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“Myriad Poison Pool” Cui Heng pondered for a moment and said in a low voice, “I remember that the Myriad Poison Pool should be one of the roots of the Plague Imperial Palace”

“Thats right,” Lanta said with a nod.

“According to the records, the Myriad Poison Pond is one of the two origin inheritances brought from the Primordial Star by the Plague Imperial Palace 120,000 years ago.

It contains supreme mysteries.

Therefore, the past Sect Masters have all cultivated in the Myriad Poison Pool and comprehended the Dao runes, Dharmas, and Logos inside, trying to break through the level of a Sage and become a true Sage King.

Moreover, we have many unique martial techniques that can only be cultivated with the help of the water in the Myriad Poison Pool.

Now that the Myriad Poison Pool is acting strangely, we can no longer obtain its water.

If this continues, most of our martial techniques will be crippled.

This matter concerns the continuation of our inheritance.

Its really urgent.

I have no choice and can only boldly come and disturb Immortal Venerables peace and ask for your help.”

“I once promised Zhu Changsheng that if the Plague Imperial Palace encountered any problems that could not be resolved, he could come to me for help.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“Im not someone who breaks my promises, so Ill naturally help.”

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable, thank you!” Lanta thanked him excitedly and kowtowed repeatedly.

“Lets go.” Cui Heng stood up.

… .

In the past tens of thousands of years, after several battles, the Plague Imperial Palace had distanced itself from the area where civilization was located.

To this day, although the Plague Imperial Palace was still one of the three Immortal Sects of Chongyang, it was located in the depths of the Southern Wilderness Hundred Thousand Mountains.

There were countless trees around the periphery, and there were even strange array formations set up.

There were almost no traces of human civilization.

If not for someone guiding them, even a Sage who had already fused all techniques together might not be able to pass through these layers of confusion and terrain.

Not to mention finding the base of the Plague Imperial Palace.

However, with Lanta as the acting Sect Master, there was naturally no situation where he could not find the way.


The two of them passed through a narrow and damp passageway very smoothly.

Then, everything became clear.

It was as if they had arrived at a new world.

There were strange flowers and plants everywhere, and huge trees towered into the sky.

In the middle of the forest was a tall and magnificent palace.

It was the Plague Imperial Palace.

In the past, there were actually many disciples coming and going from the Plague Imperial Palace.

This was because the Plague Imperial Palace itself was equivalent to an extremely high-quality treasure.

Cultivating beside it would yield twice the results with half the effort.

This was also why the huge empty space around the palace was left empty.

However, there was no one within a radius of more than ten kilometers of the Plague Palace.

They were all hiding far away.

At this moment, the Plague Imperial Palace was wrapped in strange colorful fog that spread for seven to eight kilometers.

Moreover, this fog was clearly poisonous.

The trees planted in front of the palace had already withered and died.

As soon as Lanta appeared, many disciples of the Plague Imperial Palace rushed over.

There were men and women, Mystic Deities and Golden Immortals, and a few Limitless Golden Immortals.

“Elder Lanta, youre finally back.

The fog in the Myriad Poison Pool has spread even more.”

“Thats right.

Even Golden Immortals cant withstand the fog of the Myriad Poison Pool now.

If a Taiyi Mystic Deity accidentally takes a breath, they will faint on the spot.”

“And the Poison Plague Sword.

After you left, the Poison Plague Sword seemed to have been agitated by something.

It was unsheathed and floated in the hall of the Plague Imperial Palace.”

The ones who spoke were all Limitless Golden Immortals.

The fog that enveloped the Plague Imperial Palace could not affect Limitless Golden Immortals yet.

They could still go in to investigate the situation, but the more they investigated, the more frightened they became.

The situation kept worsening.

At this moment, someone noticed Cui Heng and could not help but ask Lanta, “Elder Lanta, this is”

Zhu Changsheng did not announce Cui Hengs existence because the people from the Plague Imperial Palace actually did not know of Cui Hengs existence.

However, Lanta had gone out this time to ask for help.

Now that she has brought someone back, he must be here to help.

“This is Senior Cui.

Even the Sect Master respects him as Exalted Immortal.” Lanta briefly introduced Cui Heng before bowing respectfully.

“Exalted Immortal, please save our Plague Imperial Palace.”

Everyone present was shocked when they heard this and looked at Cui Heng.

Even the Sect Master respected him as an Exalted Immortal!

This description was too exaggerated for the disciples of the Plague Imperial Palace.

The Sect Master was already a Sage who had fused all techniques together.

What kind of existence could be respected as an Exalted Immortal by him

Peak of the Sixth Realm, or a legendary supreme existence that had stepped into the Seventh Realm

When did such a powerful figure appear on the Chongyang Star

“Follow me in to take a look first.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and stared at the colorful fog.

He said in a low voice, “This fog is not simple.”

Under his divine sense, the essence of this fog was clearly visible.

It was fog formed by the interweaving of various laws.

However, these nomological Dao runes were not dense.

They were only a thin power and were not very powerful.

It was as if they were an aura that was spreading out from a huge body.

If there was anything special about it, it was that these nomological Dao runes had extremely strong spirituality.

They were simply like living beings, and they were constantly becoming dense and strengthening.

It was actually very simple to resolve the problem of the fog spreading.

He only needed to find the main body and seal it.

However, Cui Heng could not help but care about the fact that it had extremely strong spirituality.

Power of laws that had spirituality.

This was already a very clear characteristic of a Nascent Soul cultivator.

If this fog had spread out from the Myriad Poison Pool, didnt that mean that the Myriad Poison Pool had the essence equivalent to the Nascent Soul realm

This was a little exaggerated.

After all, according to the records of the Plague Imperial Palace, even at its peak, the Plague Imperial Palace did not have a Creator.

Where did they obtain a treasure that was equivalent to the Nascent Soul realm

Cui Heng was puzzled and walked straight to the Plague Imperial Palace.

Lanta followed behind him without hesitation.

“Elder, be careful.” Someone hurriedly reminded, worried that Lanta did not know that the poison of the fog had increased.

However, before he could finish his sentence, the colorful fog began to dissipate quickly.

After Cui Heng walked into the fog, the fog around him instantly dissipated.

The fog within a hundred feet was cleared and the air was no longer poisonous.

“What, what kind of method is this!”

The disciples of the Plague Palace were all very shocked.

They had already tried to disperse the fog earlier.

However, because the essence of this fog was extremely strong, even the Limitless Golden Immortals could not disperse it.

They could only watch helplessly as the fog increased.

Now that they saw someone actually clearing the fog around him as he walked, they were instantly shocked and a huge hope surged in their heart.

“Exalted Immortal is mighty.” Lanta could not help but exclaim.

She had also tried to disperse the fog, but it was useless.

“Its just a small trick.” Cui Heng shook his head gently.

To him, as long as he suppressed the spirituality of these laws, he could easily gather and disperse them.

However, he still had to go to the Myriad Poison Pool to take a look.

The two of them quickly arrived at the Plague Imperial Palace.

The moment they stepped through the front door—


With a sword cry, the plague and poison in the void instantly condensed together, turning into a green sword light that suddenly slashed down from the sky.

“Its the Poison Plague Sword!” Lanta exclaimed in disbelief and hurriedly used her strength to try to stop it.

“Hu…” But at this moment, Cui Heng blew lightly.

In the next moment, the green sword light collapsed on the spot, turning into countless light fragments that scattered, and the endless plague aura dissipated.

Then, a three-foot-long sword that was suffused with green light fell from the sky.

After trembling gently twice, the light dimmed.

“It was controlled by the spirituality in the fog and repelled all those who dispersed the fog.” Cui Heng glanced at the Poison Plague Sword on the ground and said indifferently, “Its not damaged yet, but it will probably take a thousand years to recover.”

“Thank you, Exalted Immortal.” Lanta bowed respectfully.

She was so frightened that her entire body was drenched in cold sweat.

Although she did not know why the Plague Sword had suddenly attacked, this kind of thing was very explainable.

If Cui Heng really pursued the matter, not to mention destroying the Poison Plague Sword, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he could destroy the entire Plague Imperial Palace on the spot.

Now, he had only crippled the Poison Plague Sword.

It was really a huge mercy.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the deepest part of the Plague Imperial Palace, where the Myriad Poison Pool was.

They were in an empty hall.

In the center was a 30-foot-wide pool.

The water inside glowed with a colorful light, and balls of fog emerged from it.

“Exalted Immortal, this is the Myriad Poison Pool.” Lanta pointed at the pool.

“Usually, the pool will only glow and not emit fog, let alone spread out of the Plague Imperial Palace.”

“This thing…” Cui Hengs divine sense spread out, sensing the aura of the Myriad Poison Pool.

He immediately frowned.

“This is the source treasure of your Plague Imperial Palace”

“Yes.” Lanta nodded, not understanding why Cui Heng suddenly asked this.

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and did not say anything else.

Instead, he walked closer to the Myriad Poison Pool step by step and looked down at the surroundings.

His eyes narrowed slightly as he said in a low voice, “This Myriad Poison Pool is not an inanimate object.”

“What!” Lanta was shocked when she heard this.

She subconsciously said, “How is this possible”

The Myriad Poison Pool, which was an origin treasure that had been passed down for countless years, was actually alive

How could such a thing happen

If it wasnt Cui Heng who said this, she would have immediately retorted.

But the current situation left her at a loss.

“It was indeed affected by something.

This influence allowed it to regain the characteristics of being alive.” Cui Heng stared at the Myriad Poison Pools water, and his eyes gradually suffused with golden light, as if he could see through all illusions.

At the same time, from his perspective, the colorful water of the Myriad Poison Pond suddenly became clear, and an incomparably vast world was reflected inside.


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