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At this moment, Tianmen Star had already become a sea of fire.

The sky was burning, the ground was burning, and even the seawater was burning.

A large amount of heat rose into the sky, accompanied by a hurricane that swept through the world.

The entire planet seemed to have entered an apocalyptic state.

The continent that Pei Qingshu had raised to smash at Chen Tang had already fallen onto this planet, shattering the place it landed on.

There was even a huge crack thousands of meters deep that spread to half the planet.

If one looked down from the sky, they would feel that Tianmen Star had already been smashed open and was about to be destroyed.

When Cui Heng landed, he happened to see this scene.

At this moment, the temperature on this planet had already become extremely high, and the seawater had also evaporated.

After the battle between Pei Qingshu and Chen Tang, the originally ruined Tianmen Star had completely become a dead planet.

Of course, this did not mean that Tianmen Star would be destroyed.

Although this level of destruction had a huge impact on the environment of the planet, it was far from enough to cause the entire planet to be destroyed.

However, the change in the environment made this planet no longer suitable for survival.

It could forget about naturally nurturing life for at least a few million years.

Chen Tang no longer had the arrogance from before.

He stood on the burning ground, his clothes tattered, and his face and body were burned, making him look extremely sorry.

The core of a Sage King was his Dao heart.

Just now, Pei Qingshu had directly smashed an entire continent over.

It had already exceeded the limit of the power his Dao Heart could withstand, causing cracks to appear in his supposedly indestructible Dao Heart.

To a Sage King, this was a serious injury.

On the outside, it meant that the injuries on his body could not be healed immediately, which was Chen Tangs current state.

Pei Qingshus condition was not good either.

There were still scarlet cracks on his body.

Dark red blood had already dyed his entire body red, as if he had walked out of a pool of blood.

This was the aftereffect of the Sky Demon Splitter Art.

However, the Myriad Dao Dharma Body had some characteristics of a Dao Body after all.

Its recovery ability was far from what a Sage King could compare to.

He walked on the burning ground towards Chen Tang.

With every step he took, his injuries would recover a little and he would completely recover soon.

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“How is it, Sage King!” Pei Qingshu shouted, his face still filled with excitement from his battle state.

He could clearly feel that his cultivation was rising rapidly.

The gains from this battle were too great, far surpassing any kind of bitter cultivation.

“Damn it!” Chen Tang was extremely angry.

His entire body was trembling, and he wished he could kill Pei Qingshu immediately.

However, he knew very well that he could not continue fighting now.

Otherwise, the crack in his Dao Heart would deepen, and this would hurt his origin.


At this moment, a gentle voice came from the sky with a power that could soothe ones emotions.

Then, the two of them saw a transcendent and elegant figure slowly descend from the sky and land between them.

It was Cui Heng.

“Disciple greets Master!” Pei Qingshu immediately bowed respectfully.

“…” Chen Tang suddenly took a few steps back and looked at Cui Heng in surprise.

He was extremely shocked in his heart.

“This fellow actually has a master.

I cant even see through his cultivation.

Is this a Creator from another Heavenly Domain”

Although he was already prepared for the appearance of a Creator in the Five Views Realm and the surrounding worlds, when he really encountered an existence of this level, he still felt an uncontrollable fear in his heart.

This was a fear that came from the depths of the soul, a fear of a higher level of life.

“Get up.” Cui Heng raised his hand and ignored Chen Tang.

He smiled at Pei Qingshu and said, “How does this battle feel”

“I gained a lot, but I still have to thank Master for giving me this technique.

Otherwise, I shouldnt have been able to defeat this person.” Pei Qingshu said happily, “However, after I digest the gains from this battle, I can defeat him next time even without using the Sky Demon Splitter Art!”

“Battle is indeed the most suitable cultivation for you.” Cui Heng chuckled and said, “Its just a pity that Tianmen Star has already been beaten up by you.”

“I was just anxious and didnt think of any other way.” Pei Qingshu scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Why dont I move that continent over and put it back”

“Do you think its building blocks” Cui Heng shook his head and said, “Its better for me to do it.

Coincidentally, Tianmen Star is a little special.

Some things need to be restored.”

“Restore” Pei Qingshu could not help but be puzzled.

This planet had been beaten to such a state, how could it be restored to its original state

“What is this Creator playing at” Chen Tang also heard Cui Hengs words and did not understand what he meant.

In his opinion, although a Creator had the ability to create things out of thin air, it was impossible to restore this severely damaged planet to its previous state.

However, the two of them quickly knew the answer.

What was restoration!

Cui Heng raised his right hand and pointed lightly with a finger.

The Dharmic powers of a Peak Nascent Soul cultivator spread out, and the void slowly rippled like water.

Immediately after, the raging flames in the world gradually cooled down.

The hot air that rose into the sky also retreated to the ground and condensed into countless water droplets, gathering into oceans, lakes, and rivers.

The continent that Pei Qingshu had thrown out suddenly flew up on its own and floated in the air.

The crack in the planet that had been smashed closed quickly, as if it had never appeared.

At the same time, the tens of thousands of sword-like mountains stuck in the continent were pulled out and flew into the air again.

Everything had returned to the state before Pei Qingshu threw the continent out.

Then, the seawater that drowned the Earth Fire Lava suddenly separated and quickly retreated in all directions.

The thick smoke that originally rose into the sky descended again and fused into the surging Earth Fire Lava.

Then, the continent slowly descended, completely covering the surging Earth Fire Lava.

Even the crack in the ground matched perfectly.

The continent that had been forcefully lifted up returned to its original state.

Of course, this was not the end.

After the continent returned to its original state, the tens of thousands of mountains that were flying in the air slowly descended.

They first landed on the ground before sinking into the ground to become flat again, returning to their original state before Chen Tang pulled them out.

In the end, even the huge ring mountain that Pei Qingshu had smashed out was smoothed out.

Tianmen Star had really been restored!

At this moment, both Pei Qingshu and Chen Tang were completely stunned.

In their perception, everything that had just happened seemed to have gone back in time.

How was this restoration It was clearly returning time to before their battle began!

What kind of power was this!

What kind of ability was this Was this really an ability that a human could control!

“What kind of existence did I meet!” Chen Tang was horrified.

He looked at Cui Heng in disbelief and almost fainted.

“Isnt this the power of a Creator Is this the Peak of the Seventh Realm or the legendary Eighth Realm!”

“Masters divine power is indeed supreme and boundless.” Although Pei Qingshu was also very shocked, he was not very surprised.

In his heart, Cui Heng was already an omnipotent existence.

“However, from Masters words, this restoration doesnt seem to have stopped”

At this moment, Cui Heng was still releasing his Dharmic powers, but the surroundings were already calm.

It was as bleak and silent as the previous 400 years, filled with the aura of death and destruction.

However, a different charm quickly appeared, as if vitality was born in the illusion.

Light and shadows that seemed real and fake appeared and disappeared in the void.

These phantoms included mountains and rivers, pavilions, tall doors and halls, cities and villages, shops and markets, Immortal sects and Blessed Lands, martial arts sects…

It was simply a complete world!

“What is this!” Pei Qingshu looked at the phantoms in shock.

Although he did not understand what was going on, he was greatly shocked.

“These lights and shadows… are the former Tianmen Star!” Chen Tang was even more shocked as he muttered, “What is he doing What is he doing!

“Could it be that what he said earlier was not just restoring Tianmen Star to its original state before I fought that person Instead… How is this possible How is this possible!”

As a Sage King of the Purple Sun Realm and having controlled the Star Fortune Heavenly Eye Mirror for many years, he knew a lot about Tianmen Star.

He had even personally been to Tianmen Star before, so he naturally knew some of the scenery here.

“Since we want to restore it, we naturally have to restore an intact Tianmen Star,” Cui Heng said indifferently.

In order to buy the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill, the people of Tianlu Star had provided a large number of ancient books, including a large amount of information about the situation on Tianmen Star.

There were only two main planets in the Golden Cloud Realm.

The books provided by Tianlu Star could be said to be extremely detailed.

Whether it was the mountains and rivers, the terrain of the human world, the local customs, or even the biographies of some people, there was everything.

He could completely construct a suitable nomological framework with these records and allow the Tianmen Star civilization that had been destroyed for 400 years to descend from illusion to reality.

Some of the flaws and unknowns would also be corrected to a certain extent because of the ability of his divine power, reaching a level closer to the original appearance of history.

This meant that Cui Heng could conduct a deeper investigation on the Tianmen Star civilization by materializing it.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Accompanied by the sound of the void trembling, the terrain of Tianmen Star changed again.

Light and shadows were born from the illusion and descended into reality according to the nomological framework built by Cui Heng.

Cities and villages that had long been destroyed rose from the ground, and martial sects reappeared.

The Immortal sects that dominated the entire Tianmen Star also descended here.

At this point, the Tianmen Star civilization that had disappeared from the mortal world for more than 400 years had been constructed by Cui Heng from an illusion and reappeared in reality!


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