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Chapter 260 Heavenly Fire Star God, Boundless Power

“This, this…”

Sun Guangzhaos eyes widened as he looked at the incomparably huge figure in horror.

He felt that he was dreaming.

“What is this What is this!”

An indescribable fear had completely filled his heart.

He did not believe Cui Hengs words at all.

Star God

When he was in the Five Views Realm, he had also seen Star Gods who had grown to the level of Sages.

However, compared to this mighty existence in front of him, they were as weak as infants.

What kind of monster was this!

At this moment, Sun Guangzhao only wanted to escape from this place as quickly as possible and as far away as possible.

He definitely did not want to face such a terrifying existence.


What a joke.

He had never heard of ants besieging ancient ferocious beasts!

However, when he was about to escape, he realized that his soul and will were suppressed by an invisible force, as if the weight of a star was pressing down on him.

This left him unable to move at all.

Tan Sheng, Feng Lanzhi, and the other two Sun family members also suffered the same fate.

They could not escape at all.

They could only watch helplessly as this mighty figure that was even larger than Tianzhu Star stretched its body.

Every move it made revealed a terrifying power that shook the stars.


This was too terrifying!

If not for the fact that Sun Guangzhao and the others cultivation realms were not low and their spiritual will was strong enough, they would have fainted from fear the moment they saw this majestic figure.

And they had already suffered such a huge impact when they were still a distance away from Tianzhu Star.

One could imagine how the people who were still near Tianzhu Star and driving flying shuttles to seal the planet would feel.

They could not even see the full appearance of the Tianzhu Star God.

They could only see an incomparably huge shadow suddenly appear in front of them, followed by an instinctive fear.

At this moment, a few Limitless Golden Immortals had already landed on Tianzhu Star and started a 3,000-foot search.

To these people, the thing that terrified them the most in their lives had happened without warning.

They looked up at the sky and only saw countless lights gathering.

They did not know what was going on at all and subconsciously began to call for the flying shuttle outside the planet.

But there was no response.


At this moment, the entire Tianzhu Star trembled violently.

The fire origin energy that filled the world quickly condensed into an incomparably huge ball of flames.

This flame rose from the ground and soared into the sky.

It happened to pass by the place where the Limitless Golden Immortals were.

The extremely high temperature devoured them on the spot, and their undying bodies were all burned to ashes.

Only the Immortal True Essence was left.

After a while, a few of the Golden Immortals revived.

They looked at the sky in horror.

“What was that just now It was too terrifying and powerful!”

“What terrifying power is this I didnt even have the chance to react before I died!”

“What we suffered just now was only the aftershock.

Otherwise, even the Immortal True Essence would have been shattered!”

“What happened Why didnt the flying shuttle outside respond to us!”

The Limitless Golden Immortals were extremely terrified and even felt a little despair.

However, they still did not know what kind of existence they were facing, so they could still feel a little lucky.

The Limitless Golden Immortals driving the flying shuttle were completely stunned.

Everyone in the 13 large flying shuttles looked at the huge figure that had suddenly appeared with their mouths agape.

They did not know what to do next.


What a joke.

That was courting death!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

At this moment, the people in the 13 large flying shuttles suddenly felt a violent tremor.

Their flying shuttles swayed greatly, as if they had been attacked by some external force.

At the same time, the Limitless Golden Immortals in the huge flying shuttle saw that the extremely majestic figure seemed to have moved.

He turned his body slightly and directly produced an incomparably huge energy fluctuation.

It was this energy fluctuation that made the entire Tianzhu Star tremble and the 13 large flying shuttles shake violently.

It was just like how a person turning around in a pool would affect the fish.

The principles were similar.

Immediately after, the people on Cui Hengs side saw the majestic existence actually kneel down and kowtow respectfully in their direction.

At the same time, he sent a message.

“Tianzhu Star God was fortunate enough to be enlightened by Master Immortal and obtain intelligence.

Thank you for the enlightenment!”

He was kowtowing to Cui Heng.

He was thanking Cui Heng for enlightening him and allowing him to become a true living being from a planet.

Moreover, he was a powerful living being that was comparable to an Early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator as soon as he was born.

Behind him, streaks of red light condensed from fire essence exploded, illuminating the dark and deep void of the universe like fireworks.

While Cui Heng enlightened him, he also transmitted some basic concepts of life to him, including that people would set off fireworks when celebrating.

Although there was no way to set off fireworks in the void of the universe, one could use fire origin energy to condense a fireball and detonate it.

The effect could be similar to fireworks.

In fact, this so-called “firework” was what the few Limitless Golden Immortals on Tianzhu Star had suffered just now and were burned to ashes as a result.

Its power was not weak, at least a thousand times stronger than the full-power attacks of ordinary Limitless Golden Immortals.

The few Limitless Golden Immortals probably never dreamed that they would be burned to ashes by a firecracker.

At this moment, the people around Cui Heng also knew what was going on.

They all looked at him in disbelief.

Especially Sun Guangzhao, Tan Sheng, and the others.

Their expressions became extremely interesting.

They even felt like crying.

How did this happen How did this happen!

How could such an unimaginable big shot appear in such a remote starry sky

Moreover, why was such a big shot only an ordinary Golden Immortal on the surface!

The pranks of this big shot were too ridiculous.

They could not understand what level of existence Cui Heng was.

This had already exceeded their understanding.

After all, Cui Heng had silently transformed a planet into a living being.

This living being even possessed such terrifying power.

What level of expert could do such a thing

It was definitely impossible for him to be in the Sixth Realm.

Was it the legendary Seventh Realm or the Eighth Realm

This was too unbelievable.

Li Chengs heart fell into an unprecedented ecstasy.

He had hugged the right golden thigh.

No, this was not just a golden thigh.

This was a great heavenly fortune!

Cui Heng held his forehead gently and shook his head.

“Why did you say it so directly Forget it, control these shuttles first and capture the people inside.

By the way, dont damage the shuttles.”

Li Chengs small flying shuttle was a little slow.

Next, he planned to change to a large flying shuttle to travel in.

“Yes, Master Immortal!” The Heavenly Candle Star God sent a message and stood up to take action.

The Limitless Golden Immortals naturally would not wait for death.

Even though they knew that the difference in strength between the two sides was huge, they would not give up their hope of escaping easily.

As the Tianzhu Star God stood up, the 13 flying shuttles activated their fastest navigation mode, wanting to escape

However, just as these flying shuttles moved, the palm of the Tianzhu Star God arrived.

He did not even use any divine powers.

He only stretched out his two palms and gently grabbed all 13 flying shuttles.

And they were not damaged at all.

The Limitless Golden Immortals inside were about to go crazy and completely fell into despair.

They directly let the huge flying shuttle they were driving enter a combat state and launched a series of attacks.

These attacks were extremely powerful and could easily destroy the body of a Limitless Golden Immortal.

However, to the Tianzhu Star God, this strength was not even enough to tickle him.

It was too weak.

If not for the fact that he was carefully protecting the large flying shuttles from being damaged, he might not have been able to even feel these attacks.

“Master Immortal, I didnt disappoint you!”

The Tianzhu Star God had already walked out of the star.

He held a few large flying shuttles in each hand and respectfully presented them to Cui Heng.

“Yes, well done.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said, “Li Cheng, get everyone in these large shuttles to come out.”

“Ah Me, me” Li Cheng immediately jolted.

He did not expect to have his own business in this situation.

However, he quickly reacted and hurriedly took a step forward to send a message.

“Captured flying shuttles, give up resisting.

Leave the shuttles immediately and accept our inspection! Captured flying shuttles, give up resisting…”

This was called giving someone a taste of their own medicine!

After receiving Li Chengs message, those who had already fallen into despair and even wanted to destroy the huge flying shuttles immediately regained some rationality.

A moment later, after some consideration, these people walked out of the large flying shuttles and stood with Sun Guangzhao, Tan Sheng, Feng Lanzhi, and the others.

It was only at this moment that they saw Cui Heng and the original appearance of the Tianzhu Star God.

They were shocked and their bodies could not help but tremble.

Cui Heng did not pay much attention to them.

He only glanced at these people and turned to Li Cheng.

“Watch these large flying shuttles and these people carefully.

Dont miss a single one.”

With that, he turned around and flew in the direction of Tianzhu Star.

“Ah, I, this…”

Li Cheng was dumbfounded, but before he could say anything, Cui Heng had already left.

He could only turn to look at the 20-odd Limitless Golden Immortals, the dozen or so Golden Immortals accompanying them, and the 16 large flying shuttles.

He felt his scalp tingle.

However, after thinking for a moment, he understood Cui Hengs intentions.

He hurriedly adjusted his mentality and bowed respectfully in the direction Cui Heng had left.

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable!”


At this moment, Cui Heng had already arrived on Tianzhu Star.

Whether it was the sky or the ground, they were all fiery red.

Extremely dense fire-element essence energy filled the air everywhere.

Other than that, there was almost no other kind of essence energy.

It was completely a “Fire Star”.

“Its very suitable for condensing Nine Fire Flame Dragons.” Cui Heng chuckled.

After sizing up the environment on this planet, he said indifferently, “Tianzhu, I have something to ask you.”

It was naturally impossible for him to turn the entire Tianzhu Star into an intelligent Star God just to scare those Limitless Golden Immortals.

Instead, it was to investigate more about Li


Hence, as soon as he finished speaking, the Tianzhu Star God transformed into a burly man more than 30 feet tall and landed.

He bowed respectfully.

“Master Immortal, please instruct me!”

Cui Heng nodded slightly and said in a low voice, “Tell me about the person who came here 6,700 years ago.

“Show me all the places related to him too.”


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