

There was actually an incomparably powerful existence on Chongyang Star that far exceeded the Sage King realm.

Even Ninth Uncle could not deal with this situation.

Fortunately, this supreme existence did not seem to have any ill intentions towards them.

His attitude was relatively friendly and he looked like he would communicate with them.

However, in this unfamiliar place, especially with so many experts and mighty figures, it was still very easy to feel fear and nervousness.

“Im not too sure either.” Hong Renxi was much calmer than him.

His thoughts raced as he said in a low voice, “From their arrangements for us, they should value us somewhat.

Moreover, Ive asked Senior Li earlier.

He personally said that the supreme existence was the one who invited us over, so we should just wait obediently.”

“It was actually an invitation from that supreme existence!” Hong Renxu immediately laughed when he heard this.

“Haha, good, thats great.

Ill have something to show off about when I get home.

“That supreme existence should be even more powerful than a Creator, right Hes completely an existence from myths and legends.

I was actually personally invited by such an existence.

I can brag about this for 10,000 years, haha!”

He was a lively person and was far from being as steady as Hong Renxi.

He always liked to come up with some strange ideas.

“10,000 years Become a Sage first and strive to extend your lifespan to 10,000 years before talking.” Hong Renxi rolled his eyes and said sarcastically.

“Heh, when I go back, Ill beg Grandma to teach me how to attain the Dao of a Golden Immortal,” Hong Renxu said indignantly.

“Ill become a Sage in a few years.”

“Its not that easy to become a Golden Immortal.” Hong Renxi shook his head and smiled.

“I once heard from Grandpa that its difficult to become a Golden Immortal.

Its not something that can be done overnight.

Generally speaking, by the time we reach the realm of a Golden Immortal, most of our previous companions would have already disappeared.

Only we will continue to advance.

This means that its very difficult to produce a Golden Immortal among countless martial artists.”

“Grandpa…” Hong Renxu muttered.

He looked at Hong Renxi and sighed softly.” Big Brother, when do you think Grandpa will return Hes been gone for more than a hundred years, right ”

“I dont know.” Hong Renxi shook his head and said, “Grandma rarely mentioned where Grandpa went.

She only mentioned some information occasionally and never said when he would return.

“Yes, I heard Grandma mention by chance that Grandpa is a person with great ambitions.

However, he cant fulfill his ideals on Taihong Star for the time being, so he left.

Perhaps Grandpa will return when he fulfills his ambitions.”

“Sigh, I was born more than ten years later and only saw Grandpa a few times,” Hong Renxu said regretfully.

“I heard from Grandma that Grandpa is a particularly charming person, but I can only recall it myself and cant really feel it.”

Bang! Bang!

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

It was Li Cheng.

“Sirs, Immortal Venerable is back.

Please head to the reception hall.”

Hong Renxi and Hong Renxu were stunned, and their bodies tensed up.

They were going to meet him just like that!

They were going to meet that supreme existence now!

However, what about Ninth Uncle

“Wheres our Ninth Uncle” Hong Renxu asked directly.

“Theres no need to worry.” Li Cheng nodded and smiled.

“The guard who came with you is already waiting in the reception hall.”

“Alright, thank you.” Hong Renxi opened the door and cupped his hands.

“Please wait a moment.

Well be right there.”

… .

In the reception hall of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.

Cui Heng sat at the head of the table, while Hui Shi and Li Cheng stood on both sides.

Pei Qingshu had gone to Luling City to let Chen Tang and Mingzhen, these old friends, reunite and catch up.

Ninth Uncle stood in the corner and kept looking outside.

When he saw two familiar figures, he seemed to heave a sigh of relief.

When Hong Renxi and Hong Renxu arrived and saw Ninth Uncle, they felt slightly relieved.

Then, they bowed respectfully to Cui Heng.

“Greetings, Immortal Venerable.”

Their attitude was very respectful.

This was normal.

The myriad worlds in the starry sky had always respected the strong.

Their education had always been to maintain a good attitude when facing the strong.

This could avoid a lot of trouble and even a life and death calamity.

“Theres no need to be so polite.” Cui Heng waved his hand gently and looked at the two of them.

However, he was silent for a long time and did not say anything else.

The two Hong brothers felt a little frightened.

But they did not dare to ask.

After a long while.

“They really look alike.” Cui Heng sighed softly and said, “Tell me about the Taihong Star that you know.”

He did not ask about Hong Fugui directly.

Instead, he planned to understand the situation on Taihong Star first.

He still had to understand the background.


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