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“Five Views Realm I remember that this realm is considered medium-sized.

There are less than ten Sages in total.”

“So many people broke through to the Sage realm in a few days.

Could it be that a Creator descended to the mortal world and enlightened the Limitless Golden Immortals to become Sages”

“Chen Tang, did you make a mistake Was it that seven Sages from outside had entered the Five Views Realm”

The three Sage Kings at the side walked over one after another, not believing what Chen Tang said.

Because it was too ridiculous.

Although the myriad worlds here cultivated using the Immortal True Essence, and it was less difficult than the legitimate cultivation techniques of the Purple Sun Realm, it was definitely not a simple matter to become a Sage.

It was not normal for seven new Sages to appear in just a few days.

The three Sage Kings walked to the Star Fortune Heavenly Eye Mirror and saw the area of the Five Views Realm and the number of Sages displayed on it.

“When the seven Sages appeared, the number of Limitless Golden Immortals was reduced by seven.

These are the new Sages.” Chen Tang stared at the Heavens Eye Mirror and said in a low voice, “Moreover, I realized that there might also be something wrong with Mingzhen…”

“Whats going on” Everyone became nervous.

Mingzhen represented the future of the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion.

He was the one with the highest chance of becoming a Creator among them.

He was also their only hope of reviving the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion.

If something happened to Mingzhen or he even died, the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion would probably have no hope of rising again.

After they, the Sage Kings, gradually passed away, if there were not enough Sage Kings among their successors, they would probably face the outcome of being divided up by the other factions.

“I noticed that the information on the mirror hasnt been updated in five years.”

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Chen Tang said with a solemn expression, “Under normal circumstances, Mingzhen would update the information on the mirror once every three years to correct some mistakes in the laws and principles to ensure the absolute accuracy of the surveillance.

When he didnt update it two years ago, I thought that he was occupied with something, so I didnt care.

But even if the accuracy of the Heavenly Eye Mirrors surveillance was deviated because of this, the magnitude would still not be this great.

Its almost impossible to ignore.

From the looks of it, something special has probably happened in the Five Views Realm.

There must be a huge secret behind the sudden birth of seven new Sages.

Perhaps Mingzhens disappearance is related to this.”

At this point, he paused and suddenly said in a low voice, “I plan to make a trip to the Five Views Realm to find Mingzhens whereabouts.

No matter what happened, we should at least have some news.”

“We cant go over rashly,” one of the Sage Kings said.

“Mingzhen is only slightly weaker than you and me.

If something really happened to him, it wont help if you go.

Youll just increase our losses.”

The four Saint Kings here, including Chen Tang, had actually already reached the so-called Requesting Realm.

They were all martial artists who had been stuck at the Sixth Realm for a long time.

“Ill hide my identity and investigate in secret.” Chen Tang still insisted and said in a low voice, “Since there are so many Sages in the Five Visions Realm, it means that its relatively safe there.

It shouldnt be a problem to investigate some things in secret.”

“Should we bring the Grand Yan Galaxy Disc” another Sage King asked.

This was the Creator-level treasure of the Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion.

It could give Chen Tang a chance to escape when facing the threat of a Creator.

The higher the realm, the greater the difference in power between each major realms.

Although Chen Tang was already a Sage King and had more than 10,000 years of accumulation, even an existence like him could only barely escape from a Creator if he used a Creation Divine Weapon.

To be able to escape from the hands of a cultivator with a major realm difference was already a great ability.

As for crossing realm to kill the enemy, or fighting against the Creator

There was no such thing.

“No.” Chen Tang shook his head and refused.

“Im going to investigate, not to fight.

Theres no need to bring a Creation Divine Weapon.

You can just help me take care of the Star Fortune Heavenly Eye Mirror.”

With that, he walked out.

“Youre leaving now” A Sage King asked in surprise.

“Theres no time to lose.” Chen Tang nodded slightly and said without turning around, “This matter concerns Mingzhens safety.

Its imperative that I rush over immediately to investigate.

I cant be late at all.”

When he finished speaking, he had already disappeared.

“Chen Tang is still so impatient.” A Sage King shook his head and said.

“I heard that more than 200 years ago, he missed the opportunity to recruit a peerless genius because of his hesitation,” another Sage King.

“Ever since then, he has become swift and decisive.”

“A peerless genius from more than 200 years ago.

Are you talking about the female Sword Immortal from Zuishou Star Hiss, how is she just a genius Thats a Goddess, the darling of the Heavenly Dao!

Although she came from the Zuishou Star, her talent is too terrifying.

Its said that when she first appeared, she only had a cultivation similar to a Heaven Immortal.

She only used a hundred years to become a Sage King!”

“Its for the best that we missed such a person.

Its impossible for us to keep her.

Its said that after she came into contact with proper martial arts, her cultivation speed was ridiculously fast.

She didnt seem to have any bottlenecks at all.

She became a Heaven Monarch in one year, a Mystic Deity in three years, broke through to the Golden Immortal realm in five years, and became a Limitless Golden Immortal in ten years.

In less than 20 years, she became a Sage.

In just 50 years, she became a Sage King.”

“More than a hundred years have passed since then.

I wonder if that female Sword Immortal has broken through again.

If she becomes a Creator, it will really be world-shaking.”


“I dont know.

Ever since she went to Purple Sun Star, very little news about her has been passed down.

I heard through the grapevine that she caused a huge disaster on Purple Sun Star and went on a killing spree.”

“A massacre! How is that possible The Purple Sun Realm has more than one Creator.

How did she do it That female Sword Immortal really became a Creator”

“Who knows We dont have a Creator, and the information we received is only second-hand.

We can only hope that Mingzhen can become a Creator as soon as possible and revive our Calamity Star Fortune Pavilion.”

“Sigh, I hope so.”

… .

In the end, the matter of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill could not be hidden.

The Ten Thousand Sword Sect and the Sun Family had suddenly gained two Sages each, and the Myriad Saint Pavilion had directly gained three Sages.

Even a fool could tell that there was a problem with this situation.

There was no such thing as an impenetrable wall in the world, let alone Bai Chengye, who acted as a professional publicist and crazily smashed holes in the wall to let the wind in.


Hence, the entire Five Views Realm knew about the existence of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill.

This kind of immortal pill that could allow a Limitless Golden Immortal to immediately become a Sage was too unbelievable.

Everyone who heard of the effect of this pill for the first time would first think of one word—scam!

However, the additional Sages of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, Myriad Saint Pavilion, and Sun Family could not be faked.

They were all genuine Sages.

In fact, the aura on these Sages was even purer and stronger than ordinary Sages.

They were actually even more powerful than Sages who had broken through using normal means.

This was simply not going to end.

After figuring out that the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill was bought by these three forces from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect on Chongyang Star, all the sects in the Five Views Realm rushed towards Chongyang Star like crazy.

Not for anything else, but to buy the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill and give their family a Sage or directly become a Sage themselves and step into the upper level of the entire Five Views Realm.

This news even spread to the starry skies outside the Five Views Realm and other territories.

However, compared to the people in the Five Views Realm, the people from the other Realms, starry skies, and worlds were more cautious.

They generally did not take decisive action.

At most, they planned to wait and see for a period of time before taking action.

Such a huge matter naturally could not be hidden from the three factions with vested interests, the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, the Myriad Saint Pavilion, and the Sun Family.

At first, they were still feeling a little regretful for borrowing too much.

However, when those new Sages stood in front of them and completely obeyed their orders, they immediately felt that this loan was too worth it.

With so many Sages, what did they not have

There was no need to worry about what they had sacrificed previously.

However, Shi Yao was a little worried.

She took the initiative to come to the Ten Thousand Sword Sect to visit Xie Tianxing.

This time, she did not show any charm.

Even her dress was just gorgeous and dignified.

After seeing Xie Tianxing, Shi Yao went straight to the point.

“Sect Master Xie, these people have all gone to Chongyang Star to ask for the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill.

This is extremely disadvantageous to us.

“We all owe a lot of debts to the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, and the hope of repaying these debts lies with these people and these sects and families without Sages.

But now, theyve all brought their assets and rushed to the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.

Once they buy a large number of Myriad Techniques Return to One Pills, they will have many Sages.

At that time, where can we raise the money to repay our debts Could it be that we have to go to the Outer World”

She continued to explain in detail, clearly a little flustered.

She was worried that they would not be able to pay back the things they had borrowed from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect.

As for reneging on the debt, they did not dare to do so.

The Sage who could destroy the Immortal True Essence with a single punch was not someone to be trifled with.

No one had the guts to go back on their word.

“Pavilion Master Shi, I think you might be thinking too much.” Xie Tianxing looked calm and not worried at all as he smiled.

“Actually, the situation you mentioned just now is indeed very disadvantageous to us, but this is all based on one point, which is the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect and the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill.

As long as the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect no longer has any pills, its meaningless no matter how many people go.”

“Actually, the situation you mentioned just now is indeed very disadvantageous to us, but this is all based on one point, which is the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect and the Myriad Techniques Return to One Pill.

As long as the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect no longer has any pills, its meaningless no matter how many people go.”


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