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The world that entered Cui Hengs eyes was extremely vast and had extremely high numbers of Great Dao laws.

The entire world seemed to be at an endless height and was everywhere.

It also seemed to have gathered billions of Great Dao and endless laws that could affect the operating laws of the starry skies.

His gaze passed through the Myriad Poison Pool and landed on this world.

As the water flowed, the scene in this world changed.

There were billions of zombies and countless poisonous bugs wreaking havoc here.

Strange birds more than a thousand miles long flew in the sky, and rotten flood dragons swam in the river.

There were cities scattered all over the ground, and countless human-shaped creatures were inside.

Their bodies were also filled with signs of decay, and sticky pus flowed all over their bodies.

Black smoke gathered in the sky above the city, filled with the aura of plague and disaster.

In the sky, there were huge palaces floating.

They were as high and mighty as the residence of a Divine King, ruling over everything in the world and wielding supreme authority.

Disaster, disease, destruction, death, misfortune, and other negative concepts filled this world, making one feel that this world could collapse at any time.

“Grand Plague Heaven”

Cui Heng muttered in surprise.

Then, he retracted his gaze and let the golden light in his eyes retreat.

The scene in the Myriad Poison Pool returned to normal.

The water waves became colorful again.

… .

Grand Plague Heaven

Above the clouds, in the Three Sacred Six Desires Palace.


A 30-foot-tall man in pitch-black armor was kneeling on the ground.

He was trembling all over.

His hands were on the ground as he panted heavily.

His forehead was covered in cold sweat, and his red eyes were filled with shock and fear.

“Just now, what was that! What kind of gaze swept over here It actually made my soul tremble and I almost broke down! Theres actually such an existence in this world!”

A few breaths ago, he was still resting with his eyes closed to comprehend the mysteries of the Heavenly Dao.

This habit had been maintained for nearly 10,000 years without stopping, and there had never been any accidents.

But just now, a gaze suddenly descended from an endless height.

This gaze was unbelievably powerful.

It was as if the Heavenly Dao had developed intelligence and was looking down on all living beings in the world, making ones heart tremble.

In an instant, it broke through all the defenses of his spiritual world, but it did not stop at all and directly rolled over.

It was as if an elephant had crushed an ant.

It might not have noticed his existence at all.

“Compared to such an existence, Im worse than an ant.” He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and muttered, “I hope this big shot was just passing by.”

… .

In the extreme north, in a glacier that had not melted for billions of years.

A white-furred zombie suddenly rushed out of the ice mountain and ran crazily.

In the blink of an eye, more than a thousand mountains of ice were shattered.

It was earth-shattering.

In the end, it was buried by countless ice mountain fragments.

Only then did it stop running.

However, under the ice mountain fragments, in the extreme cold and darkness.

This white-furred zombie that had once terrified the entire Grand Plague Heaven was trembling.

Its green eyes were filled with fear, and its mouth, which was incomplete with teeth, was trembling.

The scene was very strange.

“I was almost scared to death.

Whose gaze was that just now I almost thought that I was going to be destroyed.

Fortunately, it was just passing by.

“Damn it, I was nearly scared to death!”

… .

Central Plains.

There was a huge group of palaces that covered thousands of kilometers here.

A pitch-black hall that was more than 3,000 feet tall and 3,000 feet wide was located in the center of the palace group.

There was a huge plaque hanging on its main door with three words written on it.

Mystic Thearch Hall.

Colorful lights intertwined at the top of the hall, emitting an incomparably poisonous aura, as if it was the source of all poison.

Servants and guards walked around the hall.

They were either skeletons or zombies.

This place was simply like a world of death.

It was incomparably terrifying.

In the Mystic Thearch Hall.

An extremely handsome and demonic black-robed man pressed his forehead with one hand.

His sharp brows were tightly furrowed as he gritted his teeth and muttered, “What was that feeling just now Who was it Is there such a powerful existence in the Grand Plague Heaven”

As long as he recalled the gaze he had felt just now, he would feel incomparably terrified in his heart.

He wished he could burrow into the ground and hide in the deepest and thickest tomb before wrapping himself in the most intense plague to protect himself.

That gaze was too terrifying!

… .

In a huge valley in the southeast.

There was a cave abode that had existed for countless years.

The stone door had always been tightly sealed, as if no one had ever entered or left.

It had been silent for eternity.

Suddenly, an aura filled with death and disease emerged from inside, causing the huge mountain to tremble slightly.

Then, huge eyes opened on the cliff.

The eyes inside rolled.

They were actually flesh and blood.

They were dense and numbered more than a million!

This cliff was actually covered by these huge eyes.

However, there was only one emotion in these eyes, and that was fear.

An unparalleled fear, as if they had sensed danger to their lives.


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