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Mingzhen looked at Cui Heng in horror, completely speechless.

The moment he saw Cui Heng, he completely lost all will to resist.

From his heart to his body, they all trembled, and he did not even dare to have the thought of resisting.

He had seen a Seventh Realm Creator before, and he had even obtained the blessings of the Creator and felt the power of the Seventh Realm.

However, that aura was not to this extent.

He only took a look and did not dare to resist at all.

The extreme fear from the depths of his soul made him not dare to resist at all.

This was too exaggerated!

What kind of existence was this!

Why was there such a terrifying and powerful figure in the starry skies of the myriad worlds!

This was too exaggerated!

Actually, Cui Heng did not reveal his aura or pressure, nor did he reveal his Late-stage Nascent Soul Dharmic powers.

He just did not deliberately restrain his natural aura of life.

But that had already achieved the effect of making Mingzhen give up all resistance.

This was actually very normal.

At Cui Hengs realm, even if he was just standing there, it was enough to make all living beings below the Nascent Soul realm not dare to move or resist.

It was true that a Sage King like Mingzhen already had some characteristics of a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Even his Dao Heart had gained spirituality and was far stronger than a Grand Completion Golden Core cultivator.

However, he was still not a Nascent Soul cultivator.

To a Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, any existence that had yet to reach the Nascent Soul realm was insignificant.

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Even if tens of thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions or more Sage Kings gathered together, it would be meaningless.

As long as Cui Heng stood there, he did not need to use any Dharmic powers or any methods to make these people lose their will to resist.

This was the suppression of realm.

It was a gap in realm that was impossible to cross with any methods, treasures, or techniques.

When he met with the Chongyang Star God, Cui Heng deliberately restrained this realm suppression.

The Star God did not feel this extreme fear from the depths of his soul.

Mingzhen was very lucky to be the first Sage King to feel the suppression of his realm.

“The dignified Sage King is actually a stammer with a fat tongue” Cui Heng saw that Mingzhen was stuttering and could not say a complete sentence for a long time, so he asked with a smile, “Can you speak normally”

“Yes! Yes! I can!” Ming Zhen hurriedly nodded and said, “I can! Exalted Immortal, I can, I can.

I will never show any disrespect towards you.

How would I dare to attack you!”

“Thats naturally very good.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

Then, his gaze swept across the surrounding void.

In the next moment, the folded space trembled and returned to normal.

“Wu…” Ming Zhen grunted.

It was obvious that he was in pain.

This was normal.

That folded space was essentially a special area that he had temporarily divided with secret techniques.

This required him to use his strength to maintain it.

Now that the folded space had been directly broken by Cui Heng, it was equivalent to directly breaking his secret technique.

It was inevitable that it would cause a certain degree of backlash.

“Lets go.

Follow me into the city.” Cui Heng glanced at Mingzhen before walking into the city.

At the same time, he said to Pei Qingshu, “Hows the power of a Sage King”

“Very strong.” Pei Qingshu nodded solemnly.

The experience of having half of his body blown up by the recoil was still fresh in his mind.

However, he was still a little excited.

His eyes burned as he said, “Master, can you spare his life first and let me fight him a few more times”

Although he was very miserable from the backlash in the battle just now, after experiencing this incomparably powerful strength, he felt that his cultivation had increased slightly.

Pei Qingshu was greatly shocked by this and was even more impressed with Cui Heng.

The Martial Dao True Body was indeed a cultivation technique that could increase ones cultivation in battle.

This also gave him the idea of making Mingzhen his sparring partner.

“You want to fight with him” Cui Heng shook his head and said with a smile, “Thats not called fighting.

You can only make the sleeve of the Sage King move slightly.

What kind of fight is that

Even if it can increase your cultivation, its not conducive to your future cultivation.

If you really want to feel the power of a higher realm, look for Hui Shi.

Let him accompany you to cultivate for a period of time.”

“Yes, Master.” Pei Qingshu nodded.

However, he still missed the power of the Sage King.

He planned to find a Sage King to train with after he became a Sage.

In any case, with his Immortal Golden nature, he would not die.

Although Pei Qingshu cultivated the Martial Dao True Body, under Cui Hengs guidance, he still cultivated the Immortal Golden nature.

With the characteristics of immortality, it was impossible for anyone below the Nascent Soul realm to destroy him.

Mingzhen listened to the conversation between the master and disciple at the side and could not help but feel sad.

He was extremely vexed in his heart.

“Why did I come to Chongyang Star If I hadnt come to Chongyang Star, I wouldnt have met this terrifying existence.

If I dont meet this terrifying existence, I can continue to collect Calamity Qi on Sanshou Star Star.

As long as I can continue to collect Calamity Qi, I have a chance to cultivate a Calamity Dao Body and become a Creator.

If I can become a Creator…”

But it was too late to think about anything now.

Mingzhen followed behind Cui Heng with an extremely respectful attitude.

At the same time, he lowered his head and looked at his toes, not even daring to look around.

The extreme fear that came from the depths of his soul still did not dissipate and remained in his heart.

A moment later, Cui Heng and Pei Qingshu brought Mingzhen to the Li family.

When Li Quan saw Mingzhen, he immediately exclaimed, “Its you! Mingzhen!”

“…” Mingzhen naturally recognized Li Quan, but he did not speak.

He only looked up and quickly lowered his head.

The regret in his heart became even worse.

“Immortal Venerable, is this the Sage King from the Purple Sun Realm” Li Cheng also rushed over and sized up Mingzhen in surprise.

He asked curiously, “There doesnt seem to be any powerful aura pressure.”

“With Sir around, not to mention a Sage King of the Saints, even a Creator has to be obedient.” Hui Shis voice came.

He glanced at Mingzhen and said to Cui Heng, “Sir, the place you asked me to prepare has been tidied up.”

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said to Mingzhen, “Lets go to a place suitable to talk.

Qingshu, Hui Shi, you two come over too.”

Before he left the city to capture Mingzhen, he had asked Hui Shi to prepare a remote courtyard.

It was relatively quiet and suitable for questioning.

After the four of them left, Li Cheng and Li Quan looked at each other.

“Exalted Immortals words mean… that there are certain things that we shouldnt know” Li Quan couldnt help but sigh.

In his opinion, this meant that Cui Heng didnt care much about them.

“Father, what are you thinking” Li Cheng was very clear-headed.

He smiled and said, “Pei Qingshu is Immortal Venerables disciple, and Hui Shi has always followed Immortal Venerable.

How can we compare to them

Actually, a family like ours is too small for an existence like Immortal Venerable.

We might not even be considered insignificant.

“Its already a great fortune for us to be lucky enough to follow Immortal Venerable.

How can we ask for closer treatment Isnt this too greedy”

“This…” Li Quan was stunned when he heard this.

After a moment of silence, he nodded and said, “Thats right, I was indeed too greedy.

I was wrong.”

… .

Cui Heng did not let Li Cheng and Li Quan follow him for a reason.

He planned to ask about the truth.

It might involve a lot of secret information.

When ones realm was not high enough and their strength was not strong enough, it was not necessarily a good thing to know too much.

This was also a form of protection.

The other reason was that after questioning Mingzhen, he might send Pei Qingshu or Hui Shi to explore some related places.

This kind of thing was inherently dangerous.

One had to have enough understanding of it.

Under Hui Shis lead, the four of them quickly arrived at the prepared courtyard.

Ming Zhen was as obedient as a child waiting for his parents to lecture him.

He lowered his head and stood at the side.

He didnt dare to say a word.

Cui Heng found a random place to sit down.

Pei Qingshu and Hui Shi stood behind him.

“Ill ask and youll answer.” Cui Heng smiled.

“How does that sound”

“S-sure.” Ming Zhen was trembling.

His face was sallow and his heart was dead.

Before today, he would never have dreamed that an expert like him at the Peak of the Sixth Realm of the Immortal World, a Sage King, would actually end up in such a state.

It was too ridiculous.

Where did this person come from What realm was he at!

Seventh Realm

Eighth Realm

Pei Qingshu and Hui Shi also noticed Mingzhens expression and could not help but sigh at Cui Hengs strength.

This was a Sage King!

Now, he was actually so obedient.

“The first question.” Cui Heng stared at Mingzhen and asked directly, “Why did you spread the news about the Purple Sun Mystic Realm on Chongyang Star and what secret is in this matter”

“Its in order to cause a fight here so that I can collect Calamity Qi and advance my realm, I also wanted someone to help me find the entrance to the Purple Sun Mystic Realm,” Mingzhen said truthfully.

When facing Cui Heng, he did not dare to lie at all.

“As for whats in the Purple Sun Mystic Realm… Actually, I dont know either.

That mystic realm is a small fragment of the Purple Sun Heaven.

I accidentally discovered it and there might be traces of the Purple Sun Heaven.

However, this fragment fell into an alternate dimension.

Ive never been able to find the entrance, so I cant explore it.”

“A fragment of the Purple Sun Heaven” Cui Heng was a little surprised when he heard that.

He had thought that it was a cave abode or mystic realm or something like that.

He did not expect it to involve the former Purple Sun Heaven.

“Do you know why the Purple Sun Heaven shattered”


The collapse of the heavens was a huge matter.

He had heard about this several times, but he still did not have a clear understanding.

He did not even know how many years ago this had happened.

“Actually, I dont know much about this.” Mingzhen thought for a moment and said, “I heard that its related to someone called Zhou Juntian.”


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